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  1. Hey all I've been working on some educational videos for different games, my first being Halo 4. I wanted to make a database like channel where people could go and learn the basics of "x Game" in a really fast quick and simple way. It's my first time editing and I'm not going for anything flash or exciting. The main objective is for somebody to watch it who has very little to no idea about the game, and walk away with decent valid knowledge on the game. It would be a bonus if you could show the video to let's say a brother, sister or friend in person who does not play Halo 4. See of they understand what was shown in the video. But don't go out of your way to find a person of course. But it can't hurt to call someone who may be in your household to watch a video for 5 mins. ^^; Please watch and tell me what you think. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you Episode 01 Episode 02 Last thing, I am making these for fun but I am taking it serious. I found myself playing games for hours on end, I just wish I could do something more worthwhile with it. I plan on finding players of greater skill to help me, with demonstrations of higher level play and tactics once I get to the later episodes on gameplay and such. If you're willing to help please let me know. I'll of course ask if you could do x,y,z and if so it would be as simple as doing it and sending me the clip in your fileshare. If you're interested I could explain more later.
  2. Wow thanks.. My first youtube comment got me thinking about the music choice ^^; I have had trouble trying to explain why I think halo is great... you know to people of other tastes. But I found that most of them only played halo once, got beat bad and didn't like it. Which is kinda fair... But saying "I don't like how you have to shoot 1000 bullets into someone to kill them" was never a great argument to me. So without arguing I'm going to try and show the beauty of this and the beauty of games like CoD through the videos. I always just thought it was lack of understanding why people didn't like Halo... more than them thinking they actually didn't like "the game". I hope that makes sense ^^;
  3. Hey, I think you should try to give the viewer a reason to watch. This does not have to be purely all about skill. What you are doing would be fine if you was... and I hate to say this "Somebody". For example people would just watch it because they want to be more connect to this person. Some people are just naturally entertaining to watch. Some have great personality, which I'm sure you have... and some have great skill in a game. It would be great to have both. Like "Ninja" the Halo pro. But even if he didn't go pro and have no great skill, just played games being the way he is, people would most likely just say "what a jerk... who this guy think is :/ " So plan a little ahead before you do a freestyle. For example I'm assuming you play different FPS's, maybe talk about the differences between Halo and Gears of war.. What do you like and dislike. This could actually get people to feel connected with you or hate you more. I would not worry about the voice thing. People will hate it or love it and most will just get used to it. Like what was said above. Anyway it depends on what you want.. you want big viewers and a fans. Ask yourself what would we like to see you doing. If you just want to have fun with friends making videos, that's fine too. But then you're only making vids for yourself, friends and maybe your friend's friends. O.O
  4. Hello all, I have made a video on Halo 4 and would like to share it with you. I have many reasons why I want to make these. The main reason is I want to share Halo with people. I really appreciated Halo since I started back in Halo 2 days. Anyway... The purpose of this video and soon to be more, is to introduce, show and explain the games competitive play (focusing on casual online experience) to players who might not know about Halo. Or to those interested but never really found the courage to give it a shot... I.e CoD, GoW, Street fighter ect.. Even if they don't plan to play it, I want my videos to be so informative that they could watch and enjoy anyone else playing it. I know this because I like watching games I never play and some of them like Starcraft is hard to understand when you have no clue what you're really looking at. Anyway I play to make this at least 10 episodes long.. covering the most basic things that would only be explained if you played the game. To small online tips that is very common knowledge to a Halo player. This first episode should give you a good idea on how basic I plan to go. With it progressing throughout the series. I plan to do many games in this same manner. Next game will be Tetris or Street Fighter. So these videos aren't going to be so useful to you veterans, but for those that have a friend you would like to introduce it too. I think these videos will be quite handy as I'm assuming the viewer has never seen "the game" before. Critics are very welcome. This is my first time editing. Anyway... Please take a look. Thank you. Enjoy. TL:DR Please watch, and tell me what you think. Thank you.
  5. @Fal 'Taralumee I know the truth that Halo 2 wont come back in full. My point is for 343 to see why the matchmaking was so good and it's importance. I'm up for change and I'm always going to own the latest Halo. I know I said "bring back halo 2 matchmaking" but I really mean "Give us something that we can value like our levels in halo 2" Everyone is capable of leveling up a service rank. It's the same as COD right now just different names on the service rank. BTW I'm one of the people that have faith in Halo 4 being the best Halo yet. TBH I have not heard anyone talk bad about Halo 4 yet. We all are in good spirits right now. Overall guys we want 343 to be in tune with us whether it's here or at halo.xbox.com Everyone's point is valid they may have control of everything and yeah they have the final say but guess what... They are making the game for us. Give us a solid ranking system. SOLID... like Halo 2
  6. Thanks that really means a lot to me Absolute D. And I apologise to the halo community on their behalf of us halo 2 players for always being quick to have a negative opinion on the current halo. Saying something like "Halo reach sucks, Halo 2 was way better blah blah blah..." Really Halo games are great. Halo has a really balanced pace and is a great middle ground for games like Unreal Tournament & Quake / CoD and Battlefield. I'm not wishing for double shooting to come back or for Midship and Lockout to always be remade... *hint hint* lol but seriously I'm just trying to point out what a solid matchmaking does for everyone as a whole. I'm not into Clans, tournaments and all that jazz but I assure you. I'm no noob and it's all because of Halo 2. As a result of trying to get to level 35 I became pretty much high level. I'm a casual gamer! I used to cringe at people saying they wanted to be pro back then. It was like... mind blown! @_@ "what did he just say... pro gamer?". Yet they was asking me how I got so good. Plus what I learned on Halo now transfers to all other shooters after you adjust a you seem like an experienced player. You think an average COD player could just jump on Halo and beast... But we can jump on COD and just beast. I'm still a casual gamer to this day. Not trying to go pro but i really appreciate being able to easily meet and play with a variety of skilled players.
  7. I know how it sounded but I came across with those words because it will ultimately get people to voice their views in full. I hope this post grows just because I know 343 won't turn a blind eye to what we want. And if I'm not the only one that want's some sort of rank that feels somewhat valuable and respected just like what Halo 2 levels did then they can easily think of something just as good. Trust me when I researched how Onyx is attained on Halo:Reach I was very impressed. I may have got it wrong but it felt like only a selected percent of people could be Onyx depending on the amount of players being ranked each season. Then it told you what top percent you where in. But it still didn't have the same "wow factor" Halo 2 levels had. Maybe if it where showcased more like in Halo 2 it was easier to view a persons level because their current highest level was always on show. For example the Onyx symbol could be beside the players GT someway while in game..? Don't bash me for that crazy idea i just threw it out lol But behind all that what ever it may be it has to be rewarded through your performance and lost through bad performance. Halo 2 did this great. How many of you are impressed by a 10th prestige player in COD... most people just say. "oh look at that guy he's got 10th prestige, he has no life" ' (I hate that line.) But the truth is it's gained through grinding whether quick or slow. Skilled or not it's attainable. Not really anything to boast about. Sorry to rip on COD though guys the game is fun really I had great times on it, it is just one big social slayer to me though. Sorry back to the point though if we are going to have "ranked matches" and then attain ranks. Don't we want it to be valuable and reflect our skill in some way?
  8. The next twenty years is crazy bro. I'm not saying that I want Halo 2 matchmaking to stay forever but I would like to see something similar return. And by similar I mean something that we can value. How many of you are impressed by another player saying hes attained Hero rank in Halo:Reach? Or Has a level 50 in MLG in Halo 3? But still to this day if you tell me you was a legit 35 in anything in Halo 2... I can respect that. I'd even want you to prove it some how. Now please explain how you think Halo: Reach's Matchmaking changes have kept the game alive and fun... That game is dying slowly and if you're a grifball fan then i guess I've already lost my argument... or won it. If anyone here could explain why Reach's Matchmaking is so great I'm all ears. So far nobody people only say whether they like is or not. Please do tell and I'm an open guy. If you make valid points then I may see my mistakes. Please state if you played Halo 2 matchmaking too because if you didn't then I can see why it's so easy to defend Reach. And I'm not trying to just bash Reach for the sake of it. I'm interested in how you guys see it and if 343 does their homework they will be able to see what we think too right? I'm scared guys lol I can see it now Halo of Duty: Spartan Warfare 2
  9. And trust me I've moved on and I know Halo 2 is gone... However Reach's ranked matchmaking is weak. Or am I being close minded?
  10. I hear that but they still can bring back a solid matchmaking. Where you get to play with your skill and it's not all social.
  11. I know the people I've spoken to feel the same way, I'm just hoping the majority of the community does too. 343 You’re our last hope… This means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to you too. This is going to be long but it needs to be said. I just want someone from 343 to read it. Please just one person is enough that’s all I ask. Before I get to my point, let me explain how I got into Halo so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’ll try to keep it brief. Way back when I was just a kid everyone from my neighborhood used to play N64 shooters like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Turok etc. and I loved those games. Against my friends I was the best, so being a kid I believed that I was the best in the world… I mean when you’re young and you’re the best on your block, you feel like the best! Then along came PC online gaming. Yep I sucked! Big time. Quake, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield… Not being able to see the other player’s screens was a big reality check. But there was one game that really stuck out. This game was called Delta Force 2. I started playing Delta Force 2 and I actually got pretty good. I even made a name for myself amongst highly skilled players on a few servers. Remembering Sever/Hosts names and joining clans telling yourself “yeah this is where the good people play”. This is how you fount your competition. It became easy to find servers with highly skilled players in it but it was always the same players, with the odd noob sneaking in just to make the numbers for a full game. But it still was nothing compared to Halo 2. When I got Halo 2 after still being the best out of my handful of friends I went online on XBL. I knew what I wasn’t the best but I still went in gunz blaz’n baby! As I played in team slayer I wondered “what is that number beside our names” Seeing the “1” jump to a “3” after one game had me confused but after 2 -3 games I quickly learned what it was… our level. I still didn’t value it just thought it was cool, I thought to myself “I wonder how long it takes to reach the top” around level 10 I came across another player who clearly made a new account. But back then I didn’t know, finishing the team slayer game with 25 kills and everyone else having around 10-5 I thought this guy was some kind of god. I was only level 10 though. As I leveled I realized what the matchmaking system was actually doing, it was matching players of the same skill level together. As I reached level 20 this is where it became harder. I realized I was stuck, I couldn’t get any further for about a whole two months I was level 20. Within this period I came across level 25s and saw one or two level 30’s. I respected them as players. When you see them in the lobby and nobody has been put on teams yet you’re praying, “please put the level 30 on my team pleeease” They was always better than me. I wondered “WTF do they do that makes them sooooo good” but at the same time I was more interested in what it’s like when they go into matchmaking and everyone is level 30. Man that must be though. The leveling system Being able to play with your skill level and test you’re might is great but having something to show and something to lose makes it that much more valuable. Nowadays the leveling system is too soft. Back in Halo 2 I remember getting a level 33 in Team slayer winning three games on it then losing 1 game and BAM! I’m level 32 again. Yea I was pissed but that’s what made me value my level and other people’s. In Halo 3 everyone and their mother had a level 50. It was a very good leveling system still but in the end it didn’t mean anything. It was too easy to get. And Halo: Reach… Arena was clever but it really was not that good. Please Bring back that unforgiving leveling system. Yea their was no legit 50s in Halo 2 but the fact that everyone had one in Halo 3 really didn’t solve the problem. Getting to a level 40 in Halo 2 was God Like. It meant you overcame being Modded, Standby, Super Bounced, De-levelers and quitters to get to that level. Halo 3 may have been solid but the fact that players can lose ten games yet still maintain their level makes no sense. Where’s the sense of achievement? The leveling system in Halo 3 is way too soft. It needs to be more unforgiving! Importance of solid matchmaking Not all of us are competitive I know this and not all of us are in the tournament scene (I’m not) BUT that does not mean everyone cannot appreciate a solid leveling and matchmaking system. I am not in the tournament scene so I know that not all Halo players are competitive, but to play a decent game with players who are genuinely at the same skill level now means finding clans or entering tournaments. For players like me it’s a pain. In H2 (Halo 2) If you brought a low level into matchmaking it would try to math you up with the same odds and it was pretty good at it if I remember. Now I don’t have to find clans or get into the tournament scene to have decent games. It makes it easier for everyone and the casual players still get to play with each other. I was quite oblivious to what goes on at the higher levels when I was stuck at level 20. But if it were not for Halo 2 strict matchmaking I would not have the skill I have today on shooters. Problems of today When I play reach you have nothing to lose I mean arena has too much nonsense and cheap ways to play it such as camo & sniper camping. So arena is a no go. Plus getting to Onyx was the easiest thing ever it was pretty much a joke. So MLG has its only playlist… why is it not ranked? You know it didn’t matter at first it has it had it’s pros and cons. But the big problem was the amount of quitting that goes on. Here is a number of reasons people quit in the first 2 mins of the game in Halo: Reach MLG playlist…. Whole team gets killed Opposing teams controls all weapons One person on your team lagged out Someone is idle for 30 secs after the match began. Your team is losing 10-0 I could go on but my point is on Halo 2 people stayed because you didn’t lose until you lost. Remember when you was down 10 kills it’s 49-39 to the opposing team, everyone is screaming at each other “Don’t Die, DON’T DIE!” that little voice in the background… “I have the sniper” you all play your hardest and pull the win. At the end of the match in the end game lobby everyone is quite and that one guy says… “GET RAPED!” And then leaves LOL oh man Halo 2 those where the days. You see people stayed because they valued their level very rarely people quit. Allow me to touch on COD for two seconds… how often do you get to play in a room where 90% of the players in the game have the same skill as each other and its ranked… Yea not often. You might be luck if you come across 3 people on the opposing team that’s better than you other than that your playing with the consol owners 10 yr old kids. You don’t get to test your skill constantly like you did in Halo 2 nowadays. It’s starting to happen on Halo reach too, just jump in MLG right now. The Value When I told my little cosine about the old halo matchmaking and leveling system he said something funny. When I explained everything he paused for two seconds looked at me then said… “That’s like gambling” lol He’s right! Once you attain a “high level” that you was happy with to go in again to either level up or de-level was a rush. All those hours of hard work and lucky wins on the line. Yesterday your friends couldn’t believe the level you have now you might just lose it. Only Halo 2 made me feel this way because I knew if I lost I might not get it back. Level 35 in team snipers and 30 in hardcore. That was some real levels for me. You know you value your level when you don’t let your friends play on your account, when you finally persuade your closest friend to get Halo 2 and xbl only to then say “Yo I’ll play with you, but not in Team slayer… I don’t wanna lose my level”. Yeah I know some shady **** but it’s the truth and you know it. In Halo 3 I couldn’t care less what happened to my 50 in MLG. Everybody had one it was ridiculous it didn’t have nearly as much value as what a level 30 had in team slayer in Halo 2. To be honest if you could rank everyone levels on halo with the pros being 50 and the noobs being 10, I would probably be a legit level 42. I know this is impossible but atleast make the matchmaking strict enough so that when the best have 50 and play each other the loser goes down a level. At least after two loses on a 50. The Halo 2 Experience VOICE CHAT! Now I understand why people have been muted from the other team but in halo two it was perfect. If you were too far form the opponent they couldn’t hear you. Problem solved. If you want the opposing team to not hear you then give us that option too. We can easily set that in the options menu in Halo 3 I think. But make it the standard to hear the opposing team in ranked. I never used to “talk s***” BUT that was the funniest part about being able to hear peoples reactions as you no scope them on the brink of death or slapping their dead body and hearing them rage… “You think you’re good kid! Huh! Wanna 1v1 me after this!” You guys know who you are lol. I could only imagine how fun it would be if you could hear the opposing team in COD. And that’s a game I don’t play! Even hearing players say sigh and the say “good ****” after you kill them is quite fulfilling no matter how they say it. How we feel I have conversations with people now and then who bring up what shooters are the best and very rarely do they back up why they think COD or GoW is a good game and explain their history on it. After I tell them mine they go quite and just say… “damn I wish I played it”. When I talk to other Halo 2 players we even end up saying lets play some Reach only to find out why we stopped playing it. Halo games as a whole brings something to the table but that online matchmaking just did it for me too. I have only played one other game with a matchmaking system on par with Halo 2. That was Championship Mode on Street Fighter IV. But still you couldn’t really de-level on that but if you could make it to the end of the mini tournament it was always with with someone tough. We wish the next Halo would bring back some memories of Halo 2 but all I ask if to give back that solid matchmaking system it had. I really means a lot to me. Ask around other players will agree and you can still cater to the casual gamers with overall service ranks and all that nonsense. I still play with some of the people I met on Halo 2 just because of how we bonded on trying to reach that next level of skill and playing in matchmaking. A shout out to few old GTs I remember… dx K Bye xb Yo Granny Foo tRxZePPeLiNx The Black Girl I Poppa G I Rambo631862 Don Salchicon Thug Money Abit of Luck I left out a lot of people and may have spelt the names wrong but it’s no biggie if you read please support it. There is so much more I want to say but for now I just wanted to bring Halo 2 matchmaking to the light. (Sorry for the bad grammar and typos you may find but I’m not a writer I’m a gamer that’s just trying to speak up) 343 please bring back Halo 2 matchmaking and all its glory in some way. Peace out DaRealNRG TL:DR: Bring back Halo 2 Matchmaking.
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