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    Wells there's the obvious one...and then i like things like reading scifi/fantasy/fictional or historical, attempting to code and draw/be any kind of artistic, theorize/ponder all manner of topics/ideas ranging from philosophical to random or inane. anyways im prattling on (im prone to that too) and besides, you can always just IM. B)

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  1. shoot, they could have put Blue Team in halo 2! if you read halo ghosts of onyx, blue team is on earth about the same time halo 2 is taking place, so why have they been left out for soo long?!?!
  2. Johnson can't be infected because of a terminal brain disorder (borons syndrome) he developed which scrambles his brain waves. flood infection forms take over bodies by matching the hosts brain wave pattern, which is not possible with Johnson. even if one did manage to get him, it couldnt control him and would most likley die. spartans are still able to be infected. i believe he got the disorder after being repeatedly exposed to plasma grenade radiation (he captured a supply crate of them, and used them to waste a bunch of covies)
  3. good job man! i like the sleek look of the jackle, and that knife looks cool too.
  4. i will be soooo mad if they dont AT LEAST reference blue team in the next game. the only thing that trully irratates me about the halo series is the disparity between the books and games. the games almost blatantly say "we really dont care for solid continuety." (i also might be biased more towards books though) if you enjoy a good long read, the first 3 in the series are really good, and fills in alot of things in campaign.
  5. im glad other people know this. i cant tell you how many time ive talked about this topic and heard "What are you talking about dude? MC is the only spartan they made." or "didnt you read the books? all his other spartans died."....no, no, no. there are several S-IIs left over, theyre just scattered.
  6. I definitely think Brutes should come back, but im pretty sure they have had just about enough of the Sangheli, so i think teaming up is out...the Elites kinda took a bunch of brutes as slaves after the events of 3. On another note, i think brutes should act like they did in reach, but berserk like they did in 2, they were scary as hell. also, even though bungie didnt like it, i thought making them huge bullet sponges was what made them fun.
  7. i think all of them are great. i just started the forrunner saga so i dont know much about those, but ive read all the others at least 4 times each, so i can easily reacall most of them in pretty near to spot on fashion. any questions in particular?
  8. well, the UNSC gets the Mantis and the Rocket Hog, why not combine the 2 concepts into one for the covenant and give them the Gorgon. seems legit. pics to coming soon..
  9. Kinda like a sudo "beast mode" you mean? if you ever played Gears of War, thats what im refering to. or just the ability to choose those races in MP? i think the former would be cool, but the latter would be...eh, sketchie. Major sarcasm bud. Im pretty alien friendly, I love all of them alot. they all have something interesting and unique, you sometimes just have to dig through all the halo lore to find the better moments for some of the "little guys". like for example: how many people on this site follow halo close enough to know that at one point the grunts formed a considerable "rebellion" against the Covenant propper? Obviously NOT a victory for them, but the little guys gave it a shot. I just dont know how they would all fit into multiplayer...The only way i could see it happening is if they mad special menus/lobbies just for that sort of thing, separate from Vanilla Slayer.
  10. yeah, who needs elites? there not part of the story at ALL. neither are grunts, or jackles or hunters, or brutes...whats all this alien garbage? halo isnt about aliens at all. its about super-sweaty-futuresexrobots running around haphazardly sidearming grenades at 400 yards away, and chunkin' a butt-ton o' lead from the hip at other Rockem'-Sockem'-Rapage-Robots. jeeze guys, elites just dont belong in halo. infact lets go back to the days where we all looked like a rainbow of masterchief clones. and load outs? hope you like the pistol and the assault rifle, cause thats all halo is about.
  11. wow, thats awesome. i can see it now "Victory crouch your way to the top!"
  12. heh, we talked about this last night so you pretty much know what im gonna say. i like pretty much all of that, i would just add a bit of refinement to one aspect. The fuel rod gun secondary. i imagine it being maybe double the clip size of the mantis rocket pods. functionally, i think it would work best if modeled after the infantry version rather than the banshee or hunter iterations (to fast, to powerfull). Now, would this thing be firing from one central port, or 2 on either side? I ask because that could affect the fire rate.
  13. i like it. nice job with the cortana/halsey duality. sort of symbolic like even though cortanas gone, halsey's is still kicking, and she could be johns last hope for answers. welcome to the community!
  14. The books explain this. ONI camptured Jul' Mdmaa and experimented on him. He then found out that humanity was planning to betray the elites and wipe them out anyways. After escaping, Jul' came across a group of Sangheli monks that still followed the way of the great journey, who he convinced (he kinda lied to them) into serving under him to fight the humans again. they didnt touch on this at all, not all of the elites are fighting us again. The arbiter is leading his own band of resistance against Jul', and sanghelios is a civil warzone.
  15. lol, yeah your probably right. the jackles in the book couldnt even kill Johnson with one of those flimsy things. I was starting to run out of needle based ideas.
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