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  1. hh, the reason Bungie doesn't talk about it is because they ran out of time, and they don't like people to point out the FEW flaws it does have. I'm not saying HEY MAKE HALO 2 NOW! I'm saying perhaps a 10 year would be awesome, the game doesn't look all that great, the graphics need waay more improvement, and we just want to play Halo 2 online. Stop whining about the fact that it's 'new' because it's not. That game is 7 years old and it seriously needs something to add. Sorry but this needs to be done.
  2. Torture. At least I know that will end. Play Halo or go to a party
  3. As strange as it sounds, no. One has not yet been confirmed. If you weed through my posts, not only do I want this, I DEMAND IT! H2R, or Halo 2 Remastered, is my all time biggest pet peeve/desire for the whole franchise. It's bigger than Reach was, it's bigger than the whole next trilogy, and I just want to play H2 again. With graphics that didn't suck. I started on Halo with Halo 2, and now I'm such a fanboy that I'm staying up till after midnight tonight to buy this title. I would have LOVED to play H2 when it came out, I really want to experience MM on that. Plus they needed to fix soo many things, and can you imagine Forging some of those maps? CMON it would be epic! But no, unfortunately no one has let slip the secret of H2R. But then again, when did we find out about HCEA? Checkmate.
  4. YES! OMG I LOVED PRE NXE, the new one is so stupid, and Kinect is the dumbest invention I have ever heard! If I wanted a wii I would buy a ******* wii!! (thank you for letting me rant without thinking that I'm directing it at anyone)
  5. Blood Gulch. The REAL Blood Gulch. None of this coagulation, hemhorrage bullocks. Thanks.
  6. This looks stupid as crap. I hope this isn't the real one, because it will be IMPOSSIBLE to navigate. I like that Cartographer thing though, I think it should have been that from the start. Thanks.
  7. I don't recall that... Love it! They added that for when your marines die. It's random. Love it though lol. Another good one: War! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! The Marines will sing it for about 5 minutes, till Sgt Johnson calls them dumbasses.
  8. Pam Anderson kuz she's got a hott mom vibe. And Megan Fox is ugly. WYR talk about Halo with your wife/girlfriend and she actually enjoys it or make out with her and she's hating every second of it?
  9. The title says it all. But I'll say it again. What's your all time favourite Halo CE quote? I'll start off with a few: I woulda been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence! Wort wort wort! (It's funny to me) The Corp issued me a rifle, not wings! Halo. It's finished. No, I think we're just getting started.
  10. Sorry to answer this one, but I LOVE cats. I want my cat to sleep on my face it's hilarious. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ^ Toughie but I'd have to go with the Norris. Hott chicks come and go (all from the same place WOAH) Would you rather yell at a CoD fangirl (12 year old 'boy) and win an argument, or fight with your wife/girlfriend and loose but get make up smex?
  11. I like most of this but while I don't know for certain when this is, but H2 REMASTERED (As I deem this MUST be the title) should come out on the tenth ann, the same as the new Halo now PS LOVE THE SHOOTOUTS! One on One in half the H2 Maps proved man or newb, and who would nerf the biggest guns or vehicles. So yeah, I think Halo 2 REMASTERED (or H2R as I shall now refer to it) should be EXACTLY the same game, SAME maps, same guns, etcetc. The only difference should be added armour and all the new features (assassinations, AA, etc) with a different playlist than that with ONLY the original, IE, Halo 2 Experience, no new armour AA or features. With added new graphics, *obviously* But yeah that would be EPIC.
  12. No one ever said there was no Covenant. In Halo:CE through Halo 3, you kill all the prophets that were in charge at that time. That doesn't mean there aren't a million more prophets on their homeworld, or even on High Charity. Just because there are no leaders doesn't mean the brutes can't FSU anyways, besides without the Covvies the only enemy left is Innies, and those guys suck to fight. No, I promise there will be Covvie in the next Halo trilogy. So your comment about the Scarab not working for that is untrue, and it's not too big if you balance it with Buffalo, or a few tanks. Sorry man but the Scarab would work if they took the time to make it. EDIT: Wewt I get my own page
  13. HOLY EPIC INFINITE AMMO!?!?! It's what this country's been needing. children who don't want to go outside because they never run out of bullets. Now there just needs to be a never reload skul
  14. Thanks Dog, gratz on your promotion bro headhunter I've never heard of them but I will YouTunes it. And now for the point of this post. Happy HALO'ween!!!!!!!! If you guys are truly, truly into Halo, and would LOVE to wear a costume next year go to www.405th.com for great tips, tricks, help, and even some kind people who will sell you armour (it's not cheap but it's worth it) and you can learn an awesome skill! HOW YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HALO COSTUMES AND PROPS!!!!!!! Thanks and have a wonderful day. And be safe.
  15. Yeah son, get some. Hapy Birthday too
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