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  1. ➤ Stay Connected ♦ Subscribe to me: https://www.youtube...._confirmation=1 ♦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sniperclysm ♦ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sniperclysm/
  2. Once The new halo game games out and if you have Halo PC area the people to post you will get more visitors on here.
  3. ➤ Stay Connected ♦ Subscribe to me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCunUUoM-ePTd0XJ0VYlcg?sub_confirmation=1 ♦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sniperclysm ♦ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sniperclysm/
  4. I play... Apex Legends PUBG CS:GO Battlefield 5 DooM Half LIfe 2: DM VRchat I have more games so you just have to check my profile out
  5. thank you bud. I hope so, I haven't been this hype since halo 2 & Rainbow six 6 & gears 3
  6. Hi, Welcome to my media post area. Where I'll be posting up new Video from my YouTube Page to here. I all ways wanted to create a YouTube channel to share my adventures with funny moments, scared, Epic game plays with every one. I play a variety of games and titles that i like but typically in the FPS genre. Video games have been a huge part of my life. I hope you enjoy the content. Thank You Be sure to get connected. ♦ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sniperclysm ♦ Subscribe On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtCunUUoM-ePTd0XJ0VYlcg _____________________________________________ This is a really old halo 4 clip that i found. Sorry for the quality, I did had a potato PC back then. Clip from Jan 23, 2014. This happen like 5 times to me. I was doing the story mission on blood gulch map (Episode 3 - Chapter 5). I don't no if Bungie was playing a joke, Easter egg or glitch but this was one of the best moments of my gaming life. Did this happen to any one?
  7. Been a year since i was on the forums, now am back. I hope the next halo will be on the PC this time. If not then i'll have to get my Xbox one ready. Cant wait to play halo again!
  8. Nice 2nd clip, kill 3 people with one nade, nice your channel says "This channel doesn't have any content"?
  9. thats really cool. Sound like something in a club would play. Epic video bud. i loke it
  10. That's EPIC dude, hilarious.loldo a destiny 2 and halo them together with hot girls in the back ground fighting then have master chief and some of the destiny 2 people setting down having drinks watching lol
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