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"Meet Your Maker" Infinity Slayer forge contest Submission Thread!

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Map Name: The Flying Dutchie

File Share Gamertag: Roughsta

Picture Link:


File Share Link:

Canvas Map: Ravine

Last Updated:
23.2.2013 18:40:48 GMT+1 Switzerland

Tags: pfl, mps, roughsta, 4v4, slayer, koth, flood, oddball

Supported Gametypes: King Of The Hill, Slayer, Flood, Swat and Oddball

Best Gametypes: King Of The Hill, Slayer, Flood, Swat

Intended Team Sizes: 4v4

Initial Ordnance: None
Random Ordnance: None

Weapons on Map:
1x Bazooka
1x Sword
1x Binary Rifle
2x Scattershot
2x Sticky Detonator
Spawntime: 3 minutes (for all)

Armor Abilities/ Powerups on Map: None

Supported Vehicles:
2x Banshee
Spawntime: 3 minutes

Budget: 10000/10000

Video Flythrough / Overview Link:

Gameplay Video Link:

Map Description:

The first idea when I started forging this map, was to build 2 ships on the water. With mancannons to jump from one to the other and explosives beside them, to use them realy as cannons to attack each other ship... But unfor(ge)tunatly the budget and part limit was too low to forge them as I intended to.
So I decided to build just one ship and use it as a 4v4 map.
But because of the killing zones (Dear 343 why aren't there at least deletable killing zones at the edges of your forge maps?!) I wasn't able to build it on the water! Then I thought ok... it's time to improvise, so I just invented this symmetrical hybrid anti-gravity water-ship "The Flying Dutchie".

At the end of the building process I realised that with the quick hide and counter attack gameplay on this map, there would be no chance for Banshees to be overpowered. So 2 Banshees became part of the map... But they spawn only in the "slayer" gamemode, because with "king of the hill" they just don't work that well...

I already tested this map with many random people and friends. The fast paced gameplay on it, mixed whith explosive or sneaky tactics is what makes it realy outstanding... =)

For the rest I'll just let the youtube videos speak...

Thanks for all constructive critics, likes and comments!

Greetings =)

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File Share Gamertag: Trio of Kings

Canvas Map: Erosion

Latest Updated Version Date: February 16, 2013

Supported Gametypes: Infinity Slayer

Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer

Best Team Size: 4 vs 4

Ordinance: Several weapons, two at each base and two in the middle. (Starting and random.)

Description: This human plumbing facility was abandoned and left to rot. Uses the Erosion pipes to their fullest, and features a broken elevator shaft that connects two floors.

Images: Sorry, none yet, coming soon!


By just responding are we automatically in the contest? If so, thanks 343i and THFE!

Please double check the spelling and spacing for your GT. I had no results on "Trio of Kings". PM me with any questions/concerns.


Map: Looming.

Gamertag: SilverLight 117.

Recommended Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Regicide, Flood, Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill And Oddball.

Best Gametypes: Infinty Slayer, Capture The Flag, King Of The Hill And Oddball.

Player Limit Recommended: 4-6 Players Per Team.

Map Style: Symmetrical.

Map Forged On: Ravine.

Based Maps: Halo 3 Guardian, Halo 3 Narrows.

Teams: Red Team, Blue Team.

Initial Ordanace: 1 Needler Each Side, 1 Scattershot Each Side, 1 Sniper Rifle Each Side, Grenades Each Side (Random Grenades), 1 Gravity Hammer In Center Of Map (Upper Floor), 1 Rocket Launcher In Center Of Map (Under Floor).

Random Ordinance: Scattered Across Map, Random Weapons/


Please Enjoy The Map As A Lot Of Players Have And Encouraged Me To Submit It The The Competition.

Your map "Looming" does not appear on your file share. Either saved under another name or missed uploading to your file share.

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Map Name: Heliopolis

File Share Gamertag: Kabayanihan

Canvas Map: Ravine

Latest Updated Version Date: February 17, 2013

Supported Gametypes: infinity Slayer, Regicide, King of the Hill, Oddball

Suggested Team Sizes: 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4

Initial Ordnance: 1 Stick Detonator, 1 Shotgun, 1 Concussion Rifle

Random Ordnance: 1 Gravity Hammer/Energy Sword, 2 Needlers, 2 2x Pulse Grenades, 2 2x Frag Grenades


Map Description: This is a two level arena enclosure with a lift and two inclines connecting both areas. On the lower level there is a fountain with a small diarama in the center, a large lift platform, and a rear area with a large open crate and assorted barriers for cover. The upper area is seperated into two parts that are connected by man cannons in the rear corners leading to the center platform, and two brides on each side leading to two opposing towers at the center platform as well. The map was inspired by Pinnacle and Guardian, two of my favorite maps from 3 and Reach respectively.



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Map Name: Fugue 
File Share Gamertag: WhackyGordon
Screenshots: Album
Description: A small map focusing on a rotational flow around the outer ring and flanking through the middle.
Canvas Map: Impact
Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, FFA, CTF, KOTH, Extraction, Oddball, Assault

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Map: Solitude

Canvas Map: Ravine

Players: 2v2 4v4

Gamertag: That Finnish Gu

Resources used: 8570/10000

about: 2 floors with 4 short tunnels, main building w/ 2 floors

Gametypes: default game modes

Description: Close quarters with a mixture of open areas.

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Currently on my File Share



Map Name: Guardian

File Share Gamertag: iXwantXdaXgold

Canvas Map: Ravine

Last Updated: Feb 17 2013

Tags: Guardian

Supported Game Types: Team Infinity Slayer

Best Game Types: Team Infinity Slayer

Intended Team Size: 4v4

Initial Ordnance: Shotgun, Gravity Hammer, Sniper Rifle, Overshield (all set at a balanced 3.5 minute respawn)

Weapons on Map: Personal Classes Only

Powerups on Map: Overshield (1)

Supported Vehicles: None

Budget: 9220

Screenshots: Below.

Map Walkthrough/Flythrough: My video converter is broken so apologies for the direct recording of the screen :P some of the areas appear much darker than they are in reality



Map Description: The most accurate remake yet of the popular Halo 3 map Guardian. All Original spawns, trick jumps, etc. included. You will not be disappointed :D

Additional Info:

The map has been tested numerous times through custom games and I have ensured that the map is indeed “water tight”.

No frame rate issues

Kill/Soft Kill areas have made any area of the map that is unintended for gameplay impossible to reach.

Spawn points are perfectly placed to the identical spots from the original map in halo 3. That includes Initial spawns and Standard ones.

There have been no glitches recorded by any anyone who has played the map thus far. The only glitch that had been present was the 2 fusion coils that are set in the “blue room” would explode but no damage was caused, however they work on every other part of the map. These had then been replaces by wall mounted trip mines. This had seemed to solve the problem being as I couldn't do that map without explosives in that area as they are pretty much a tactical part of gameplay on the original map. One important thing to note is that, just by coincidence, the dynamic lighting does work properly but if even one piece from the forge palette (weapons can still be spawned) is placed on the map, it seems to malfunction. I have tried my best to limit the pieces and I really do feel like nothing else can be/has to be done. Again, there are NO current glitches.

The map has been tested on many occasions with the suggested 4v4 and overall seems to have a nice flow and good balance to the gameplay. From what I’ve seen so far neither team seems to have an advantage over the other.

All man cannons have been ensured to work properly whether you are walking or sprinting into them.
There are no trait zones present.

I hope you enjoy the map and it would be awesome to see it make it into matchmaking. I’ve been creating maps ever since halo 3 but never really posted them, it was more of a hobby for local customs. When halo 4 came out I wanted to play guardian because it has always been my overall favourite map. However when I went to download practically every one off the file search, ultimately I was disappointed because certain aspects were incomplete/incorrect. So I decided to create my own. I was determined to make the best remake out there. After about 5 iterations, I feel like I have done that. I hope everyone feels the same way :D Enjoy!




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Hey Guys. I Just Want To Inform You That My Map Submission For The Contest Called 'Looming' (GT: SilverLight 117) Is Now On My Fileshare Ready For You Guys To Test Out For The Contest. I Just Had To Test It Out One More Time To Make Sure It Was Ready For The Contest. Enjoy Guys ;)

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Map: Haelith
Canvas: Ravine
Gamertag: Snaker1323


to see video
Description: This is a small map containing three sections. There is the high buildings, the low base, and the middle street. It works best for 4v4. The Sniper spawns at the bottom of the map where as the rocket launcher spawns at the top of the map. There are many paths connecting the top to the bottom and middle.
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I could use some help with pictures if anyone is willing :)


Map Name:Crucifix

Author Gamertag: Wraith2098


Author: Wraith2098

Canvas Map: ravine

Player Count:4-8

Last Updated: 2/20/13




I have nothing up to date, could use some help here!






Description: Crucifix is a small 2v2/4v4 map. All gametypes are supported, but suggested gametypes are Slayer and CTF.


Other Notes:

Initial Ordnance:

(1)Rocket Launcher

(2)Sniper Rifles

(4)Plasma Grenades


Random Ordnance:

Gold/Green side - Needler, Saw(sticky det on Gold), Scattershot, Concussion Rifle


Supports Vehicles: No


Power Ups on map: N

Armor Abilities on map: N


Budget Used: 7880

Overall Performance good

Split Screen Framerate Rating: no test yet



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File Share Gamertag: Jester1194
Canvas Map: Impact
Map name: Octone
Latest Updated Version: 2/21/2013
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, Flood, Oddball, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag
Best Gametypes: Slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill, Regicide
Best Team Size: 4 vs. 4, possibly 6 vs. 6

Initial Ordnance: 1 Incineration Cannon, 2 Needlers, 2 X2 Plasma Grenades
Random Ordnance: 4 Shotgun, energy sword or gravity hammer

Description: Medium to large scale map, no vehicles, lots of close quarters and long ranged combat. Regular gravity on lower level, 50% gravity on upper levels. Completely symmetrical. Multiple ways up to the top floors, or you could easily get there by using a jet pack. Tested with infinity slayer, 5 vs. 5, played very well, everyone enjoyed it.

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Hi here's my entry

Weapons include

2x sniper,1x energy sword,1x railgun,2x unsc turrets,4x frags,5x stickys,2x thruster,2x cloak,2x regen field,8x brs,1x ghost 1x sticky detonator

There's no ordnance but weapons spawn on map

Works with slayer,regicide

It's got a few tech jumps and sniper spots are balanced as have varied view blockers

The map has long to short sight lines with trait zones go jump up to areas instead of gravity lifts. It works with lots of different play styles as invisibility can work in shadows of map. Close range is mor focused around red spawn but can be used well near the back end

Canvas map: impact

Gamer tag: dang842

Ps I'm not really trying to win i just want to get seen a little



Oh yeah forgot map name is hammer n nail sorry:(


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Map Title: Biorosion


Gamertag: a stealth moose


Description: A biological containment breach forced an emergency evacuation of this storage facility.


Players: 2-8 (Has spawns for more, but meant for: 2v2, 3v3, 4v4)


Gametypes: Slayer, Oddball, KotH.


Inspiration: I looked at the underside of Erosion's cave, and the eerie green barnacle lighting effects reminded me of Bioshock. Add windows and pipes to that and it seemed to fit perfectly. This map's development was very organic: there wasn't much planning it just happened as I went along.


Big thanks to all my forge friends who lent a hand on this one.




Video on file share.

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Map name: MOTEL

Forge world: Ravine

Xbox live username: Chronmeister

Description: A fully functioning relic of the twentieth century. Vehicles add an explosive element to the small courtyard and grav lifts make up for elevators in this somewhat familiar setting.


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Gamertag: Bazl 97

Map name: Goldhunt

Map location: My fileshare

Map description: Small/Medium sized, fully symmetrical, circular

Supported Gametypes: (Infinity) Slayer, CTF

Recommended Slayer variant: Throwdown V2 Slayer

Recommended players: 2-8 players

Points of interest: Shape similar to a doughnut, 4 buildings, large crane handle mid map creating interesting sight lines, plenty of trick jumps and secret areas, aesthetic features



Red/Blue buildings:

Top Red/Blue

Bottom Red/Blue OR Red/Blue basement

Front Red/Blue

Red/Blue terminals

Red/Blue corner

Red/Blue street

Red/Blue lift

Red/Blue landing

Red/Blue ramp

Red/Blue Green door OR Red/Blue entrance



Gold (general callout)

>Gold Red/Blue jump

>Back Gold

>Front Gold

>Gold ramp



Top Green

Bottom Green (general callout)

>Green doors

>Green terminals

>Green exit

>Green jump

>Green lift

Green landing

Green basement


Important jumps:

Bottom Green to Top Green (as an alternative to Green lift, less noise):

1) Walk towards the Green light on the wall

2) Jump and land on top of it without letting go of forward

3) Press against the wall and jump to the side of Top Green (may require crouch)


Red/Blue top ramp to Red/Blue landing (as an alternative to Red/Blue lift, less noise):

1) Locate the pillar next to the coliseum wall and jump onto it

2) Jump onto the side of the wall and turn to face the landing

3) Jump onto the landing


Red/Blue green door to Red/Blue corner (as an alternative to Red/Blue lift, much quicker)

1) Walk onto the steps outside of Green and face the Red/Blue corner

2) Jump onto the jump-up catwalk piece

3) Jump onto Red/Blue corner


NOTE: there are many other jumps but these are the least obvious useful jumps.



1x Rocket Launcher (initial ordanance, respawn 180 seconds, spawns at gold)

2x Sniper Rifle (initial ordanance, respawn 120 seconds, spawns at bottom red/blue)

1x Magnum (respawn 30 seconds, spawns at front gold)

3x BR (respawn 30 seconds, spawns at green basement / top green)

2x DMR (respawn 30 seconds, spawns next to top red/blue)

2x Needler (respawn 60 seconds, spawns at red/blue terminals)

2x Light Rifles (respawn 30 seconds, spawns at bottom green terminals)

2x Assualt Rifles (respawn 30 seconds, spawns at green landings)

2x 2 Frag Grenades (respawn 15 seconds, spawns at green doors)

2x 2 Plasma Grenades (respawn 15 seconds, spawns at red/blue street)


Map background/story:

The map is a laboratory and warehouse that was created to test different rocks local to Requiem to see if any are composed of precious or valuable elements. It is normally used by scientists, geologists and laborers. The large crane that acts as a sight blocker in the middle of the map is holding a large rock.



Gold is an observatory where scientists view the rock and the large screen to identify any precious materials.



Red and Blue both contain several powerful computers which analyse the rock's composition.



The crane is operated from green using the terminals.


[map/post edited 02/28/13 to include BR pickups and Red/Blue bridge/Green basement]

[post edited 03/05/13 to include useful jumps]

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By Squally DaBeanz

Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 2-13-13
Tags: Stigma, Guardian, Lockout, Competetive, THFE
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, KotH, SWAT
Best Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, KotH
Intended Team Size: 3V3, 4V4, possibly 5V5
Initial Ordnance: Railgun X2, 2x Frags X2, Sticky Detonator, Scattershot
Random Ordnance: Railgun, Scattershot, Sticky Detonator, Needler, Shotgun, Concussion Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Beam Rifle
Budget: 8130/10000

Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/squally%20dabeanz/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0

Top mid

"Shipping" side (or Blue side, if you prefer)

Blue Tower

Red Tower

Red Platform/Red Lift

A closer shot of Blue side

Bottom mid

Bottom lift room (now bottom Green)

Top dropdown (now top Gold) and the stairwell

Overhead shot of the whole map

Video Walkthrough:

Map Description: "Lost dreams and faded memories influenced the construction of this strangely familiar observation platform. 6-10 Players"

Stigma is a multileveled Guardian/Lockout style map mounted against the cliffs of Ravine. It features two towers that act as bases for both Red and Blue team, a central platform, and a two leveled hallway that wraps around a quarter of the central platform.

Additional Info: Frag Grenades are on a 150 timer. Railgun and Scattershot initials respawn on random timers. Sticky Det initial respawns at random, but with a higher chance of a Needler spawn. Shotgun and Beam Rifle have low spawn weighting, with Scattershot, Concussion Rifle, and Sniper Rifle having higher spawn weighting in respective drop zones.
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GAMER TAG: Pau1icu5


MAP NAME: Cliffhanger  Cliffside (to avoid confusion with reach)




MAP SIZE: 3V3 to 5v5 recommended and tested


MAP TYPE: Symmetrical, multi level.


MAP WEAPONS: Sniper, saw, sticky launcher, jet pack, needler, sword, and grenades at start.

                            Rockets, incinerator, binary, beam rifle, fuel rod cannon, and shotgun as random ordinance.


FILE TAGS: Cliffside



MAP DESCRIPTION: Two bases face each other within the catwalks of ravine's cliffs. Enjoy the view, don't break the glass, and be not distracted by

                                   the crashing of the waves.









DESIGNER NOTES: Thank you to the forum for running a contest which gives us unknown builders an outlet for our projects to be found.

                                Changed map name from Cliffhanger to Cliffside to avoid confusion with reach.

                               The map has been tested and revised extensively. However, mistakes do happen. Please let me know if you find major glitches,

                                  and I will fix them. Thank you for your consideration and have fun!

Edited by Pau1icu5
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Map name: Palace. Gamer tag: LieutenantNasty. Palace is an asymmetrical map that was forged on impact. With three stories, multiple path ways, and a sub level that leads to all areas of the map Palace will give players plenty of combat opportunities from close quarters to long range. Most of Palace takes place in side of a building that I constructed, players will find two outside areas that have shield doors to keep the air from leaving the building, yes I'm going with the outer space theme and used player trait zones to give players low gravity and higher jump giving them access to upper levels. The first thing I did on Halo4 was go strait to building this map, a friend joins and starts talking about the mantis, so I said mantis fight! With most of the map giving the mantis room to move, I decided to make the whole map support the mantis. Yes at first you think the mantis would be too much for a 4v4 map but with plasma pistols being in the load outs its ok, plus its gives a spot for the teams to rush at the start of the match to get things going.

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  • Gamertag: hyabusa420

Map: BungieJump

Big Team, 4v4

Take Advantage of no fall damage in the mantis. Tip follow the street cones. Montain top bases and nice portal placement. Plays best with jet pack.

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Map Name: Fuse

File Share Gamertag: Buckzee

Canvas Map: Ravine

Last Updated: 2/24/13

Supported Game types: CTF, Slayer

Intended Team Size(s): 2v2 - 4v4

Initial Ordinances: 2x Snipers, one in each base. Rockets top mid. All on 120 sec respawn

Random Ordinance: N/A

Weapons on Map: N/A

Armor Abilities/Powerups on map: N/A

Supported Vehicles: N/A

Budget: 9990/10000






Description: Great for 4v4 and 2v2 Slayer/CTF. Every position is critical for map control. Map is about the size of the pit from halo 3. Outside consists of plenty of cover but the inside areas of the map are where you will see the most action. Plays very well competitively and also with FFA.


Notes: Map has been play tested over and over. No clippings of any sort. Plenty of shooting lanes as well as cover. Perfectly Symmetrical and very well balanced.

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Map Name: Delirium v3.2

File Share Gamertag: Master Sundown


Released v3.3, to better accommodate FFA spawning, and to fix a few minor things not affecting widely gameplay, Also to fix a shadowing glitch which seemed to happen post-TU.

Version number is no longer in file name.

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Story lads!

Finished up a new map, however, I've only set it up for Slayer so far. I have put in 2 locations for CTF, but haven't set the rules up yet, I'm just leaving it as a Slayer map for the time being.

Gamertag: Lemonwilly
Map Name: Grandesign v1.3
Game Type: Slayer (Red v Blue ONLY, more in later versions)
Players: 4v4+

It's a multi-level map. 2 symmetrical bases, both with slightly different themes. Coloured areas for callouts. Rocket room (purple). Snipes up high (green). Shotgun on curved red ramp (red). One big curved underpass from base to base (gold). Caves. Open central battle floor, under a curved canopy. Open grassy spaces. Bridges. Waterfalls. Televisions. Sure what more could you want!

Check out the pics below, let me know what ye think!









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Map: Enigma

Gamer Tag: StopPeach7529

Description: Enigma is an asymmetrical slayer map built on ravine. It is for 4-8 players and is fast-paced. There are weapons that spawn every interval of 3 minutes. A sniper spawns by the waterfalls, a rail gun spawns bottom mid, and a rocket launcher. It is air tight and contains RvB 4v4 spawns, FFA spawns and load out cameras. It is fun, and I hope you enjoy it.

Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Sniper

Type: Asymmetric

Gametypes: Slayer Varients

Screen Shots: On my file share, best I could do.

Link to my fileshare: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/stoppeach7529/halo4/fileshare






Thank You!

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Map Name: Streamline

File Share Gamertag: Crying legends

Canvas Map:  Impact

Tags: Mps

Supported Game types: Infinity Slayer, Slayer, Flood, CTF,

Best Gametypes: Slayer

Intended Team Size(s): 4

Initial Ordnance: SAW x2, Sniper, Scattershot

Random Ordnance: Energy Sword, Needler, Railgun, Plasma
grenades, Frag Grenades, Sticky Detonator, Shotgun, SAW, Storm RIfle

Supported Vehicles: Two Mongoose vehicle pads

Budget: 9020/10000

Video Flythrough/Overview Link:

Does this map use player trait zones? No


Download link:



This map is a semi symmetrical 4v4 slayer map. It is also
compatible with other gametypes. The map is comprised of 3 bases. The middle
base is neutral, one is the red team’s and one is blue team’s. This map is
based off Halo Wars. One base is a Field Armory, and one is an Air Pad




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