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  1. name to long, to many misspelled words
  2. Join us and check us out http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/174112 All who are loyal to us we shall be loyal also you join us and we join you. To are people we are bound but yet we are bound to nothing at all the only thing that limits us is time and yet time is not limited so are we then yet limited decide for yourself.....All I can promise is a brotherhood and sisterhood a fun and reliable community and a bond between members that shall last you a life time. Glory Honor Respect Fun Pride Humility Ambition Determination. These are qualities most appreciated and found within our clan gain some of these by joining the ranks and getting higher positions not based on recruiting but experience loyalty and Game ability. For a short amount of time high placing positions are available for 10 members worthy.
  3. Why didnt you make this a poll.......anyway i would say that guy who's whole squad got shot down and and went phsyco and scream at you and would shoot you some times
  4. is she lying though?.........................................................nope lol it made it a little more intense i feel but halo is halo and none the less it is a franchise i will follow to the end unfortunately and would love to do so.
  5. what you talkin bout yea it is
  6. okay it is pretty fun but we dont need it to be part of halo and other guy im pretty sure as a SR of 56 i was crapping on 130 like still trains
  7. i am back and i posted it in my file share a couple days late sorry
  8. ig get da freak out my forums and stop trying to troll seriously like swat your going complain about swat and saying irrelevant things go outside and play paintball get involved in extra curricular activities or go buy cod we dont need these chump stuff
  9. thank you halo doesnt need noobtubers ughh halo fans these days dont even know halo. Go back to your cod kids their destorying halo as we know it a grenade launcher what is this black ops next thing you know will have scavanger
  10. this argument was dumb to begin with obviously with mobility and dexterity i can get anywhere faster then you can duh and reload faster then you or was that an illusion too?
  11. bruh thats the easiest one to get . go into BTB and hop in a ghost 6-10 matches later in a ghost and warthog and you got your visor
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