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Found 1 result

  1. Props to for his thread on repairing and general knowledge of the problem known as Red Ring of Death, or Red Dot of Death. I haven't seen a thread on it, so let's talk avoidance. Here are some tips & tricks to avoid an X-Box 360 systems crash. Keep your X-Box horizontal: This may sound odd, but a lot of X-Box 360's have issues with "disc slip". This is when something jars the console and the game disc inside the console slides out of the tray inside the X-Box. This is most likely to happen with consoles that are vertical (up and down, like this | ) There is very little reason why one wouldn't have their console horizontal (like this _ ), but if for some reason or another you need your console to be vertical, take the disc out when the console is not in use. Ventilation: Keep your X-Box in an area where the vents can grab air. Putting your console on wood is your best bet here. Putting it on carpet or other fabrics is a bad idea, because fabric grabs dust which your console will then pull into itself, clogging it's vents. Putting your console on metal is also a bad idea because metal heats up rather quickly. If you are having problems with ventilation, try putting your X-Box on a laptop cooling fan (which you can usually get at Wal-Mart for around 5 USD). Also, make sure the power cord ventilation box is in an area that it won't overheat as well. Proper Cord Connection: If you have your cords connected loosely, then this can cause extreme wear and tear on your connectors and ports. Always double check that they are connected properly. Remember, "Tight is Right". This goes for both the power and the audio/video cords. Make sure that your power cord is properly connected to your X-Box AND to it's ventilation box. Take the Disc Out: Always remember to take your game disc out of the X-Box 360 console before moving the console. Leaving the disc in while moving your console is bad for both the disc and your console. If you move your X-Box with the disc inside of it, the disc could slip loose of the tray and mess up some innards. Proper Cleaning: The only thing you should use to clean your console is air and a dry rag/q-tip. Do NOT for ANY reason get your console wet. Except for the ports, you can clean those using a SMALL amount of white vinegar (thanks again to Private Church for pointing that out). To clean your console, remove any disc in the tray, unplug ALL cords, and use a can of air or blow into your vents, and use a rag or q-tip to dust the outside. Do not take your console apart unless you know how. Taking your console apart will void any warranty that you have, and could ruin your X-Box. Keep it Cool: Don't put your console in an area that it will have difficulty staying cool in (a sunny area, on top of other electronics, under a blanket, so on and so forth). Also be sure to take a break after a long period of gameplay to give your console time to cool down. Try not to leave your console on all day, or even when you are going to the store. Every time you do this, you are playing Russian Roulette with a RRoD or a RDoD as a bullet. Don't Hit the 360: Light taps are fine, but beating your X-Box is like beating your child. Sure, it may still be okay after a few beatings, but you run the risk of killing it. If you are having trouble with your disc tray, either clean it or bring your console to a professional to have them fix it. Well, that does it for this time. Remember, RRoD's and RDoD's can be a bit random. You can follow all of these instructions and still get one. If you DO get one, see the other thread in this forum, which is dedicated to repairing them. If you have further tips, post them here and I will edit them into this post.
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