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  1. Is Azura a reference to Elder Scrolls? If so, awesome! You can tell from my signature I'm skilled, although I don't mean to brag. But I have gone games without dying, my gamertag is the same as my 343name.
  2. Whoa, can't believe people voted! Well, thanks guys! You can download the screenshot onto your xbox from my bungie.net account here http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/Screenshots.aspx?player=Omar3rd not that you'd really want to, but whatever!
  3. This post is irrelevant. Stop reading it.
  4. From being in funny screenshots, to videos and even campaign! Are gravity defying kig-yar what halo needs more of?
  5. I'll show you who's got what in Halo 3.
  6. If you didn't like Reach's system of armor abilities then play another game mode. I am a fan of team swat so I only really use Sprint. But the abilities really helped me get though the campaign and it's unique to the game. I'm not saying abilities are perfect but they're just fine, really don't care. Armor Lock never bothered me, I have punishing strategies for those who utilize Armor Lock and one of them's called the grenade throw. -just that one voice in the 343 community
  7. A lot of pooples don't seem to know what a Forerunner is or what their role was in the Halo Universe so help me explain. What I know I learned from reading, watching Origins I and II, and talking to Halo Fans. The Forerunners were(or possibly are) a very advanced civilization. The most advanced civilization that humans have ever thought of. They created the Halo Rings to stop The Flood from controlling all sentient life in the Galaxy, at the cost of all life in the Galaxy, including their own. but they prepared for this mass slaughter and re-populated the planets with the same species that originally inhabited them, save their own species. The chief blew up one of the Halo Rings(Alpha Halo) but it turned out there was a replacement. The Forerunners are awesome like that.
  8. Invasion. I'm pretty sure all the ForeRunners are dead. But do tell me if I missed any- errr
  9. that's a brilliant idea, the way they did it in Battlefront 2 was great, and I'm sure they can think of improvements, think they'd let yo jump off the space ships?
  10. Anyone see Origins part I and II? Just for an idea of what the Forerunners looks like? Customizable ForeRunners... that needs it's own Topic XD Lol an attachable wrist-blade or self-destruct >
  11. In Assassin's Creed, the storyline is very intriguing, but the first was so repetitive that I shot myself in the head. Still, It's sad that the Ezio trilogy is ending. You grew up with him and you were there literally since he was born. You're like his fuukin guardian angel. But I suppose everything has it's time and Ezio has accomplished a lot in his life. Perhaps more than Altair Before we start arguing who was better between Ezio and Altair, let me just say Ezio could swim
  12. I think being to customize anything in any game just gives it a more personal feel, as it is more unique. Before the credit system and the unlockable armor, the multiplayer was just about racking up kills. Not that is was bad, just unique armor kicks ass >
  13. The ForeRunners died before the Halo Story even began though. well not the Halo Story but Master Chief's. The ForeRunners sacrificied themselves to preserve sentient life, and a Forerunner vs. a spartan in the online would be very unfair haha. Considering how advanced they were
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