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Found 3 results

  1. So, some context: I've been a halo fan from the get-go. By and large, the first two games were my favorite- but ultimately, nothing surpasses that first feeling of being alone, meeting the flood, and overcoming enormous odds in an alien environment. So, one day I was reminiscing, when I thought aloud: I wish I could go back to that place. What would it take to go back? So here it is: let's say that during the timeline of Halo CE, we took the perspective of a marine. Let's say that this marine was injured, and the sole survivor of an early battle with the Covenant after landing on Installation 4. The Chief and remaining marines are long since moved-on and it's just you, this alien world, and ALL OF THE CRAP that's unleashed during MC's journey. -So for starters, let's make the Halo ring an open world. FINALLY -Now, let's make it an almost Tomb-Raider style survival. -Explore and discover ancient forerunner technology to help you survive -Engage in guerrilla tactics on Covenant forces. It's legendary mode, all day- you're mortal, unlike the MC. -Utilize ancient tech to prevent infection by and defeat the flood in ridiculously awesome ways -Have parallel encounters with the MC and perhaps save his life, all unbeknownst to him -Survive or die in the destruction of the ring: different ending outcomes. -FINALLY EXPLAIN HOW SERGEANT JOHNSON LIVES So, send this proposal to the 343 dev team, what do you say?
  2. In an act to relive some of the glories days from back when Halo 2 controlled our lives, I'm here to spread word of the largest Halo 2 Throwback Tournament coming June 8th, 2013. Ready for the Largest Halo 2 LAN since MLG?! On June 8th, 2013 Howie’s Game Shack® in Mission Viejo, CA is hosting a Halo 2 Throwback Tournament – both 4v4 and FFA. Sponsored by Bungie and our partners MadCatz and Monster Energy, this upcoming tournament will feature over 90+ Xbox 360 stations loaded with Halo 2 for an All-Day-Event of action and fun! Details outlining the Event are as follows: What: Halo 2 Throwback Tournament – Biggest LAN since MLG. When: Saturday – June 8th, 2013 Where: Howie’s Game Shack, 27741 Crown Valley Pwky, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 LIVE Streaming will be available the day of the event here: Live Stream – http://www.twitch.tv/howiesgameshack Prize Pool can be viewed here: http://howies.com/pdf/HALO_2_PRIZE_POOL.pdf Rules can be viewed here: http://howies.com/pdf/HALO_2_RULES.pdf Pre-registration is available online by purchasing any of the following: FFA Pass, 4v4 Event Pass, or Combo Event Pass. This includes the ability to participate in our tournament and game with your friends for the entire day until our store closes at 2am Sunday morning. (4v4 Event Pass & Combo Event Pass only; the FFA Pass only permits play for the Free-for-all) By Pre-registering online, you are reserving your seat at the event. Due to limited stations at our venue, we can only satisfy as many registrants that there are Xbox’s available. Controllers and Headsets are provided at each station; however, it is RECOMMENDED you bring your own controller. Sign-ups for participants who have not pre-registered will start at 10am Saturday – June 8th, 2013 at our Mission Viejo, CA location, and ends at 1:30pm. FFA Tournament Starts at 2pm. The 4v4 Tournament is scheduled to start at 4pm, but will commerce at the conclusion of the FFA Tournament should that Tournament run longer. If you’re between the ages of 13-17 you’ll need written consent from a parent or guardian to participate in the Halo 2 Throwback Tournament. If you are under 13 years of age, you are not eligible to participate. Its REQUIRED that each participant fill-out and turn-in our Release Form the day of the event. This form can be found here: Release Form: http://howies.com/pdf/Tournament%20Release%20Form.pdf @HowiesGameShack
  3. Remember that over powered pistol that kill someone across the map? Or do you remember the sticky grenade launching? Well, you can have it all back! If you have Halo: Combat Evolved on you're computer, you can play! I will make a server called Throwback Thursday's. I will switch the maps and gametypes everyday! Don't have Halo CE on you're computer and don't want to miss out? Click here to download it on FilePlanet! My username on there is "iSpartanIV". Have fun!
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