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Found 14 results

  1. If anyone is interested in joining a UNSC based clan on Halo Reach please message me or add me @ Kenshin lx
  2. Hey everyone. I know that some of you must know me, the older members at least. I really wouldn't expect a newer member to remember me, given I'm barely here anymore oppose to how much I used to be here in the past. And lately, I've been making more frequent visits, lurking among the shadows of the forum just to see that all of you are safe and okay. Because despite how distant I have gotten I still care about every single one of you, dearly. You guys were all my friends, and I still see you as friends, even if we don't talk often. With this member ranking structure update, I've come back with the goal to get to Legendary status, yes. Who wouldn't have that goal? But I just want all of you to know that me coming back isn't just because of a fancy color and title. It's because I miss this place, I truly do. I miss the countless hours of fun in the shoutbox. The events. The members. The moderators. ...Art week.. The one thing I did for this forum that no other succeeded at. Everything in this place that you can even imagine, because the possibilities are endless with the creativity and devotion of all of you. But at the same time, I find it hard to come back, because as I grow older I'm starting to do different things. I'm starting to get more and more friends outside of my digital life. I have parents that are slowly starting to rely on me, because sooner or later I'll be the one taking the torch. And most of all, I've just gotten so many priorities to the point where I don't know where to start. I would sit here and make another promise to come back, and stay back. But at the same moment, I can't. Because I don't know where my life is going to take me. I just go day by day, and whatever happens is going to happen. I have a goal to try and come back, because I feel that I need to do it for all of you. You all showed me how fun it is to be within a community. And with the time I was here, I was at my peak of happiness. And ever since I left, I feel like that happiness just left. And on top of that, you all are amazing people that I miss being around. Because this place is diverse, and flowing with as much cheeriness and prosperity as possible. And it's amazing how no matter what happens here, that mood maintains. I don't know if this is a thank-you, a speech, or even a declaration of home-coming. But I know one thing, and that is for sure. I should be here, and I should be doing as much as I can to pay back all the respect, and kindness I've received over these two years. But rather, I'm sitting and thinking of what to do, rather than just doing what I should've been doing this entire time - ..Just being here. I owe it to all of you, to be here. Because you all cleared up my dark and stormy nights. No matter how little interaction you had. I will come back, because I know I have to. And I know I've said this before, but at the time I was too incompetent and immature to understand. But now I do, and I will apply as much effort as possible to be able to be here. Not only for myself, but for all of you. Thanks for the wild ride these past two years. And let's look forward to the roller coasters ahead. - The Friendly A.I Here's some complementary art, for all of you.
  3. Alrighty everyone, we all know about the infamous Staff vs Members Event. Which the Staff actually won this round. Yes, believe it or not. Anyways, I have managed to Twitch Stream the event, some of you watched it. Majority of you did not. So you may have seen some of this already. Anyways, I will be posting down all 7 Parts of the event. Twitch doesn't do one full video upload, so we'll have to suffice with one video ending, and having to play another. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I was the only one recording. Thank you for watching and all for attending! Video 1: Swat (Terminal) and CTF (Chiron TL-34) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocE1l9ud05k Video 2: CTF (Chiron TL-34) Finish and VIP (Narrows) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKaW5XxV-KQ Video 3: VIP (Narrows). (Lobby waiting after Halo 3, difficulty deciding and they wanted even teams) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8rWXh2R2tI Video 4: Extraction (Perdition) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO-BtkF7o3k Video 5: Ricochet (Pitfall) [Laggy] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkBag5QELgo Video 6: Ricochet (Pitfall-Continued, with even more lag) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8mcIOimlZg There is a video 7, but it's just of us sitting in the lobby for 15 minutes, then we decide to go play matchmaking and Members have lost. Staff ahs won. 4-3. Good Game everyone, and thank you for attending. Hopefully you enjoyed this event as much as I did, and thanks SikSlik7 for making it happen! If you want to watch video 7, go right on ahead. Attendees Roster: Unease P34nut Bnus Drizzy_Dan SikSlik7 Yoshi1176 Fishy Self Destruct You Know YOLO Laplace Archangel Tyrael Yang Xiao Long The Director JudgeMent Mr Kittens and Gibberish (Orbis) Glitter Destruct Jack of Harts If I missed anyone, I am sorry! Just let me know in the shoutbox or something. Thanks!
  4. So with recent topics in the shoutbox and discussion, I believe it is time that we would make a thread based on it for everyone to share their choices. The topic is simple. Just state which members you would like to meet in real life. If you wish, you may give a reason as well. This thread isn't more of a judgement of opinion, it's more of fun entertainment. I'll start it off to get this going. If I could meet any forum members in real life, I would have to choose: Drizzy_Dan BATMAN Yoshi1176 Fox McCloud and Agent York.
  5. You have a working mic for communication purposes. You are the age of or above the age of 14. There is NO exceptions in gender, race, beliefs, region, connection, or skill; everyone is welcomed to Pure Fusion. There is, however, an exception to maturity and abusive language; a solution will be suggested to the member wishing to join. If a member continuously shows he/she can't handle control themselves then they will be asked to remove themselves. (Trust me it will take for me to consider someone to be over abusive with language so don't worry too much.) This Clan has three Branches that every member will be apart of. Below will be the list of them. Heroic = Gold Mythic = Sliver Cryptic = Bronze There will be tournaments and Champions for each branch. If you gain the title of a champion then you are a captain of Pure Fusion until you have been overthrown by another member of Pure Fusion. There be a Grand Champion which makes grand champion Commander. Send me a message on XBL if you want to join. Gtag: Synystxr pF. Or send us a message on twitter @TeamPureFusion. You want to join, You will have to agree to change gamertag. This is a pretty new clan so im looking for a CO-Leader. Also this is a Xbox 360 clan and probably soon be a Xbox One clan. This is our logo below and each member will get one for your Youtube and Twitter. If you have one.
  6. Hello, I am an front he Silver Union. We are a military based clan on halo reach. We recently split off from DGA due to conflicts in DGA. First 20 members that join from this post, will be guarantied a corporal rank upon initial training. Message scienceboy99 to apply. If you bring other with you, you will be promoted to sergeant.
  7. The Zumi Clan Is Looking for new members you do not have to change your clan tag or bio or anything on your profile except your emblem in halo reach as it is to respect the clan. We don't have clan meetings so you wont be tied down to getting on-line when you don't want to. So if you want to join message the Clan Leader R4DR34C0N.
  8. Hello Everybody! I was new to this forum in April, lol. Finally found my way around to the PM box and of course it had a message stating I should probably try posting an introduction as it may help for people getting to know me. So figured I would post about me, or at least a little bit about me, and why I decided to join. Me -- I love and currently dream all things Halo related (books, games, online stories, fan fiction, personal fiction, canon, etc) probably wouldn't find someone as intensely interested in the Halo universe as me (though I know those people exist lol) -- From Canada, Newmarket more specifically, and not a fan. Its cold and hot, never an in between, and for some reason I find myself wishing it would rain more (though that may be my British background doing its job) -- New to forums and online discussions - never been on or taken part in anything online and figured I would try it, see how it goes (no better way to start out than talking about the things you love I suppose) Why I joined -- I love Halo - almost every aspect and detail intrigues me. And so, to broaden my already diverse intellect on Halo, I joined to share my ideas, thoughts, opinions on the Halo universe, and to hear, share, and read other peoples ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Halo will always be a part of my life that I would never want to change, and so, I would rather add to my already intense obsession, simply because it is one of the few things in my life that I enjoy. Feel free to reply or message me. I don`t bite, am open to discussion for most things, and am a generally nice guy. *****I want to post this emoticon even though I don`t know its purpose but the sight of a smiley spanking another smiley make me smile.
  9. This is a clan invitation to the SPIRITS OF THE FALLEN (KH28) we are a seriously huge clan in the halo world. Here's the reasons why we are so popular Official Clan Website Official Youtube Channel Official Facebook Fanpage Official Twitter Page 150+ Dedicated Members Both Females And Males Welcome 4 Leaders 1 Manager 5 Recruiting Officers 1 Video Recording Producer 2 Forge Map Creators 1 Councillor To Talk About Problems/Worries, Etc Honoring The Fallen (Deceased) Allies With 2 Of The Stongest Clans In Halo And Black Ops 2 Musicians/Beat Producers/Songwriters/ Machinima Music Producers No Trials, Just Dedication No Tolerance To Bullying To Racism/Ageism/Sexism/Disabilites Etc (Not Judgemental) Treated As Equals Every Member Is Seen As A Family Member We Know How To Seperate Fun From Seriousness (Know How To Have Fun) If you are interested in joining, first of all add KH28 to your Gamertag, and then send a friend request to VYPAxKH28xLEADA or STARxKH28xLEADA Hope to see you on the other side Kind Regards Vypa
  10. So I'm a dedicated member now. Getting used to it, wish there was a goal to set for next, but there isn't. So I will be monitoring in the shoutbox and forums for people misbehaving conduct, I better get to studying all the rules! lol. Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know now that I am a dedicated member, who misses being a trusted member. But hey, we gotta push past thing am I right? See you guys on the forums! (Also free hugs to everyone, including you to Vitamin ) :hug:
  11. The is Nightmarcher001 calling out to those gamers who wish to play with a fun caring clan. We are the Blarg Clan and we fight to have fun. I am one of five leaders who keep order in the clan and we have many clan activities that stretch from forging all the way to having clan battles with allies. We have a rank system, different platoons, titles, and perks inside the clan such as dibs on weapons, training in certain ways to better ones skills and much much more. Interested? Well go ahead and hit me up with a message and we will go straight to testing ya^^
  12. So heres the rules for The Guardians. 1. No foul Language. 2. If you dont like something, talk to the Guardian. 3. You have 5 excused meeting absenses, if you cant make a meeting for a important reason tell the Guardian and he/she will not subtract an excused absense from your profile. 4. You gota have fun! Members: Recruits (max # of Recruits - 10) - - - - - - - - - - Marines (max # of Marines - 10) - - - - - - - - - - ODST (max # of ODST'S - 10) - - - - - - - - - - Noble Team (max # of Noble Team - 5) - - - - - Forerunners (max # of Forerunners - 5) - - - - - Guardians (max # of Guardians - 5) - Wasaibi (GT: WaSaibi) - - - - The Guardian (max # of The Guardian - 1) - LORDLIDELL (GT: KSI LORDLIDELL) Leader and Creator of the clan MESSAGE ME ON XBL OR THESE FORUMS TO JOIN Heres the Link for the explaination of the clan http://www.343indust...-the-guardians/
  13. All right guys, the time has come for this months' top 15! So, without further ado, here is the list: (please note list is not numbered in favor of the higher numbers, it is only numbered for convenience): 1. Sykowolf 2. Azaxx 3. skummgummigubbe 4. Drizzy_Dan 5. DoctorB77 6. Mr.Biggles 7. The Director 8. CandiBunni 9. Bullet 10. Insignia 11. Absolute Dog 12. adamj004 13. Victory Element 14. One 15. Quantum So, since this one was released about in the middle of August, the next top 15 will be released sometime before mid September, then we'll be back on track for October! So, until next time, see you all around the forums
  14. The Zumi Clan Is Looking for new members you do not have to change your clan tag or bio or anything on your profile except your emblem in halo reach as it is to respect the clan. We don't have clan meetings so you wont be tied down to getting on-line when you don't want to. So if you want to join message the Clan Leader R4DR34C0N.
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