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Halo Infinite's Progression System Needs To Be Better


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The multiplayer progression system is still a brutal grind. Yes they made a small fix by each game only granting 50 points, but I feel like that's a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn't provide incentive to win because you get the points regardless. I've play multiple games in quickplay and 1/4 games there was someone afk the whole game. If 343 implements a system to just kick them out then players will just rubber band their controllers. Also a whole progression system base around a battle pass is a terrible idea when coupled with the only real way to level it up is through challenges. That brings up another issue. People working on the challenges won't care about winning, just the challenges. Challenges should be a bonus to the main progression of playing well like how Halo Reach was designed. I finished all my weekly's for the first week and lost interest playing because there is no incentive to keep going until the next week. 343 if you see this please take all of this into great consideration and if any Halo fans noticed I missed anything feel free to add on.

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Hello everyone,

I personally think the battlepass system is a way for the company to make more money.

I don't know a single person who finds it fun or rewarding to grind for hours to rank up... When it'll get reset in a few months.

To me, Reach had the best progression system : it was clear, manageable, and you could flaunt your legendary rank.

Following the battlepass craze in order to encourage people into buying ranks out of frustration... That's sad.

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Oh man, I just made a really lengthy comment about this in another thread. I'm just gonna link it here because im too lazy to copy/paste, and I dont necessarily want to clog up the forum with reposts:

I'm also new to these forums, and still figuring out where all the juicy threads are.

But TL;DR version, for folks who dont want to slog through my comment on that thread:

-Provide both a free currency and a paid currency with an equivalent exchange rate. the free currency is rewarded from challenge progression, but battle pass progression would be good too.
-Do not limit the list of weekly challenges, instead offer a tiered reward system for weekly challenge completion on an endlessly rotating list, to satisfy players with different amounts of hours they can set aside for the game in a given week.
-For players who have previously unlocked certain items during other weeks, offer in equivalent reward in the form of a consumable or XP grant toward the battle pass.

Hopefully some of these ideas can satisfy most folks. Thank you all for working together on discussion about this!


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Even with the latest update to the system where you now get increased xp rewards for your first 7 or so games. 

It isn't good enough 

I only want to be playing ranked in halo infinite but I'm forced to play quick play to jump through hoops to get 200 to 300xp. 

Essentially I only get to play 7 ranked games with the increased xp a day then it's back to annoying quick play grind doing stupid **** to level up my battle pass in a somewhat reasonable amount of time. 

I never post anything on forums for any game but because this is the first shooter in YEARS that has actually hooked me, I'm doing it now. 

Give xp rewards for match completion. Kills. Assists. Medals. Wins. 

It's that simple. Like it any other online shooter ever made. 

If it isn't clear already yes I am pissed off at how bad progression is when it is the easiest thing to get right. 


EDIT: And one more thing. 

The actual ranked system needs adjustment too. There is too much focus put on KDA when it comes to determine rank increase and decrease. 

Yes. In modes like slayer it obviously matters but In objective based game modes it shouldn't as much. 

Winning the match should, in my opinion be the main determine factor. This is coming from me winning 9 out of 10 placements, doing well in them, only to place plat 4. Imo I should've placed diamond. But overall ranked is real good 👍 Just needs a slight tweak. 

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