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  1. Just turned 57 last night
  2. U should b able 2 jump on hunter's back and shove a grenade in it. There should deffinately b a hammer assassination. Hand-2-hand would be good as well. I dont think 'nades and shooting should be involved on regular enemies because assassination r supposed 2 be quiet and stealthy. May b assassinations could depend on ur surroundings like u bash sum1s head against a wall repeatedley. Mayb there could b double assassinations like u smash 2 dudes heads 2 gether a couple of times.
  3. I think bots would b ***en awesome! And if u could change how they act in the object options thing so u could have grunts that run away and suicide bomb and then u could have highly agrressive elites. That would b beast.
  4. There's only like 4 and those 1s r waaaaayyy 2 small. There's only 1 "big" one and that's that space thing 1.
  5. If u haven't already u mite wanna try going on forge and turning unlimited AAs on. I'd like 2 know what u guys think ppl should try on forge?
  6. I made a small change 2 my master loadout. I got a boltshot instead of suppressor. W/ that i chnged the fire power tactical package to mobility. It was a great change. W/ the bolt shot im getting triple kills and stuff. It's not as good 4 BTB anymore though.
  7. My best load out is DMR, a suppressor, plasma grenades, promethean vision, Fire power and Dexterity. I use it 4 everything It depends less on the playlist and more on the playing style. It's good 4 BTB and slayer if i had 2 say a play list.
  8. I stick myself after matches normally 2 but i don't kill other ppl because it's bad sportsmanship. It really dosen't matter in the end though. It's just whats the point? Like i said b4 i dont c the fun in watching sum1 flinch slightly as u tap RT.
  9. I think killing ppl after game over is just being a bad sport. It's like in a boxing match punching sum1 after the bell. It's like in a basket ball game throwing hoops after the whistle is blown. What's the point? I don't c the fun in watching a guy flinch slightly as u tap RT. What do u guys think?
  10. 1 time my team mate was being assassinated i tried 2 splattered the enemy but i didn't kill him i killed my teammate. I dont know how that works but i think if there gonna remove friendly fire they should @ least remove frienfly splatters aswell.
  11. Im just h8 how there's only like 3 maps that u can have structure and there all way 2 small 2 build stuff on. They should make like a huge map that's like 10x the size of halo reach forge world. That would b amazing. But ever way there needs 2 b a sandbox map.
  12. I dont think it's over powered it's more over rated 2 me. It's fun 2 drive and it deals a lot of damage but it's not that durable and has no defence against ppl planting grenades in it. It's also not that hard 2 stick it's pretty slow and it only takes like 3 direct rail gun hits 2 kill it. Just send in a couple of full warthogs and it shouldn't b that hard 2 kill.
  13. I don't really like speed boost. Or damage boost. Or any other powerups. I kinda think they ruin the fun a lil bit.
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