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  1. I only played on it once, was a fun experience, great map.. Congrats Nice Santa hat BZ1.
  2. Dedicated servers again. FINALLY! Will Halo 5 be the next halo 2?
  3. MAP: The FacilityTEST GAMERTAG: Pau1icu5 GAMETYPE: Team Infinity Slayer or Swat PLAYER COUNT: 4V4 POST VIDEO: Yes, don't think I can make it. NOTES: Just trying to identify what would be the best game type to tune the map for.. possibility of 2V2?? Also am having trouble identifying any area's of the map that need be changed for game play reasons. Thank you.
  4. So.... seeing as the dominion playlist is still in Halo 4, are we to expect a winner announcement soon?
  5. Of course she is alive, er, functional.. whatever. She lives on in Microsoft's new voice integration software that's going to compete with apple's SIRI.
  6. The servers have been worse than usual as of late, (assuming they have servers and are not sub hosting). It all seems to have gotten worse since MS started "upgrading" their "cloud servers". Coincidence? I think not. Behold, the future of gaming is here.. harnessing the power of the cloud. lol I'll just stick with Xbox360 until the "storm" clears thank you..
  7. You know what this all means??? Us forgers must unite and make and effort to fill the void of emptiness in the Halo 4 community. We must rise to the the situation presented to us and not disappoint. All those who are left behind we offer you sanctuary... in custom games. OK. inspirational speech done.
  8. MAP: The FacilityTEST PLAYERS: 4V4 GAME: TU Slayer GT: Pau1icu5 Did a complete remake using some of the concepts, need to check for frame rate, map flow and balancing. Doing some work on it right not but it will be in my file share by Tuesday.
  9. It's all a conspiracy by THE MAN to keep us all down. j/k
  10. MAP: Harbinger CANVAS: Ravine GAMERTAG: Pau1icu5 ABOUT THE MAP: Two bases assault the cookie jar, who will win and get a cookie? Perhaps only the Guardians know. Sub note: Thanks to the meet your maker hosts for running another forge contest and keeping the forge dream alive.
  11. Map: The FacilityTEST Players: 5V5 Game: Slayer GT: Pau1icu5 Trying to get it from beta to final, still may be some areas that I need to change. Frame rate issues?
  12. Excellent read! It really brings home the long journey a truly epic map must take to become a reality. I would suggest that if you are having trouble getting people to.. "hey dude come try out my new map in customs" give this a read, maybe not all. At once... but this will help stop the lobby emptying phrase of "custom map". I would suggest also to not trust verbal feedback to much.. if they say something or not, watch the replay! it is invaluable in catching anything from geometry catches to major map flaws. Simple rule of thumb: people will congregate in the best area of the map, power position or not.
  13. Map: Harbinger GT: Pau1icu5 Film: yes, as I may be late to testing.. work
  14. The magnets are an excellent base tool for forging, not a finishing one. Their ability to quickly assemble a map for testing can save you days of meticulously working on a map section that you will just tear down again because it plays bad. So hmmm.. I guess drunk is a pretty good way to describe them.
  15. What you saw is perfectly explained in one word. LAG. Your camera records some information from your console and combines it with vectors and reticule info from the other players console hence miss representation.
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