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  1. Wow Gryffin, I knew you were talented with your photoshop/editing programs but I wasn't aware of your capabilities in drawing as well. You've got a great assortment of works here. Amazing job!
  2. Wow, I haven't been around the forum too much lately, but I've got to say that you've definitely re-sparked my interest and I'll have to start spending more time here. Wonderful job on the interview you guys, you both did a great job and it was both informative and enjoyable to read. Keep up the great work Drizzy. Btw, I just have to say it; Thanks a lot Spades for everything you've done for us. We love you man, and we really appreciate it!
  3. Yay! Congrats to Able for becoming MoM! Keep up all the amazing work you do for the community, we really appreciate it!
  4. Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. I'm also happy you enjoyed the aesthetics, it's pretty much as far as I would go for the re-make while still making it compatible in Halo 4. That's why its more of a re-imagination. PS: If anyone's interested in more pictures of the map here's the link to the map post on HaloCustoms.
  5. Gamertag: Robius5991 Map: Purgatory Gametype: Hunter Description: This map was originally my submission to the Meet Your Maker contest, but it has since been changed to work with flood and my own variant; "Hunter", among others. The map is a re-imagination of the Crysis 3 map entitled "Airport", and I did my best to mimic the multiplayer gametype "Hunter" which has the flood with poor camo and modified health/speed, against the armed humans, representing the CELL troops. The map boasts awesome aesthetics and thrilling gameplay that the majority of my testers have greatly enjoyed! If you choose to feature this map, I would greatly appreciate a shout-out to my channel (youtube.com/OnlineKnights), because it would really help us out. Here's a video on my channel that we just released concerning the map: Here's a quick cover picture to give you an idea of how it looks: Thanks for looking this over, and I hope you'll consider it for a feature. Update: Yay, thank you Mr Pokephile for the feature:
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: Hey guys, although this post is done on my file, this map is not mine. I am simply posting this here for Minister Muffin, who wasn't able to reply to this thread himself, due to technical issues. This map is 100% his. CITRO Map Creator: Minister Muffin Map Variant Link: Citro Gametype: Infinity Slayer Map Description/Info (From Muffin): Oh, look. I spotted a Citro. Not so pretty up close, now is it? It is? Well, how delightful! Okay, moving on, Citro is an inverse-symmetric 4v4 map designed for slayer and ctf. It provides long LOS, not to mention some great cover and locations to provide exciting cqc situations. Citro also drops an interesting factor into gameplay: 2 ghosts that can practically go ANYWHERE. Citro's warm color scheme and aesthetics, along with its unpredictable gameplay, provides a great environment for you and your team to spray the other team with needles, or blow their brains out with a rail gun. Because we all love brains... And cats. Warm Citro cats, that is. Trait zone: 200% gravity & 0% jump height. Weapon layout: I am not exactly sure what all is on there at the moment. All Additional Screenshots are located in the below spoiler:
  7. Purgatory Map Creator: Robius5991 Map Variant Link: Purgatory Gametype: Infinity Slayer This is the basic overhead layout of the map. I've marked the initial spawns for players and the weapons. There are also Plasma grenades and Random Drop ordinances, but I didn't mark these. Important Information: -First of all, it is important to note that the initial weapons; Sniper Rifle (x1) and Railguns (x2), do not actually respawn, but are instead replaced with random drops. These will offer the same weapons with an odd chance of slipping in either a Beam Rifle or Scattershot respectively. Additionally, there are different random drops scattered throughout the map, encouraging a continuous flow of combat. Like I mentioned above, there are also two Sticky Grenade spawns, which are on a standard respawn counter. Lastly, thanks to the set up of Ravine, higher levels of BtB weapons; i.e: Binary Rifles and Incineration Cannons, are extremely unlikely in personal ordinances. -Another important note is that this map is a re-imagination "Airport" from Crysis 3. Originally it was supposed to be a re-make, however due to the rather drastic gameplay differences in the games, I had to change it profusely to make it more fitting for Halo and now it has become a rather different map all-together! -I would just like to ask that if by some miracle I should win, could you guys please give my channel (OnlineKnights) a shout-out? Thanks! Additional Screenshots (I suggest checking them out... they're pretty cool)
  8. Thanks so much Insignia, this means that I don't need to lose the EPIC sig/avatar pic you've already made me. Thank you so much for the time you put in to research that (I tried for so long and couldn't find anything) and for the time you put in to make the original sig. You're really amazing man, and I know that I speak for everyone when I thank you for all the great works of art you've created for this community!
  9. Hey Spades, I missed you guys last week, but I'll do my best to join you all tonight. Your Game Nights are always epic. -Robius5991
  10. Hey Ducain, Nice to see you here on this awesome forum! Anyways, I noticed that there wasn't any map submissions yet, and so I decided to submit my flood map "Emerald Mine" to your channel. Map Name: Emerald Mine Gametype: Flood Mode (This is an alternative of Flood on my fileshare, however any flood gametypes work [i've been told Flood Evolved is pretty fun on it]) Map Creator: Robius5991 Recommended Player Count: 6-16 Brief Description: The UNSC has abandoned this mining facilty long ago, but now it is your last haven against the invading flood. Use machinery and the old defense system to protect yourself, but beware of the turrets' heat-seaking rounds, they will kill anything... including you. If you happen to decide to feature this map, I was wondering if you might be able to give a shout-out to my channel: Youtube.com/OnlineKnights). We're really trying to grow and any support would be extremely appreciated! Video Review of the Map: Aesthetic Overview of the Map: Best of the Dead 1st place winner (6:43): https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=fgHli4SNGdA#t=399s Ducain23 feature!
  11. **Important**: I'd kind of like to level with you guys right off the bat. This new avatar would be used both for here (on this forum) and on youtube, if its o.k with you guys. The main reason I would like a new avatar is not because I don't like the last one you made me Insignia (It's freaking amazing!) but mainly because my youtube channel is growing and I would really like to avoid any potential copyright issues that the image may bring (although I'm not aware if the previous image is copyrighted, i would like to avoid the possibility). So, I figured it would cool to update my avatar picture for this forum as that same picture. Therefore I apologize in advance for the vagueness of this request, and I understand if I'm asking too much... The images I will imput here are not necessarily those you need to use, these are just examples of what I may consider to be non-copyrighted material (and therefore safe for me to use on my channel). Basically, i trust your artistic talents and I hope that by seeing the background of my channel (https://www.youtube....r/OnlineKnights) that you'll get a feel for the coloring and effects you may use. I have no particular preference as long as it holds to the original "Online Knights" theme. Artist: - No preference Classification [Avatar] * Format [PNG (Static image)] Size [Whatever size works as an avatar picture/ youtube avatar] Style [i'm sorry to ask but if you can take a look at my youtube channel background -> https://www.youtube....r/OnlineKnights I would love to be able to keep it rustic/worn-out rock-like look to it (I'm having a hard time expressing myself, but I think you'll understand when you see the background] Primary Colors [Your personal preferences] IMAGE Information: The picture I'm giving here is just an example. If you guys have any knight helmet pictures that you're sure isn't copyright, and that you think works better, please use it. IMAGE:http://s1079.beta.ph...html?sort=3&o=0 Background [Whatever you think works] Writing [none] Font [none] Extras [basically, by looking at my channel background, I hope you can figure out some kind of theme that would fit well with it, using the helmet as its center piece (or even a full knight image, if you know its not copyrighted - you can then put any kind of background or effect, or anything that you think would work well. I guess I' m really giving you guys creative liberty on this, because I'm a little at a lost for any specific type image] Locations [The helmet or knight (whatever you chose) would be more of the centerpiece, then any background that you think would work would be great]
  12. Yay Spades! Congratz on the promotion! Can't wait to play in your customs once again in the future!
  13. Thanks, me too. I did my best to re-create this as well as possible to make it look awesome! Thanks for your support!
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