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  1. It's not a difficult point to grasp. Well put. Uneven would be reds starting with rockets, swords and overshields whilst blues start with that s**t grey gun from goldeneye. If some clown is trying to shoot you in the head 5 times with a dmr, just make sure you shoot him 5 times in the head FIRST. Jebus, you'd think this was a new concept, the rate people are going on about it. AND. Boltshot is easy to avoid anyway. I think the point is obvious. Uneven gameplay would be reds starting with rockets, swords and over
  2. H4 certainly requires a greater amount of skill than pikmin, which still scored a respectable 9.1 from IGN in 2001, and THAT means.......actually I don't know what that means. Oh yeah, YOU SUCK!
  3. I did resort to noob comboing my way through bits of reach, but otherwise I thought it was okay. I never actually finished 2 on legendary. Those pesky sniping jackals ruined everything!
  4. I play as the house from UP
  5. I did that bit first time, going mobile with the turrets when it got tight. Although it was more fluke. There were several moments where I probably should have died. I agree with the OP, I died loads in the banshee and used the ghost to take the other banshees and a few grunts out first. Then I got in and flew and flew and flew and flew and flew and flew and flew and flew
  6. That's nothing to do with the game, that's just dicks finding their way online. Which happens in all online games.
  7. I don't really mean the cut-sequences or the ending or the narrative. Just gameplay. It was okay, but let's face it, it got a bit bland. The previous level was awesome.
  8. I'm obviously going on solo/legendary here. For me it's: Halo 2 Halo CE Halo 3 Reach Halo 4 Can't really remember much about the ODST one. Halo 4 was awesome, but pretty easy I thought.
  9. Is it just me, or is this level really boring?! The whole campaign is fast paced, gripping, filled with large and small scale battles, and then right at the end, BAM! A new library level. Endlessly shooting crawlers with a lightrifle and sprinting at knights with a scattershot. In a trial and error kind of way. And watchers....shooting them 5 times. Every time. First. I'd rather play bust-a-move.
  10. I dream of getting 19 kills. 22 is simply beyond my imagination. Seriously, that ain't bad. Certainly above average.
  11. Have you tried sprinting whilst being shot in the head? It's hard! And sprinting to a different location after killing someone is definitely what you should do. I run off after an assassination shouting HAHAHAHAHA at the top of my voice. It's the mark of a true professional.
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