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Found 6 results

  1. Map Download Game Type Download Description Game Style: "Tournament" Objective: Jump on the Blocks, WHEN THEY SPAWN, as the hill progresses to the middle. (Don't Fall Off the Blocks) Supplies: (What you are issued) Scatter Shot (Infinite Ammo) 1 Pulse Grade Can't hurt anything or anyone. 1 life game. System: When you spawn you'll notice that; The pillar in front of you is the same color as the one you're standing on. There is a land mine on this pillar. (Don't jump on the land mine or you'll die.) A block will spawn on this set Pillar 3 sec before hill A moves to B. The next Block spawns in 3 sec before hill C moves to D. The next Block spawns in 3 sec before the hill F moves to H. Consequences: 1. Not jumping right when a block spawns. You will not be able to reach the next block as the hill moves right behind it. You will fall onto the grid and get launched to the sky 2. Being Away From Controller Getting teleported to Grid thus getting launched to the Heavens. Be on the edge of your seat and look for that next block to spawn. If you do that and jump right when it spawns, you should be fine. Images The Arena: Top of Map: Don't Jump: Jump Now: P.S. credit to Swash for Fixing the Grid.
  2. HEY!!!! lets get 343 to add in hornets,pelicans and what not!!! whos with me??? FOR SPARTA!!!!!!
  3. 343 should make a transportation warthog, like in ODST's campaign. I would like it to be placeable in forge.They should also remake the falcon. A little bigger, and make to where your able to sit in the passenger seat next to the gunner, like in Halo Reach's campaign (custom games). I would also like that to be placeable in forge. If 343 doesn't remake the falcon, i would like them to remake the hornet, or make a new human flying vehical. Also the pelican and the phantom should be placeable in forge, but you could only have 4 of each of the pelican and phantom. There should also be a covenant transportation vehical. These vehicals would help with gameplay and Machinima's.
  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed that there are no UNSC aircraft in multiplayer or custom games and I've got to say that disappoints me. I thought the Falcon was good in reach and I would have liked to see the hornet return. I hope they maybe release some in a DLC as 343 have made a great game but some aspects need tweaking.
  5. From being in funny screenshots, to videos and even campaign! Are gravity defying kig-yar what halo needs more of?
  6. Should halo 4 have a type of map, much like Star Wars Battle Front 2, where players can fly ships and have space dogfights? (I know this is not a halo "thing" I just thought of this because of the space mission in Reach.)
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