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Found 7 results

  1. This is something I realised just yesterday o.O If you look closely on the upper left of Chief's chest, you can notice this: . . . . . . This translates to "117" in the Breille system! I just wanted to post this because it's kinda cool, I wonder if it's an easter egg. Maybe he missed the 117 painted on him on his Mark V armor
  2. A tweet by Jayce (Spartan Ops level designer) hinted something about another Spartan Ops easter egg, but not a RvB one. So, here it is, finally found. It looks like a replacement for "Dance Party" from Reach. Enjoy
  3. Do you remember, in Halo 3, the graffiti on Valhalla, depending on the day? For example, on New Year's Day, the phrase "Make love, not war" was written on a wall. What if something like this was in Halo 4? I didn't play on Ragnarok on Christmas, so I couldn't notice. But if someone can change the date on their console and check the original spot or the entire map, post here if you found something Oh, and is there an "Official 343i day"?
  4. Waypoint released some hints about 3 undiscovered easter eggs in campaign. Some of you may already started e-hunting, but for others it's a good time to begin Here are the hints, I will update this when I find a video. MISSION: REQUIEM (By Paul Ehreth) What is it? "An appreciation of architecture, and a return to nature." Where is it? "It may be beatiful, but returning here is deadly." MISSION: FORERUNNER (By Cory Hasselbach) What is it? "A deadly ambush waits for you If you have the will to power through Kill them all, your reward is great Weapons to turn the side of fate" Where is it? "After the enemies rain from the sky Before the doorway which you fly You must return to the rock on which the ledge is by Patience is a virtue, but your death is nigh" MISSION: MIDNIGHT (By Chris French) What is it? "A congenial sight." Where is it? "Lost in the belly of the beast." Good hunting Spartans!
  5. This is a list/guide to most hidden weapons and some miscellaneous stuff in the campaign. These are not the obvious ones and it won't include easter eggs. It may also include some trivia. "Dawn" When Requiem scans the Dawn for the first time, you can see a holo-pad showing the ship's course. It goes off its course heading to a mysterious planet (Requiem). When Requiem starts pulling all ships inside it, after you go to an airlock, there are some Grunts running but the floor collapses beneath them. If you do not fall down and go around jumping on the remaining floor, when the second floor falls afterwards, there is a dead Elite with an Energy Sword in front of you. (Still on the upper floor) ​''Requiem'' At the very start, there are some goodies hidden in the crash site. Once you start, head to your right. There is a crashed part of the Dawn, where a dying Elite is located. Inside it, an audio log can be activated which is Dr.Halsey commenting on Cortana. If you ascend a small ramp, you will be on top of the debris. There is a crate with BR ammo and next a Sniper rifle. In another crashed part next to the first one, the is a SAW which can be useful in the mission. At the starting point, head to the crashed Covenant ship to your left. If you climb it, the is a device which you can activate and hear a dialog between Chief and Cortana. In the map room, there is an object that can be examined which describes the Mantle of Responsibility. Near Rally point Bravo, at the final area, if you go near the cliff where there is sea, you can find an AR, a Magnum, a SAW and a Rocket Launcher. ​"Forerunner" At the second pylon, you can hear the battle sounds of the Covenant and the Prometheans fighting, though human Assault Rifle noises are heard even though both sides use energy weapons. Most Covenant won't attack you when they're battling with Prometheans, unless you get really close. They will focus their fire on Prometheans first, and when they are all down they'll start attacking you. "Infinity" If one were to stare the Phantoms and Banshees in the beginning, they would see a group of seven stop in front of the hill. When you learn that the Covenant and Prometheans work together, a Jackal with a carbine is on the path to your right. Go there, and you'll see some additional Railgun ammo. ​While you're inside Infinity with the Scorpion, a Mongoose and 2 Warthogs are on heightened repair platforms. You may need a buddy to get the Hogs Next to the first Mantis' platform, on both sides, there are 4 Mongooses with Rocket Launchers for players on foot. At the final area, when you are ordered to clear the area and defend the anti-air guns, at the far right and left are 2 Mantises. They'll provide you extra firepower when needed. "Reclaimer" After Lasky tells you that you have to destroy particle cannons to get to the gravity well he will go below decks and type on a computer until he is deleted from the map about 20 seconds later. ​You can store any vehicle or weapon you want inside the Mammoth, a Wraith for example. It will stay there until you are ordered to leave the Mammoth and proceed on foot for the rest of the mission. ​When you're close to the citadel's entrance, if you jet-pack up to the bridge-like structure, there is a fully charged Beam Rifle. There is also another one, along with some ammo crates, on the upper right path, beneath the structure mentioned above. ​At the part you meet up with the Scorpions and other UNSC forces, there is a kind of similarity with the level The Ark (Halo 3). Even (Master) Stg. Stacker's lines are similar to his on the Ark. Ex. 1.(Halo 3):"All armor, form up. Hit 'em where it hurts!" (Halo 4):"Everyone form up on the Chief!"Ex. 2(Halo 3):"First line, clear! Push forward!" (Halo 4):"First line clear, check it off. Push forward!" ​"Shutdown" Through a glitch, one can skip the two towers and head directly to the third tower, drastically cutting the level short. (Recommended for Legendary runs) On the lower level of the Gondola, there are some useful Promethean weapons, including a Binary Rifle. In the final area, if one dies and his body falls down in the abyss, it will fall a little bit and then reach black ground. The fog also disappears. "Composer" At the very start there is a portal-like structure which kills you if you pass through it. On the second area where you need to raise the hangar shields, inside the 2-story building where some allies are, there is 1 DMR with a frag grenade on the first level, and 2 DMRs along with some frags on the second. After the Didact scans the station, clear out the remaining Covenant and cross a thin bridge-like structure. At the end of it, there should be a Beam Rifle with 100% capacity. The room with the Hunters has several specimens from Installation 03. There is also a small room within it with two of Dr Catherine Halsey's personal log entries. It is possible that she had used it as an office earlier. There are several data stations in the area near the Composer which can be accessed to find out more about it. In the Composer area, near the 2 Mantises is a room which contains plenty of Sticky Detonator ammo and some ARs. When you see that the Covenant have discovered the Composer, at your left there is a Spartan Laser on a railing. Through the entire level there are weapons scattered around and if you search off the beaten path, you'd find plenty. I would not be surprised if I have missed many. "Midnight" When Cortana teleports you to the armory (where there are many weapons along with the Grav Hammer), if you load last checkpoint, you won't hear Cortana's normal dialog. Instead she says something else (Maybe "John, our mother needs us") . Now, the weird part is that on the upper left corner where it displays who speaks, it says "Dr. Catherine Halsey" instead of "UNSC A.I. Cortana". Lastly, at the time Cortana tells the player to insert her to a terminal to stop the Didact from using the Composer, if one were to stall, she would gradually get more and more angry, with her last statement being "YOUR KIND WILL BE COMPOSED IF YOU DO NOT ACT." ​I think this is it, if you have something you want me to add, just say it here or PM me. As soon as I see your message I will add this here. Stay safe and, happy Holidays
  6. An article on Waypoint's website showed terminal glyphs: http://www.halowaypo...b3-7f8bf8be96bc I decrypted the glyphs and put in order by connecting the puzzle pieces. The message is below and can be entered in Waypoint. Start Waypoint on Xbox and press X. There are two new archives. Press X again and enter this code: 1uk3cvyjzm You will now have new shoulders for Halo 4. I assume this will go on twice more for armour and perhaps once more for Section 3 data.
  7. I would like you to reply to this, i believe that the forerunners could be human, or over evolved human species, according to the info. Example: Only human DNA can activate halo array, Forerunner technology is mainly found on or near earth. , Human kind is to selfish to of not made a genetic copy of its self. Please Respond
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