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Found 1 result

  1. Map Title: Ironclad Download Recommended party size: 8 - 14 Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, CTF, Regicide, King of the Hill, SWAT. Storyline: After the glassing of Reach, this remnant is all that survived from the city of New Alexandria and has been drifting in amongst the asteroids that once made up the planet Reach, ever since. Hi Guys, A R C A S I U S here Ironclad is a medium sized, symmetrical competitive map created on the impact pallet. I have been working on this map for a few weeks and it has undergone countless design changes to finally be what it is. I took inspiration for this map from about 7 different maps spanning the length of the Halo series not to mention countless hours researching futuristic city designs and layouts. I believe this map stands alone in regards to originality, aesthetics and overall game play flow. My main focus for this map was to avoid creating a "box map" that seems to be the norm for a lot of forgers these days. Don't get me wrong most of these have terrific gameplay however I simply wanted to create something a bit more original and less repetitive. Note: There is a small frame rate drop in one spot IN FORGE but not in any custom games. The reason for this being that the spawns, kill zones, and capture plates are not visible in custom games. I have tested this extensively so please check the map out in a custom game. Also, the kill barriers are rather unforgiving. This is due to the fact that I have played many forged community maps that are able to be exploited due to poor kill barrier placements and combinations. As you maneuver around the map just be mindful of what logic would be considered "outside the map" and as long as you don't go there, you will not die. Also, I am the map creator although it says Q U A R l S M A. Q U A R l S M A is my old acc and I created A R C A S I U S halfway through the creation of this map. As proof, the xbox profile of Q U A R l S M A is boasting A R C A S I U S's tag. Enjoy! A R C A S I U S
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