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  1. I think what would be awesome is if, that somehow there are Precursors that are still alive. Continuing from Halo 5's story, the Warden and the other Guardians lose faith in Cortana and decide to serve the Precursors instead. The Guardians deem their leaders as more fit to rule. Different life forms from what we have already seen in Halo are also recruited (We do not yet know why the Precursors are recruiting, just that they are). While this is going on a new Prophet emerges and attempts to revive the covenant or what is left of it. This Prophet struggles as their is bad blood between the Elites and the Brutes. But somehow differences are settled and he Covenant is back once again. The civil war on Sangheilios effectively comes to an end. The have been few flood contacts in recent time and this has become a bit of a concern to the UNSC. The are also unerring rumours that Didact may still be alive, knowing he fell into some sort of slip space portal, this unsettles some higher ups within the UNSC. A lot going on I know Not sure exactly how exactly all this would be able to put into one game, but it would be damn cool if 343 did somehow. We find out in the game exactly what is going on with all our new enemies and mysteries. It is then up Master Chief to team up with Cortana, the Arbitar, Blue Team, Fireteam Osiris, and Dr Halsey to combat these threats. Heroes will rise once again.
  2. How did the Prophets come to the conclusion that the Halo Rings can be used to go to a higher plane of existence? A lot of their technology is based on studying forerunner artifacts, but that is a huge assumption to make. Were the Prophets just in such awe of the forerunners that is was like, wow, we can meet the forerunners, lets activate the rings.
  3. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy yourself!
  4. In Halo The Flood was so aggressive that the Forerunners were forced to build the Halo Rings to stop it progressing. If this is the case why were so many Halo Rings built? If one ring can destroy all sentient life in the universe, would it be safe to assume only one was necessary? Also on this point the Flood had advanced so far that the Forerunner race was at risk of being wiped out. How does anyone have enough time to build 7 Halo Rings let alone one to combat this imposing threat? Last point i want to discuss is that, was there not a better way of dealing with the Flood besides wiping out everything? It has been said that the only way to beat the Flood is to contain it. How did the Forerunners not have the technology to be able to contain the Flood considering a lot of their technology was so advanced?
  5. That would be pretty awesome. I have seen a Halo series/movie on Netflix before but nothing like all out Covenant vs Spartans vs Flood. It would also be cool to see Prometheans.
  6. I have to go with Halo CE because that original soundtrack just gets you so pumped up. There are parts like on Reconciliation where you take down a whole haven of covenant, the soundtrack comes on as you have just bossed it and you just roll with the momentum. It feels Awesome.
  7. I would also have to go with the Assault rifle, partly because it looks cool.
  8. Halo 4: Del Rio orders Master Chief to surrender Cortana for the second time, Master Chief disobeys the order and replies "No Sir" - one of the best moments ever.
  9. i am not sure what the motivations of the flood are, but i think its possible the flood will see Cortana as a threat and try to take her down. I think Cortana would come to Earth to begin her rule over the universe, as Earth is such an important planet. The covenant is broken up significantly now, so i would not be surprised if there are not many covenant factions to battle. The only other enemies i can think of that could be present are Prometheans and it looks like Cortana has them under her rule. It will be interesting to see what actually happens with Halo 6. It could go in so many directions.
  10. Hey all, Very excited to be here, i do not know why i did not sign up sooner , I am a huge Halo Fan, really enjoyed the games and have read plenty of the books as well. i will try and contribute to discussions and to any topics i can, as well as have a blast with everyone. See you all on the site!
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