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  1. seriously man avoid using the green screen pieces in any playable maps because it just looks wrong. I can see the sidewinder resemblance and you have the basic layout downpat however there are so many things that detract from the map. Mostly because it is far too open at the bottom of the second image. Also gameplay will get stagnant as there is no small cave or shortcut to the other side as most maps inspired by sidewinder do so it will take players far too long to get into combat after dying.
  2. I'm sorry but comments like this annoy the crap out of me. Clearly its not his fault so why even mention it if it can't be helped? Also, great work on expanding from my original remake (if you didnt then im sorry I just see many similarities). Obviously the dimensions on a few of the areas are a little off and some cover is missing (bottom right on the first pic) but I know myself that remaking this map is a b***h and there are severe budget problems. All in all great job on making this work on forge island/ 10
  3. Do the wiggles live here or something? haha nah it looks rather interesting would love to see how it plays. Could it be however that there is a bit too much height variation on the map? The distance from top to bottom looks rather extensive and so the bottom would be avoided at all costs due to the obvious disadvantages of being down there...
  4. Playing as an elite was ridiculously boring and pointless. Especially in reach as the covenant weapons were no match for and more tedious to use than the human weapons. And to make games on a larger scale they would have to have dedicated servers and not this p2p or median host bs. so who knows, regardless im still going to buy it whatever they do will be new and enjoyable... for a time.
  5. Um no they wouldnt, in firefight maps and campaign they set many different invisible boundaries that enemies are allowed to travel through and around buildings etc, a system could easily be put in place where you can mark where enemies can or cant go.
  6. Or they could have a preset canvas for firefight where the enemies spawn in all the same locations around the canvas, however you have the ability to forge in the centre of this canvas to create whatever structure you want to hold out in. I think this would definitely be possible.
  7. Updated. White lights changed to red and blue respectively down below to assist with orientation. also most structures are colour coordinated. Download the latest version in the thread above ^
  8. In reach, Alpha zombies was ridiculously fun. Flood is boring. Everybody but you agrees.
  9. Hey man thanks for the feedback, but this map was designed to have long sight lines, this was to avoid people camping up top level the whole time and to venture down to mid or bottom. -Bottom has a few tac jumps in order to get to the upper level, use the ramps next to the centre sail structure, -the spawns face in clear open directions that follow clear paths and none of them face walls or so im not sure whats the deal with that, in all the games ive played on it and Ive played quite a few, I havnt received that feedback... - I have used only 4 ramp XL's on the map, I just checked over them all and they have no gaps or anything gamebreaking or altering about them. Are you refering to other pieces maybe? I painstakingly went through the entire map for hours making sure everything was lined up perfectly
  10. Definitely let me know how the games go
  11. Thanks i'm glad you like it guys!
  12. -There was a time when this once grand harbor flourished with life. But now subjected to the wrath of the Promethean's, it has no purpose other than to serve as a battleground for various races as it's streets are riddled with countless munitions- Download: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/873c8749-ab66-4a9a-a5ef-214c9a2237ab ​This map started off as an asymmetrical aesthetic wonder by the name of 'Hell Harbor'. However due to meticulous scrutinizing and many play tests, it has now evolved into it's final form, Anchorage. With a large round Arch-sail which serves as the centerpiece for the map, Anchorage has become a symmetrical masterpiece with a mixture of long and short lines of sight, great height variation, and original rounded aesthetics. Tactical Jumps have also been included in order to add an extra dynamic to game play for those who pride themselves on being able to escape a dangerous situation very swiftly, or to sneak up on an enemy unnoticed and dispatch them. Initial weapon ordnance drops include the Sniper Rifle and Rocket launcher however these do not respawn and are placed in the lowest regions of the map. Initial concepts of the map saw it become very sniper driven with many long lines of sight and small height variations. However it has evolved immensely since then and although the sniper still has its place, it has been balanced so that it is no longer the main go-to power weapon after the initial strikes. This was done to balance the map and to cater to all gamer's of different play-styles. In order to persuade spartan's to venture down into the misty shadows of the harbor's streets, cover at middle and top levels has been minimized however there is still enough to frustrate even the best of snipers. Supported Gametypes ​Infinity Slayer (Recommended) 2 Flag-CTF (Recommended) King of the Hill Oddball Flood (Recommended) All FFA variants (Recommended) Regicide SWAT Recommended Party Size 4 - 12 So without further ado, enjoy Anchorage! -- Screenshots
  13. Now I've heard from countless people that this cannot be done but I think it can. Imagine making your own firefight map? Imagine being able to forge a map and also be able to designate where the enemies spawn in? Sure some people would create really dodgy maps but there would be some really creative maps created and if this feature was implemented the replay value of the game would never end. Even if it was really really basic in regards to your abilities with what you can do with the AI it would still be ridiculously fun. Designated AI spawn zones would be all that's needed, and then you have enemies that behave in a certain way and you can choose which enemies spawn where when and how. Even if they just drop out of thin air I don't think anybody would care. Even if we had to compromise on the amount of pieces we lay down in forge it would still be amazing and I think I would play halo all day every day. I see it getting so big there would even be an entire community based around it. One reason I think it would definitely work is that the new console is coming out so the system should definitely be able to handle it. If we get another spartan ops as replacement again I don't know what I will do. If you want 343 to at least explore this then comment with what you think would help this... Game type to flourish
  14. The map is so bright I cant see anything. Also I think you should add in a birds eye view of the map to get an idea of the layout
  15. I agree flood is ridiculously unbalanced. In Halo Reach it was hands down my favourite gametype. Even when I was one of the flood because sometimes I would have to creep around and be smart about how I was going to attack humans. But now every noob just charges at you with thruster pack and you're gone. every round lasts between 45 seconds - a minute and a half. Honestly? double you, tea, eff... I played flood for 4 weeks trying to give it a chance and adapt to the gametype but I just quit. There's one problem you forgot to mention that is also another reason the gametype is unbalanced. In Halo Reach when you sword lunged at somebody you would have to go through the whole animation of the sword slashing before you killed them. But In halo 4, if somebody thrust packs into you and hits melee or fire, they can kill you without waiting for the animation. I have done it to countless humans and its unfair. Either: - Remove thrust pack and keep 3 shot kill - OR, remove 3 shot kill. - Or remove them both and just give the flood the ability to sprint. I hate the flood gametype in matchmaking. It's boring and I think everybody would agree.
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