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Found 4 results

  1. Firstly, apologies for sounding like a broken record as I'm sure enough this topic has been previously posted uncountable times. I have been playing the recent updated DLC playlist which I assume is aimed at those of us who are looking to gain those final few achievements that have been previously unattainable due to no DLC maps in the map rotation on matchmaking for the last few months prior to this revamped playlist. I heard that this playlist was back on so I have blitzed through the remaining achievements and have one remaining. Ashes to ashes. I've read through all of the previous forums regarding this achievement and by the sounds of things it is a common problem that this achievement just doesn't unlock. I have tried :- Incineration Cannon Binary Rifle Scattershot Pulse Grenades (including pulse grenading dead bodies) Nothing works. I've seen 343 come out and say we're trying to resolve the issue. But that is all I've heard for months. No sign of a patch. No sign of any answer. I love Halo and thus far have all achievements in all of their games. (Not including Wars and Spartan Assault) So understandably this one is driving me crazy! Is there any chance this can finally be resolved please 343? Forgot to mention... I have also tried recovering my gamertag, deleting playlists and reinstalling them, deleting the game and reinstalling it... To no avail.
  2. A Possible Solution to the "unfair", Halo: Reach Booting System. (Before I go into depth explaining the possible solution that I have thought about I would like to say that it is only my personal opinion, that is backed up by what I have heard other players commentate about. Feel free to post any additions or any constructive criticism). For example: The system in Halo: Reach is a tad bit random. Many people have said they have gotten betrayed twice, then they go to betray the guy who killed them out of sheer frustration and get booted. This is just a mere example as to why people think that the booting system in Halo: Reach is at times unfair. I don't think that 343i will be introducing a new update to Halo: Reach to fix this problem, as they are already using Bungie's booting system for Reach, and are in the process of producing Halo 4. So far, this problem seems a little out of hand to some players desperately looking to 343i to answer their cry for help for a better booting system. I find this to be the case because there is no artificial intelligence to monitor the game and see if a betrayal was accidental or not. Now, I think that we are definitely far from having artificial intelligence monitor all of our games ... Never the less, I find the system to be at times, indeed, unfair. I think a possible solution here is present. Having a system like Battlefield 3 (but tweaked just a little bit), where players have the option to "forgive", or "punish". Please forgive the idea of Halo following another game, but I think that this is a very plausible solution at hand. I think that in order for players to be booted from a game, they should have the whole team vote either forgive, or punish. This allows some more leeway for an accidental betrayal so if the team mate that you killed by accident decides to be irrational and boot you for an accidental kill, he/she no longer has the power to do so, now the whole team has a say in whether or not your betrayal seems fit for a kick, or a forgive. I can see some problems occurring with this, like people abusing the system to their advantage so they can betray somebody over and over again without getting kicked but I think maybe a limit of say 10 kills should be implemented, (let's be realistic, who has ever gotten 10 accidental betrayals in a game?). Other problems like that might arise, but I still have great faith in the Halo community and I see problems like that to be very minuscule, because of all the rational and sensible Halo players out there. Anyways, thanks for listening to me blabber on about this whole topic. Please feel free to share your opinions and ideas with me. Thanks, -MaGIIXz Edit: Okay, Definitely three betrayals would be enough for the game to boot you. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  3. I found out a solution. Instead of making everyone else's gaming experience judged on by 1000-2000 people on the forums, why don't you try this. Instead of making the Title update mandatory, why don't you do a test? For a bout a month, make another playlist, that only has no title update. That way there would be a one playlist with title update in every gametype, and one without it. It would include every playlist, but without the title update. Moniter the number of players on each play list. Whichever one gets more players would become the new official title update. Sincerely, A person who represents the majority of the community in the belief that the title update really sucks In case you didn't get my example here's a demonstration. Note: > <--- represents a change in playlist Title update>Anniversary, Coop, Competitive, Community, Crappy TU Beta that is played by 1/1000000 of the community>And so on and so forth No title update>Anniversery, coop, competitive, community, Crappy TU Beta that is ruining Halo and will cause Halo 4 to put you out of business> and so on into the regular categories. OR BETTER YET! Make the title update optional! That way we can prove that no one who matters likes it. The OP has a "Revised" post list in this thread here. He had created another OP rather than update this one or post a revision in here. It was transferred here. Absolute Dog
  4. Alright, the last time i wrote the other post, I was pissed off due to personal reasons. Here is WHAT i really think we should do. ...Fine. I was really pissed off when I wrote that other one, so why don't we consider this? Armor lock nerf=good 75% bloom=I can adapt, but can you consider this? 50% bloom? Bleedthrough=No, just no. At least not this much. I don't want to be able to pump two shots into my enemy then punch him, and he immediately dies. 3 shot pistol SOUNDS perfect, but we have to remember that in Halo 1, or CE, there were TWO head shot weapons. It was also harder to get kills. Now there are rifles The pistol should be worse than the Dmr/nr, yet better than the AR. No sword block=WTF? It's as simple as kubgd, switch weapons and shoot once. Guaranteed kill. Sword block wasn't even an issue. It's rarely seen. I know it's supposed to be a power weapon, but come on, sword block occurs once every 10 games, and the person who sword blocks usually dies anyways. (Excluding infection) 4 shot headshot weapons.=Fail. The NR is now OP because of it's auto fire. Also, the game goes too fast with the rate of fire being too high and the AR killing super quickly. Active camo was fine just the way it is. If you want to screw around with armor abilities screw around with armor lock. Armor lock=Why don't you make armor lock repel POWER weapons and vehicles, but be susceptible to regular weapons. That way everyone is happy. I think that's it. But please, just at least make the update optional. I hate having to switch playlists. BTB, since the update, is usually down 1,000-2,000 players. Also, try to make it more fun. Also, take away base recoon
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