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  1. If a game is catering to little kids, noobs, and just plain brain dead what do you expect? The title of this game should have had "Disney's" somewhere in it lol
  2. well yea but I was trying to say that ordinance drops are the root of so many other things gone wrong that don't contribute to good gameplay but the opposite. Things that all make the game boring as hell and uneventful. Or in othe words just lame.
  3. Ordinance drops are a joke. The guy said you don't get rewarded drops if you play badly? Lol so not true. There were plenty of games I played where the opposing team was destroying us and I ended up 9 and 22 lol. Guess what. I still got 3 drops along the way. So to say bad playing doesn't reward drops its simply inaccurate. Unless you only consider bad playing to be 0 and 22 because you walked around staring at the sky all game. Op you're totally right. And there is no glass half full way to look at it. Opposing team always gets better drops if they're losing. You the winner gets needler while they get snipers and every other power weapon. That's why you could be winning by 200 points then suddenly you look away and you lost the lead. It has nothing to do with skill anymore. It caters to noobs period. You're getting raped? Ok ok here are some rockets for you delivered to your front door. Don't worry about having to fight for them or leaving your post to pick them. Afterall you need help. So here it is. Oh and if you're winning you don't need anything so here you go take these grenades. All 2 of them. Lol. Seriously if you defend this you were probably awful in every other halo game and now you're finally happy someone is holding your hand to cross the street. And no don't argue that point because its true. Otherwise you wouldn't be defending this horrible method.
  4. Nah 343 doesn't give a ****. They already made their sales and consider the game a success because of opening day numbers.
  5. No but it makes me feel better to vent my frustration.
  6. I can't understand for the life of me people who defend this garbage. I just logged in to play some slayer. Every once in a while I give halo 4 a chance for redemption. 4 games in a row I was thrown into a losing team!! 4 games!!!! Not losing by a little but losing by like 200 points! Wtf!? I played them out anyway and hoped for the best next game. Yet every game was the same deal. So back to reach I go. Those who keep touting this game is amazing please explain wtf game you're playing that I'm not! This is ridiculous!
  7. Yea really. There is literally nothing in this game that brings back any hint of other halos. Nothing is the same AT ALL. Other than names of things like ghost lol. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. People love ragnarok because it reminds them of when halo was good and fun to play. Also when map design wasn't done by incompetency. It's the only thing halo 4 has in common with other halos. People long for consistency and for the gameplay that was once halo. This map is proof.
  9. Same reason 4 million people bought halo 4 and only 100k are still playing it. Everything about this game feels like a beta version of a horrible idea. If this was the first halo to ever come out halo would have never been the franchise it was.
  10. Actually the most ridiculous thing I hear is when people say this halo is like 2 and 3. Can I have what you're smoking? Nothing is the same! Not even your armor color! Lol weapons different, gameplay different, UI different, physics and balance different, vehicles different, load outs different, should I go on? Wtf are you smoking?
  11. What kind of a dumbass uses white font to type on a white page?
  12. haha I already bet someone on here a while back 1,000$ if within one week they could post a video of the sword owning and guess what. Nothing. That's because it doesn't happen. So if you disagree put your money where your mouth is and prove what you're saying is true.
  13. in other words its useless and no longer a power weapon.
  14. Sword is useless if you're playing against a team with vision. No not promethean vision. I mean actual eyeballs. Sword is easy as hell to stop thanks to a clumy master chief when shot, a shield that might as well not be a shield and weapons that can stop sword dead in its tracks on spawn. Hell sword may as well be a spawn choice at this point. Played today tried to sneak up on 3 guys using sword. In any other halo they would have all been dead in 2 seconds. In this halo as soon as I turned the corner and they spotted me I was dead in .3 seconds thanks to overpowered weapons and a shield worth nothing. If you're claiming to be good with the sword you're either running up on some really awful players or you literally crouch in a corner all game hoping someone will pass by. Which one is it. Because gone are the hack and slash Jackie chan days of halo sword.
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