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Found 8 results

  1. Tuesday Night Tests Hello everyone and welcome to The New Tuesday Night tests event TNT is a weekly testing event that allows forgers to play and receive constructive feedback on their maps. After a good deal of feedback I've decided to rework TNT. How do I get my map tested? It's simple, post a reply in the thread below as follows. Be sure to upload the current version of the map and/or game-type you would like to test to your file-share. Example: Map: corrosion Gametype: Dominion Playercount: 12 Notes: I would like to see how the changes play Film: Yes, I may not make it. How do I join testing? Attendance is NOT required but It is recommended. In order to join testing send a message the reads " inv123 " to the available hosts Hosts: AbleSir Thomas What if I don't have a map? Testers are welcome be sure to message the host for an inv When does testing start? Testing begins at 6PM CST every Tuesday. How will feedback be provided? If you attend the testing: Feedback will be provided in the post game lobby, immediately after the game is played. If you don't attend the test session: Feedback will be provided via PM over 343i.org within 2 days time of testing. Also game-play film will be available in My file-share at player request. What are the rules? (1.) Be sure to include your Xbox Live Gamertag. If you don't, then we won't be able to find you in-game to provide an invitation to the event. (2.) One gameplay request per player, please. This policy will allow for more players to get tests, and prevent the lobby from running too late. (3.) Be specific about player count. If you provide a range I will always use the higher number. 8 to 16 = 16 (4.) Please don't submit a map that has been finalized and is receiving no additional updates. We want raw, unfinished work still in the testing (or beta) stage. (5.) Deadline for map admission is Tuesday at 5pm. This deadline may be announced sooner if there is a high rate of map submissions. If you are too late for the map admission deadline, you may join the event lobby for testing; at the end of TNT we will pass host to players who want their maps tested. (6.) Maps must be available in your fileshare. This allows the host to quickly progress between TNT submissions.
  2. Hello Halo Universe. My name is Sean and i'm looking for people who are willing to give me insight into how my maps look and feel in game play. If you are interested in joining me for a couple maps that have been created the last 4 months i been offline let me know. i kinda went nuts with out xbox live lol. so if you are interested please msg me on xbox live gamertag is the same on here i'll be looking for anyone all day so hmu dont be shy there's no time limit to me cuz i just really want people to test new maps an enjoy what i have made. don't be afraid to criticize my map work and tell me what i can do to make it more fun. anyways most maps will be played with simple swat or slayer.
  3. Hey 343industry community wanna test maps or have any maps that you want to test with others? Than go to Halo Customs.com and RSVP to my lobby and we will have a blast aye? Here's a link to the site http://halocustoms.com/customs/upcoming and if you plan on joining me send me a msg on xbox live saying Yo invite me or somethin to that extent. The Lobby begins at 3 pm mtn standard time. look forward to seein your maps and testing em SeanM666 \m/. () .\m/
  4. Hey there everyone, i wanted to start this topic so that if anyone who needed a map tested could come here and see if it works well get feedback ideas and other thoughts, i will be testing with everyone i am currently working for a bachelors for game are design so i could help alot with maps and how smooth they work. SO WHOS WANTS TO TEST SOME MAPS!??!?!?!?!?! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET A MAP TESTED PLEASE PLACE YOUR GAMERTAG BELOW WITH A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE MAP THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TESTED -gamertag: ElJefeWay Id like my map tested. Gamertag:ElJefeWay Description: a big team slayer map , no special game types just big team slayer and ffa. Its a map made in impact with atroid fields for banshee warfare, it has 3 banshees, gauss hog, ghost and mongooses. i would like to test the gameplay of it with the smoothness of the transitions between random drops and intial drops tested i will be on here all day
  5. Hello Everyone, A lot of you may not know me but i am ELJefeWay and, well im trying to get my name out there with a new years resolution i have for forge. I make a lot of maps in my spare time spending countless hours in forge like most of you but, i am trying to make the ultimate map that everyone can enjoy. -------------Contest--------- I would like to Make a contest for people like me, the small time map creator poring hours into the forge. I want everyone to show off their maps you spent hours forging with me in an ultimate custom map night to have everyone, who has played the maps to choose the four maps to be deemed the 4 best maps in The Forge Resolution. Although i don't have anything to give to the winner but mad respect in this forum and to get there names out there! **Map specifications** -I would like people to submit up to two maps for the game night that work with the major game types: Slayer, OddBall, Capture The Flag ,and King Of The Hill (if your map doesn't work well with one of these game types due to glitches or problems with gadgets or fx that's ok) -One a big team battle map per person -One regular map that supperts a game of 4vs4 and,5vs5 per person all maps must be turned in on HERE by: 03/01/2012 **Map Submission Specifications** To Submit: Place Your map on this forum with the following layout -Demo Submission below \/\/ I will be submitting my map i created by doing this and doing that works great in team slayer and yada yada my map rocks Map: (Map Name) My GamerTag: (GamerTag) The power weapons that spawn on my map are: Rockets, shotgun, ScatterShot, and some ordance drops with weapons like (A WeaponList of common ordance drops found on this map) (Then screen shots if you have any) Here Are Some Map Testing Threads: http://www.343indust...ge__hl__testing http://www.343indust...ge__hl__testing http://www.343indust...91__hl__testing GOOD LUCK! -ElJefeWay P.S. I forgot to add you don't have to submit both maps to be in the contest you may choose to only submit 1 map Also one person has asked for this contest to be extended i wont extend it for only one person if enough peoples voice their concerns about the time frame then i will consider making it longer
  6. I am going to be testing a bunch of maps of all kinds and game types anyone can join feedback would be nice! GT: RiseAgainstCode
  7. could use some people to test maps there is variety in gamemodes
  8. I have five maps that I would like some input on. I am mainly looking for problems with asthetics and spawning. Tundrata: Updated! 8/23 Team based map, vehicles and great DMR gameplay. Archives: All game modes except Multi-team. Invasion included. Two floored map that allows for both AR and DMR gameplay. Hostile: Team based objective map, many choke points and ways to ambush opponents U-Turn: Team based map, full of vehicles, but plenty of cover for infantry. Great sniping angles. Mine: Two team and FFA gametypes. Close quarters combat with some high ceilings. Note: I would like all input by 8:00 CST on Friday. If you still have input, I will still be taking it for 24 hours. You can find the maps here: http://halo.xbox.com...s=&startIndex=0
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