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  1. GT: You know who Map name: Ungerground Aesthetics (not REALLY underground but meh) Gametype: Forge Casual tutorial with some things I messed around with 10/10 mig no scope swag vision this tutorial will help you make your own angry wasp map. Some custom dumpsters, flower pots and a sexy elevator shaft.
  2. I could very well make it into one XD
  3. GT: UnknownEmerald Map: Downtown Trials Gametype: Trials Player count: 2-16 Mmmmmmmminigamez Downtown Trials is a map made for the trials gametype where each person spawns with a random weapon and must eliminate their opponents. The map offers great sightlines for those who posses long range weapons, but is also forgiving for the unfortunate ones that receive a shotgun and other close quarters weapons as it offers cover and buildings to occupy. If you find yourself with a plasma pistol there are weapons scattered around the map to even out the odds. As big as the map appears it doesn't suffer from any frame-rate issues (so far).
  4. Totally intentional. Loved that horror game. The map though doesn't copy any of it XP.
  5. GT: UnknownEmeraldMap: AmnesiaGametype: Standard infectionPlayer count: 8-16 Description: The discovery of these dungeons only lead to slaughter of those who entered. The lanterns were always lit and screams of those who died echo through the halls as if a greater power controlled these chambers. Once you enter the only thing you'll experience is death and amnesia. The map offers a variety of holdouts and weapons to help you survive and waves of infected. It is advised not to wander off on your own as you become an easy target. There are many holes in the walls for the undead to hide and ambush so watch your corners to avoid getting infected. Images:
  6. GT: UnknownEmerald Map: Angry Wasps Gametype: Angry Wasps Party size: 6-16 Rules: An infection based minigame where the initial flood spawn with a wasp. Their goal is to find and/ or catch other players and kill them. Players can use the main house to outrun the wasp by rapidly walking between the rooms or they can find other means of surviving on the outside. e.g. using other smaller houses or hiding in vents or bushes. Once a survivor is killed they join the swarp of wasps. If an infected gets out of their wasp and tries to meele players, the player can simply punch them down. Images:
  7. GT: UnknownEmerald Map: Ro Sham Bo Gametype: Ro Sham Bo (Fiesta) Player count: 2-16 Description: Ro Sham Bo is a simple minigame in which 2 teams spawn with random weapons and try to eliminate the opposing team. in this version of the map I added a balcony at the side of each base so the players with long range weapons aren't forced to battle it out in the middle of the map whilst others have explosives. For best experience play with a full lobby. Images:
  8. Yeah I love doing those writings XD
  9. True I agree the gametype could have some tweaks. I just personally prefer to have fast and weak zombies. I would suggest trying this map with Hivemind. I played it a few times with that and it also works out really well. Thanks for all the feedback. Glad you liked the map
  10. Yeah it's quite disappointing to see all the fans drift away. Hopefully Halo 5 will get the franchise back on track. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it
  11. GT: IR3CON ST34LTH Map: District Download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/2b39787b-5de9-45ab-a065-e9cb83c46c8a Gametype: Swarm Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/45af2251-3220-4504-926a-b78d1becbf9d Recommended party size: 10-14 Description: District is aunderground town abandoned long ago due to an earthquake. Floors shattered and rocks scattered everywhere leaving everything in ruins. Some villagers attempted to return hoping to start living like they used to once again; however they couldn't. An obstacle no man could counter has stood on their way. It was quick and bloodthirsty and whoever approached it went missing. A group of super soldiers have been sent there to investigate the area and come back with a report. Alive. Images:
  12. Yeah this one is. I like to take parts of my maps which I really like and put them together in a different way
  13. GT: IR3CON ST34LTH Map: The Breeze Gametypes: KOTH, FFA, Slayer, Regicide Recommended party size: 4-12 Players Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/52b71a33-22d1-4350-b0ae-20ed7060f52c The Breeze is a competitive map which is compatible with KOTH, Slayer, FFA, Regicide as well as the Gun Game. The areas around the map such as the large rock are all soft killed so there are no ways to exploit the map; however since this is the first time me showing it, there might be things that are broke so if you find anything, let me know. The weapons on this map include: Ordinance Rocket Launcher - 240 respawn Sniper Rifle - 180 respawn Shotgun - 180 respawn Non- Ordinance Plasma Pistol x2 - 60 respawn Battle rifle x2 - 60 respawn Covenant carbine x2 - 60 respawn Plasma Grenades x2 - 60 respawn Frag Grenades x4 - 60 respawn Images:
  14. I've only released this one today. I made quite a few Black & White flood maps including Index and Mad World. You might be referring to one of those, but thanks Many thanks Choot! <3
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