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Found 11 results

  1. Who here is sick of them removing SWAT? I am. It is the ONLY mode I care to play and now it is replaced with Team Snipers...the mode I dislike the most. Sure some may argue they are similar, but not at all. I honestly want a refund from 343 for selling us a game they refuse to let us play the way Bungie made it.
  2. With oxygen becoming a scarce resource, this facility was designed to harness the power of the trees. This is a large, very fun and symmetrical arena-style map. There are 2 identical bases, man cannons for vertical travel, snipers on each base, rockets, an Energy Sword, and a few random drops. Oh, and the top level of the map is a greenhouse. It is recommended that 6-16 players play this map. It supports Infinity Slayer and Capture the Flag. Other game modes may be added. DOWNLOAD GREENHOUSE https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/my%20kevins/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=dc26e824-40ac-4f26-afed-0143095f5c66 Rush toward the middle floor of the arena to reach the Energy Sword. Or man the turret and protect your base. Enemies may be lurking in the distance.. After all, your flag is vulnerable. The best option, however, would be to reach higher ground by way of the man cannon. Or through your base.. Where you can stalk your enemies. Or duke it out in the Greenhouse upstairs. And reach your ultimate reward. DOWNLOAD GREENHOUSE https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/my%20kevins/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=dc26e824-40ac-4f26-afed-0143095f5c66 Enjoy.
  3. gamertag: KIAxDARKELEMENT map name : Spark of Unicron http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/5265fb9b-f6a5-44c9-ad28-ad22cf09445f Gametype : 16 player 8 teams of 2 swat (just swat with more people and more teams no dowload requiered) also suports big team infinity slayer, team snipers, KOTH, Flood,CTF Discription:{holds16 players}inspired by transformers this is a 4 way symetrical large map with lots of wide open space but at the same time there are lots of sight blockers in the center of this map is a large monolith that crutial to gameplay but isnt completely defendable so gameplay is fun and not onesided it makes a great map for clan battles and i used all 10000 credits to make it took a toatal of 22 hrs to make because i was trying to spend every last cred without messing up symetry
  4. if you know a good loadout for them let me know. another question: will be posted in comments soon
  5. Team Sniper is by far the best game mode ever available in the halo series, you tease us with one week of it then take it away... Why would you? From what i remember all week, every day all day, Team Snipers had well over 10 000 players playing it... maybe a little lower then that on off times but seriously put it back in the game.
  6. Please bring back snipers!! Snipers > FFA Throwback
  7. Why is there no Team Snipers gametype yet?
  8. Hello Fellow Halo players! If you're interested in playing custom games with a variety of people, please add me on XBOX LIVE! Send me a message saying if you're interested or not! There will be countless numbers of fun maps ( Race Tracks, Infection maps, Refurnished slayer maps, etc. ) GamerTag: Meh Tricks Thanks, tangybuddy3
  9. what are they thinking!!!!!???? this is s stupid they are really going to take game types out of this game!? and why keep swat its so stupid and easy team snipers takes skill this really what 343's going to do.... man im done with halo for a long time till they fix this ****.... and really file share still down... the fun things in this game are being taken out and arent even here yet im waiting till map pack comes out.
  10. It's come to my attention that there are a couple of playlists that used to have far more players than they do now. Those playlists are Team Swat and Team Snipers. The main reason for this is because playing on the same maps over and over again gets old pretty quickly. The lack of maps in both playlists is annoying to say the least. Another reason is that the credit jackpots and challenges are geared toward the larger playlists (which is pretty ironic given that Swat is a pretty large playlist). The following is all in my own opinion. Updates that should happen for Swat: 1. New maps. There are quite a few maps in Team Slayer and BTB (ikr) that would be great for Swat. While adding new maps to Swat, it should be remembered that in Swat symmetry is a good thing. You can learn a lot from maps that players have forged as to what would be good in Swat and what wouldn't be (most maps designed with Swat in mind are perfectly symmetrical). It wouldn't even be hard to add Team Slayer or BTB maps to Swat. There is no need to edit them because if Slayer works, then so does Swat. Adding maps is the critical update that is needed. 2. A possible ZB option. Most Swat veterans are of the opinion that Swat would be even more amazing with Zero Bloom. It shouldn't be permanently switched to ZB, mind you, but the option to play Swat on ZB should be there. It would make Swat a little more difficult, but Swat isn't exactly considered an "easy" playlist like Slayer, BTB, or Objective. Another argument that supports this is that Swat is supposed to be based off of a players aim rather than how fast they can spam a trigger. 3. A Super Jackpot. As far as I know, Swat has never had a Super Jackpot before. Which seems rather unfair considering that nearly every other playlist has. Even Infection. A SJ would bring more players into the playlist, which would give veteran players new people to play with. It will also encourage other players to at least try it out a bit to see if they like it. Updates that should happen for Snipers: 1. New maps. DEFINITELY new maps. There are nearly a dozen maps that should be in Snipers that aren't due to either oversight or laziness. ALL BTB maps work with Team Snipers, ALL slayer maps work with Snipers, and all MLG maps work with Snipers. The only excuse for the lack of maps in Snipers is "We haven't gotten around to it yet." If more maps came into Snipers, the size of the playlist would probably double by the end of the week. 2. More Daily and Weekly Challenges. There are no daily or weekly challenges that I know of that are especially attuned to Snipers. There are some for Swat (magnum kills can happen in other playlists of course, but it's obvious that Swat Magnums is the quickest way to get the challenge) so why not for Snipers? 3. Raised Game Time. There are a lot of Snipers games that aren't completed due to lack of time in game, especially on larger maps like Hemorrhage. Another couple of minutes should see these games through to completion. 4. Super Jackpot. It will do the same thing for Swat as it will for Snipers. More people playing = more fun. 5. Either update or remove Hemorrhage. The spawns are Red heavy (means it gives red a little advantage over blue. Yeah, you know it does don't lie.) Spawns at half-map or in the bases (rather than around the base in plain view) will go a long way in making it more entertaining to play on Hemorrhage. That's all I can think of for now. If you have any more, feel free to post them.
  11. Hey guys, you know I have been talking to lots of people when I play Snipes and SWAT and we have all came to a agreement we need more maps or game types in Snipers and SWAT. I mean honastly half the time I play Snipers I get like two map that are the same just different game types or like SWAT I'll get three maps the same just different game types. So I would really apprishiate if we can all get together and see if 343 will throw is some maps for us in these play lists so we have a bigger variety to play on or at least add some new game types and spice it up a bit and give us players something crazy and amazing to do. For example Head Hunter with All Snipers or DMR for SWAT, HELLZ YEAH, or like HEAD SEEKER were it's like Head Hunter but only head shots count. Or DOMINATION were its like survival, just 4-8 rounds depends how they wanna set it up, you get one life and its just like elimination tell the team with the most rounds win. Stuff like that we could have added would give us some fun stuff to do in Snipers and SWAT. Also I just wanna post letting you guys know of my ideas I stated in the beggining of this forum, I have pretty much layed them out in paper as blue prints and I will give you guys the first peak of my ideas I have brained stormed up. First Just normal Head Hunter added to SWAT and Snipers you know same old good fun Head Hunter. Then I had a idea called Head Seeker, That is very similar to Head Hunter but there is a "Difference" then normal Head Hunter. Head Seeker is only head shots count as damage so there for its all about accuracy and head shot ratio chance, but same head hunter rules apply like 10 skullz = a Skullamanjaro, so on and so on with like each skull is a point just only Head Shots count. Then there is DOMINATION, this is similar to like Search and Destroy but better personaly to me I think so. Its a survival based game type. 4-8 rounds depends how they wanna set it up, you get one life each round and you just eliminate each member on each team, What ever team wins gets 1 point for the round, When there is a tie its 0 and it just starts a new round so on and so on tell game over. This giving the play lists more spark so we all have something to do, and Like I said above in a post I don't really care if they wanna throw all of these is every play list I don't mind just get them in Snipers and SWAT please. So there you guys go I just wanted to let you all know what I have so far and I'm still working on more ideas but if you guy's wanna throw in some ideas I'll fix and patch up some idea and make it work. Just let me know on here or even PM me what ever the case may be just let me know and I'll fix something up and get it workin. It would be beast and pretty nice to see if they would be kind and willing to do these things for us players as the community for us supporting them. So we can just have many more reasons to injoy this game before there Master Piece comes out. Thank you for those who read, pm me, or reply thanks for the support. GAME ON!!! P.S. Let's all make 343 realize that Halo Tracker is important and we would like to keep it around and that its just more then a website to us all, lets show them thats is a community and its almost like one big whopping family and we can't be separated we all have to stay together.
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