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  1. I'm going for awoken or human hunter.
  2. Mini game playlist. Description- you play community minigames and just have fun. DLC needed- Forge Island Gamemode and maps- custom gametypes and maps from players in the community, they will have to be tested and revised before getting into the playlist.
  3. I don't use many used games so it doesn't effect me very much. From what I'm hearing it sounds like the used games will still be cheaper than new. All in all I think that I will probably get the Xbox One.
  4. Ok. That makes sense. Now I just need to fix this somehow.
  5. I was just playing matchmaking using the AR and I was probably 5 feet away from the person and it took me over 1 clip to kill the person. This has been happening over the past few days and I want to know if it is me, the gun, or the other players. Has anyone else had this problem. Also I did have the reticle on the people the whole time that I was shooting, and they didn't have overshield.
  6. Ya, how about the flamethrower could have less damage, more mobility, no sticky fire and/or less time that the fire lasts, and the chainsaw on the front.
  7. I think that would work.
  8. Yep, I have never used the flamethrower but the flamethrower might need to be toned down a bit to compensate for the OHK melee.
  9. This is my spear idea from my thread... Light spear- it is a medieval spear design, but made of compressed light (think Hardlight shield). It will have 10 charges and some different options. It is held in a over hand grip. The basic attack is a simple downwards thrust that will use 1 charge. The next thing it can do is it can take light and create a hardlight shield that is half as strong as the normal one, it constantly drains charges about 1 every 3 seconds. The last thing it can do is attack with the shield this takes down a spartan shield and costs 1 charge. Unlike the hardlight shield when using this shield you can regenerate health.
  10. That would be cool, I think that would work well.
  11. We were thinking a Katana, with lightning on it to make it futuristic. That is a bladed weapon, but ya I really hope that 343 adds some new bladed weapon in halo 5.
  12. Wait they are making the AR worse... the horror, Its already fine compared to the other loadout weapons in my opinion, I hope that it wont be to much worse.
  13. I don't know... Big, noisy and not very fast, sounds like something I wouldn't want. Maybe if It was a small version or a weapon attachment like in Gears of War... but i don't know.
  14. I am gonna get this game the day it comes out. It looks great and I think that I will be playing it a lot. If you see an awesome Awoken hunter that might be me... or maybe one of the probably hundreds or thousands of people who will choose that. Anyways I think this will be a great game.
  15. Thank you. I think I will check that out on wiki, it sounds like a fun weapon.
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