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Found 11 results

  1. some footage of the first hacker i've ran into...have some cod ptsd flashbacks to warzone. he starts off pretty subtle then it gets pretty apparent
  2. I feel like I need to give everyone a warning before I post this, as this is going to be a long post that contains a LOT of speculation about the way 343's game servers/anticheat work. I'm fairly familiar with computers, but I'm not an expert and do not know the limitations of the agreements between 343/microsoft, so nobody take any of my assumptions as fact. But I've got a fun idea for how to tackle PC client cheaters. Will summarize in a TL;DR down below. Intro: permissions There are 4 levels of system permissions that most Anti-cheat software operates around. some of the most important to consider is level 3, User-side, and level 0, kernel-side permissions. Most cheating software uses Kernel-level permissions, which allows it to read and alter any byte of data present on the host system, which makes it easy for the user-side of the game to exploit the engine in the form of wall hacks and aimbots, and harder for the game to detect. Level 0 anti-cheat on a user device is a big deal, and not a preferable option, as this exposes devices to instability and privacy issues. kernel-level access on a game like this also opens a backdoor to cybersecurity threats and is not ideal. But what about anticheat on a game server, that uses a user-level update client-side to record and compare inputs from all connected machines? Step 1: Recording input An update gets rolled out, that records the button input during active matches from all users during a match. You can use a machine-learning algorithm to watch matches live, from different perspectives. e.g a person getting killed during a match, and the one who killed them. This (maybe AI? we'll call it an AI) will have the ability to match input with in-game behavior, like watching a player lock on their reticle to another player's head through a wall, even though server-side, the game can't see that a user is using a wallhack to show other players' outlines. It would be able to do this more efficiently than a human. Such a program would be able to theoretically tell the difference between an aim-assisted kill and a regular kill, and be able to see when players are snapping to other players' heads. The challenge is training a machine to differentiate between professional players and hackers by spectating. However, if you have a program on the server reviewing all this, it could look at the match from all 8 player perspectives at once. discrepancies are easier to spot in a dataset like that. When you throw your own bots into the mix, especially since they're learning from people, this may also help them learn how to perfect their skills in matches, as well as recognizing the cheaters. Step 2: making decisions AI don't make decisions correctly 100% of the time, but when combined with human input, can increase certainty. Having an in-game report option would be immensely helpful, even if all that report does is flag the match for the AI to review. I am unsure of what happens during the regular reporting process, and how those matches get reviewed, but yes, the button would be incredibly helpful. For the first several hundred matches, you may need community assistance to help flag matches for such an AI. After a certain period of time, my assumption is that the AI has probably watched enough matches, and seen certain players flagged enough times to be aware of what cheating looks like. Step 3: where it gets fun Once an AI/human team can review enough matches and sift through the data to differentiate cheaters from people who are just really really good, Don't ban the cheaters from matches right away. Wait for them to get flagged more than once in a day. Flagging them and then being patient, instead of immediate action, will also make them cocky and unsure of whether or not their cheating software can be detected. Some Cheaters can turn on/off their anti-cheat at will, so the bot registering suspicious input (switching in and out of the game, esp. during matches, clicking areas in the game window on a pause menu that the game doesn't register visual assets in) isn't necessarily a clear case of cheating, but can be suspicious enough to warrant a closer look into input and gameplay analysis. But some cases are more clear-cut than others. in a case of 100% certainty (or whatever the industry average threshold on certainty is, in these events), here's what should happen: Instead of banning them outright, have the game spawn a special bot. This bot's mission is to go after the cheater it registers. Assign the bot to an unused team (Team 3, so Teams 1 and 2 can't benefit from its killcount), make it unkillable, and give it active camo. Why not a sword, sniper rifle, or a special loadout to make this thing a pain? The Cheater will either ragequit, disconnect upon seeing that they've been killed by the special bot, or alternatively, you can have an entire lobby of cheaters quit when they see the bot, because they don't know who the bot's going for. Again, the special bot shows up when the system Absolutely, Positively suspects cheating is going on in the match, and if the cheater disconnects, the bot can despawn or just stand still, in camo in a corner or whatever. Call it Joyeuse or the Ghost of Lockout, the fans would get some chuckles. It used to be a bug, make it a feature. TL;DR: Let the server learn how users are inputting controls into the game, and teach it to find discrepancies. If cheating has been flagged and confirmed, send the Ghost of Lockout to kill the cheaters and make them rage quit. Once a cheater is in a match, it stops being a legitimate match, and if the cheater is occupied or disconnects, everyone else can still have fun. Thank you everyone for letting me subject you to this idea salad, I hope this makes for a good contribution. Again, I am uncertain of a lot of things and how feasible an idea like this would be to execute, but if there's any game company I trust to come up with creative uses for AI, it's 343.
  3. I am so tired of playing warzone and warzone assault and watching people wait till the second capture to just take a warthog on the top of the base and glitch into the doorway. You can't capture the base because the person is glitches just above the doorway. I know this because I watched theatre mode and saw this ever time it happens. I hope 343 fixes this because if I'm gonna lose I would like it to be at least fairly.
  4. So, i've been reading about random disconnects during matchmaking and last night i figured out why. Long story short a kid on my team was shooting me and being a general loser. He kept screaming and blasting music so i went to go and mute him when i saw something rather silly. Instead of just seeing "Mute" i had another option, "Kick from party". I entered matchmaking by myself i had no party. So i clicked it and lo and behold he quit the game. I then scrolled to the enemy team and guess what? I was able to kick the whole enemy team and win the game. After that i had the option again for a few games but i decided against using it because there's no fun in it. Today it happened to me 3 times, i just randomly got kicked from the game. Just a headsup, didn't know where to post this so i posted it here.
  5. 343 what are you doing about the horrendous cheating problem in H4 mm? It doesn't seem like you guys over there care because incase you didn't know Rumble Pit is getting unplayable because of this issue. Threre's lots of lag switching, but my main complaint is these guys double shoting the BR (like in H2). They are modding the fire rate on the BR to fire it as fast as they want, and yes it makes you die faster. Also, I see players that are still able to stay alive much longer than they should like they have modified damage resistance. Most people probably don't notice these issues and just think the person is really good, but a trained eye can tell. I see this happening multiple times daily. I do play lots of Halo though. Trust me, it's happening. The population isn't that high so I don't see how it can be so hard to catch and ban these players. Please do something about this because this is driving a good clean player to quit.
  6. I play a lot of SWAT and constantly run into the cheaters running around without armor or a head (pretty tough to make a head shot without a head to shoot at). This hack has been around for months and reporting them seems to do nothing. I just reported one player, avoided him, and thanks to the wonderful JIP feature he gets added into my next game. Anyone know if 343 ever plans to ever fix their code? It's so damned easy to run around with this hack and yet the company looks the other way.
  7. Hi all - Check out this video that shows how some Halo Reach players cheat and how much trouble they go through to creat a new email/gamertag after being banned. Is it worth the trouble? LOL Let me know what you guys think!
  8. I've told my friend about how much xp you get, and he says I'm cheating. He claims 343 has said that doing this is cheating and that they can't change the xp amount because they already made the spartan ops missions. Look, If it's open to the public, doesnt require hacking/modding, then I dont see why not. Please share your thoughts on who is right.
  9. Today a friend and I were playing some Infinity Slayer on the map Complex when the enemy team decided to capitalize on this glitch where you can jump above the door frame in the lower level of the building in the corner. While they were in this glitch they were unable to be harmed and could emerge whenever they wanted to. At first we though that this was our fault for knocking them in there with grenades but after watching the replay in the theater it is apparent that they knew about this glitch already and were entering it in their own. I have video proof of this on my fileshare.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_WHOwat_Wk He took the video down and I downloaded and re-uploaded it here. You can find information on the guy and everything you need in the video description. Bump. I can't post this on xbox forums or anything, don't own an xbox or have XBL, if you can get this around that would be great.
  11. My friend and I were playing on Halo 4 war games, Infinity Slayer to be exact. We came across quite a few players that seemed to us as if they were modding or hacking, because they would shoot in a direction not even close to where we were and were hitting us, we found several players that were doing stuff like that. I'm not sure if it's just a glitch in the game and it obviously wasn't lag because it happened in multiple games and i have a moderately good connection, as does my friend. But the basic problem was the fact that they didn't even have to aim at us to get headshots. Could you please fix that because it really dampens the gameplay.
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