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  1. based on the trailer I'm assuming there will be lots of wildlife. (More so than previous Halo games) If the flood comes back it would be interesting if they could infect said wildlife. Hopefully, they don't give barebones factions as mentioned above by RedStarRocket91.
  2. My favorite style would have to be the Halo Reach era of armour. I just love the way it looks.
  3. A change in the art style would be appreciated by me. After Halo Reach the art style has changed rather dramatically. That's to be expected since the advancement of technology allows for it. But for me Spartans just don't look human anymore. And that's something I really miss. Some of the simpler armour designs that we're gritty were my favorite. Now it seems that they have to add random shapes just to fit the asthetic of the rest of the game, even if it seems impractical. Also why is everything so darn shiny now? Maybe I'm just not the target audience anymore?also I don't really expect this to change but it's what I'd like.
  4. so September 8 (usa) Halo 5 forge will be arriving on Pc. Here is a link from Microsoft http://news.xbox.com/2016/05/19/forging-ahead-the-halo-forge-experience-comes-to-windows-10-pc/ I am very excited to see this happening as it could be a gateway to more halo things on pc.
  5. this is just for fun so no one get to heated plz. Now what Pokemon team did you choose to join and why? Team valor Team mystic Team instinct or none (Also i'm not sure how to add a survey in this forums so if anyone knows how let me know! ) i chose team valor because i miss-clicked
  6. whert!?!? how does one acquire this for free?
  7. i would but i don't have a xbox one or gold.
  8. unfortunately the console won't be able to handle two players playing on the same console as it is a demanding game. this could be fixed if the console was upgraded again; however, this would make the console price skyrocket.
  9. fishy i love how you just direct him to the guide @@Fishy i love how you direct him to the guide
  10. I think they have a plan to bring them back some how, but if not that would be a shame.
  11. i was hoping for a spoiler saying "and his name is john cena!!!"
  12. i feel like the campaign challenges might need to be bumped up in difficulty. In halo 4 it was easy to achieve most if not all without any help. Also beating it on legendary alone was quite easy compared to other Halos. Do you think it will be different for halo 5?
  13. this is great! but sadly i won't need this because i won't be able to play halo 5 until waaaaay after the release. Man i need to get an Xbox one
  14. the only time i have ever reported someone was for greifing, they team killed me 186 times in a single game of Grifball ( they had two people camping blue spawn in reach). also i searched his profile a while later and found out he had hacked and was banned.
  15. congrats fishy!!!! you deserve it! Your the fishiest mom out there!
  16. kinda nervous for this, halo wars is kinda remembered as the unwanted cousin in the halo family.
  17. the friendly AI in reach game me soo much trouble in reach. I have been killed several times by jun and kat, and also issues with kat de-spawning
  18. well don't be a stranger and thanks for all you have added to this community.
  19. congrats! ( i think) good luck with your new position.
  20. this is cool but are the items really worth it? i think a glove or bag would be cooler. I do like the temporary tattoos though. and i recommend the original mirror's edge to anyone who has not played it.
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