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    Every Warden Eternal boss fight is a different Warden Eternal. They're not the same.
  2. Which Halo Reach did you play? Cause the one I did, didn't require any skill to rank up. You could literally play Firefight and hit Inheritor faster than playing competitive matchmaking. Also, Halo Infinite will have Halo Reach like customization. 343 already confirmed this.
  3. Like I said before. Thorne is the only answer.
  4. Honestly with Melody on this one. I'd rock that Black and Red 300 win skin.
  5. Damn, Hayden's here. Hatred. Lul.
  6. Bruh, chill the heck out. The download says 70GB, but it literally replaces the whole infrastructure. The UI, the Menus, the Servers, LAN Support, etc. It's replacing a lot of bad crap with good crap to make the game run smoother and better. Also, you don't HAVE to install the entire game. If there's a game you don't want, uninstall it. Not a fan of Halo 4? Uninstall it. Not a fan of Halo 3? Uninstall it. This is just one of the many major updates. So expect your HDD to take more space. But alas, you're complaining about FIVE HALO GAMES being too big. Dude, chill out. That's actually amazing. Each games about 15 GB. Which is really cool. That's Multiplayer AND Campaign at 60FPS with Blur Cutscenes for Halo 2 and upgraded graphics on Combat Evolved. Honestly don't know why you're complaining. Halo 5 is one game, and it's almost 100GB.
  7. UNSC Warlord Book 4: Rise of Tespan Chapter 1: Deployment A group of Marine’s were slaughtered at the Temple of Fahro, within a few minutes the base was taken over and secured by the imposed threat. ‘Temple of Fahro was one of Emissa’s sacred places that was currently being used as a relay post by UNSC Warlord.’ Activities of the sort have been happening all across the globe of Nessyapa. Speculation has it that there’s a group of Insurrectionists targeting these various locations across the globe, which doesn’t seem likely for a small armed resistance. Fireteam Falo, a group of ODST’s known for their stealth operations, were tasked with this job. Deployment would begin shortly, as their Pelican was approaching the island. “Alright team, this is another Stealth OP.” Captain Finch stood near the bay hatch. “You know the ground rules. We get in, figure out what the hell is going on, and get out. Keep the firefight to a minimum. We can’t blow this OP.” The hatch bay opened up, it was about a 10 feet drop onto the shoreline. Rocks and hills both swarmed the view in front of them. Only a few kilometers to go, and they’ll be at the Temple of Fahro. “Sliv and Quincy, grab your things. We’re moving out.” Finch grabbed his DMR and slapped the magazine in from the impact of the drop. Sliv fell shortly behind, shotgun in hand, already locked and ready. Quincy was already on the ground by the time Sliv arrived, his green woodland skin covered his entire sniper rifle. “Alright, Sliv. Move up on me. Quincy’s got our backs.” Finch swiveled past a few large rocks. Bright lights emitted from the hillscape in front of them. Whoever was here before them, is still here now. “Sir, three tango’s dead ahead. Third one’s headed out. We’re gonna have to push our way past them.” Quincy spoke in his rough, low, British voice. “There’s a rock on the edge, you could probably use to get the drop on them.” “Roger that, Quincy,” Finch responded while motioning Sliv towards the ledge. “We’ll get them. Quick and clean.” Finch motioned at Sliv, who was now above the two soldiers. He dropped down, the blade of his knife immediately penetrated the first targets throat. He pulled his knife out and sucker punched the next target. Knocking him cold to the ground. “Targets down,” Finch walked up beside Sliv, “Quincy, we’re moving up. On us.” “Roger that.” Quincy, closed up from behind. “Sir, tracker says target location is approximately one kilometer West of our position.” Sliv put away the tracker. A light glared in the distance. They kept moving. A few more guards were spotted towards the right, luckily out of the way. A retaining wall was up ahead. They could either climb over into safety, or risk going around and breaking their operation. The glare came over Sliv’s helmet again. This time she knew what it was, “Quincy, target tower overhead. Northwest, about sixty degrees by twenty high.” Quincy nodded at Sliv, suppressor quipped to his weapon, he raised the Sniper and pulled the trigger. Eliminated. Finch already had Sliv above the retaining wall, and was moving up himself. Quincy came over, and reached up and grabbed their hands for a boost. “Target in sight, fellas,” Finch stared in awe at the Temple in front of them. Sliv pushed passed them, taking lead towards the door. “Doesn’t look like anyone’s home.” Quincy said, as they got closer to the door. The lights were on inside and out, but no one’s in sight other than those few guards they past by. “Keep a close watch, we made it this far, but we still gotta make it back.” Finch sounded a little worried as he entered the passcode to the door. The Temple was secured by the UNSC to keep out intruders and siege’s from happening. However, this seemed to prove otherwise. Either a threat bigger than they imagine, or a small tactical force got the hand on them. The door unlocked. They went in. Nobody was inside, everything was the way it was supposed to be. Monitor’s intact, generators online, and... “Oh my god.” Sliv almost screamed, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Quincy and Finch followed her gaze towards the ceiling. Both of them gasped in horror. The Marine’s were hanging by the ropes, dangling from the ceiling with the words ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ smeared in blood behind them. “Wha-... What do you guys think they mean by ‘You’re Next?’, Sliv saw Quincy fall to the floor; quickly turning to her side as she heard Finch. “Oh no.” She knew what was about to happen. She turned around, only to see a rifle punching her in the face, knocking her out on the ground with her comrades. “Secure the bodies, bring them outside.” A loud, calm, American voice shouted. It sounded familiar. But who? Moments passed by, what felt like hours was merely just seconds. Sliv could feel the mixture of the cool air mixed with the warm breeze. It just got colder. Oh no. She knew what was about to happen. Were... Were they stripping her clothes? Why? Why would they do this? Were they doing this to the other two as well? This couldn’t be happening right now. She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. What use would it do her anyways? Nobody else was nearby. “Sliv, on my way for extraction. You better be ready in fifteen minutes.I don’t care how hot the zone is, you need to get out of there now. A large force has just show itself on the radar. It’s not safe!” It was their Pilot, Lewith. If only he knew what just happened to them. Sliv felt her earpice being removed, then crushed. So much for that anyways. Like it would even matter. She felt something poke her. Here we go, she thought. They poked her again, this time even harder. Her eyes flew open. A fire was in the distance, it was the Temple. They set it on fire, but why. She looked around for answers. She saw them. Finch and Quincy were tied up. Rifles aimed at there heads. She couldn’t make out what they were saying, probably questioning if there were more of them or who sent us. Then she noticed. They both had their armor stripped, left in their undersuits. That’s when a sigh of relief flew over her. She was in hers as well. But what were they doing with their armor? A few more individuals walked by. Their armor and weapons in hand. Wait. Were they going to board their Pelican and take out Lewith, and use the ship for their own need and desires? No. She needed to warn him, but how? Two gunshots fired off, both came from a pistol. She looked over and saw what happened. The horror in her eyes. Finch and Quincy were dead. It was too late for them now, but not her. “We got what we need.” The voice from earlier came back to haunt her. She couldn’t see who this figure was, but she could hear him loud and clear. “Kill the girl. Leave a message for the next team they send. Let them know what they’re messing with.” The voice got quieter, she heard him walking away. The sound of him entering a heavy vehicle could be heard. The vehicle raised. Now she knew what it was. They had a Mantis. But how? How could they have one here? As she saw some more individuals close in on her, weapons ready to fire... A Pelican flew over them, full throttle. It started to turn around. Lewith already knew they were done for, but it seemed he was willing to violate protocol just to pay his own respects. Oh no, this was bad. This was very very bad. Whoever these guys were, were imposing a good threat for a small armed force. There’s no way to explain it. They had one of the new expiremental Hannibal Mantis’ fully operational and everything. The Mantis fired at the Pelican. Within seconds, the ship lost control and was on its way for a crash landing towards them. ‘Maybe this was good, maybe Lewith would still have some control and was willing to use his last breath to ram his ship into this threat.’ but she was dead wrong. Something was charging up, it was really really loud. It sounded from above her. Sliv noticed the previous indivuals were gone, they ran away. She looked up, and realized why. These guy’s had a god damn Condor Gunship! But how in the world did they get that. Who exactly are these people? They were definitely no small armed force if they had this much power. This is bigger than they thought. If only she could have let Command know. Everything she had was down. Her comms were destroyed, the Temple was blazed. She was lost in thought for too long that she forgot what was going on. The Condor fired on the Pelican, a loud explosion was heard as the round pierced through the Pelican. It was obliterated to millions of pieces. She realized it was too late. Her body was numb, she could still move. Maybe even stand. She got up on her knees, then slowly got control to stand up. Pssht. A silent round pierced her leg, she let out a cry of pain. The adrenaline kicked in hard. She stood back up. She started to move away, this time faster. Psssht. Another round pierced her, this time in her other leg. There was no way she could keep going. She turned around, about a quarter way in her turn the Pelican debris rammed her thirty feet into the ground. It happened so fast, she didn’t have any time to process the thought. A warm liquid surrounded her. She felt perfect for the first time in awhile. A deep breath escaped her as she gave in and let out. Fireteam Falo was dead. Their mission objective failed. ~End of Chapter 1~ (*Touchup, will have a personal banner made later on for this Book)
  8. Doesn't even make sense. I don't even understand why Halo 3: ODST is in there. It was titled as "Master Chief Collection" because it was a port-collection of all games starring Master Chief ONLY.
  9. Yoshi talked me into doing this... Damn him.
  10. Time to prepare for the Breaking Bad references... *Sigh*
  11. Xbox Anywhere is for select titles. The last AAA game to be on Xbox Anywhere is Gears of War 4, that's a year ago. Microsoft already sorta jumped ship with having AAA games on Xbox Anywhere, as they make a huge profit from e-sports on console. Jump ship all you want, you'll just end up like the rest: Complaining it's not on PC Microsoft makes more money by forcing you to play on Console, you pay for their hardware, they get part of the royalty on the game. Simple.
  12. Nice to have you around! Hopefully you fall through and stay with us! This site doesn't have a lot of traffic, but it does have spirit. Plus, viewing your lists, you'll get along with quiet a few members!
  13. 1. Then go back to playing WoW or ESO. 2. No it's not, lmao. If you play every single day, and play Warzone with XP boosts. You can skyrock fast. I was SR70-something and played Warzone with an SR124, I did better than him and he played consistently. And just because you have a disability, doesn't mean your skill goes up. Your skill is based on how you play, nothing else. 3. Still pointing it out, you said I'm farming Warzone. Yet here you are, not far away behind me. Lmao, I solo queue a lot in Warzone and I solo BTB a lot as well. All you're doing is acting like one of the entitled kids that GrimBrotherOne and the rest of 343 have talked about. You have no idea what the difference between farming and skill is. Especially since I usually run top of leaderboard. The only time I play as a team is when I hop in Team Arena with Drizzy_Dan. I play SWAT and rank Champ on my own. Sometimes you don't complain if you can do it on your own. However, if I wanted to farm. I could definitely do so. I have a company, yet we go for quick cores. But just to prove a point, and I see you on the scoreboard. I could definitely re-arrange that. 4. "I don't play with others." Exactly the reason you came here in the first place. If you started to hit people up, you could've been better off. What you should've done is came here to these forums, saying "Hey guys, looking for some good players to play with or players to help me out." If that was the case, maybe things would be reversed and I would have offered a hand as well as would many others. And maybe I would have been nicer. But you came here complaining and bringing in irrelevant logic. So I escalated the situation. Plus, don't message me on Xbox swearing or trying to call me out because you're salty. I will comms ban you. If you have a problem, make it civil. I also used a bot to render the stats, lol.
  14. First off, Halo 5 was marketed as a Competitive game. Social was never a thing, and was never going to actually be a thing. BTB and everything else were supposed to be Ranked. Warzone was no-rank restriction, but had MMR. Second, Spartan Rank (121) doesn't mean anything. A level 17 can play better than some level 145's, mind you. Your season Rank shows where your skill gap generally is. Not how it is. Third, Bungie's rank system was only player rank in Halo 2. Halo 3 had a ranking system, and was the only game (besides Halo 5) with a ranking system. Fourth, I looked up your stats. You have 400 less kills than me (In Warzone), but your medals shows that you're not very good at playing Objective nor are you very good at Slaying. Don't complain about the game when you're the problem yourself. If you came in here saying, "Man I wish my teammates helped me. Because I can't do this by myself." then yeah. We'd be on better turns. Instead, you're saying it's everyone else's fault but yours. Then you need a reality check. Get with the program. I have a friend that's not very good, but he admits he's not good and just asks for help. He gets frustrated, but I don't get mad at him because he's not saying it's our fault, he says it's his fault. But we still carry him with us, because he's not frustrating us with his frustration, he knows the problem and we're willing to help him... People would rather play with someone who's willing to learn, than someone who's ego overcomes them and demand people to play your mindset. Also, here's our medal comparison I just pulled up: Yours are top, mine are on bottom. Also, if you're confused on why I showed medals? Because medals show more than K/D and W/L... You can boost your K/D and you can boost your W/L BUT it's a little harder to boost your medals, even if you are farming.
  15. There's a thing called Team Fire. SMG's and AR's do most damage against a Banshee. Arclight's can one shot a paper Banshee, two shot anything else. Banshee flipping has a one second cool down, if you can't shoot fast enough with a hitscan weapon. Well then RIP
  16. No, this idea is as stupid as asking to add in Halo Reach's Grunt Birthday.
  17. Oh, hey Castle! Nice to be able to see you in two places at once!
  18. These HW2 DLC are so far a let down... Colony is byfar the best thing they've introduced, just hopefully these next two leaders can hold up to that good playability. As for the backwards compat announcement. Eh.. I guess, No reason for me to play them though as I owned them on disc. And screw installing Halo 4 with the extra disc, and then installing the actual disc. Halo 3 is the only one I bought physically, so maybe we can all go back to Halo 3 and have some fun? At least play a stable campaign and stream it for HTA.
  19. Ah dude, I don't even care about which games. I love almost all Easter Eggs.
  20. Xbox One (With Gold): +DragonBall Xenoverse 2 +Gears of War 4 +Halo 5:Guardians +Halo Wars 2 +Halo: TMCC +Minecraft +Titanfall 2 -7 Days To Die -Battlefield 1 -Battlefield: Hardline -Battlefield 4 -Borderlands 2 -Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 -Call of Dusty: Ghosts -Destiny -DragonBall Xenoverse -Dying Light -Gears of War: Ultimate Edition -Halo Wars: Definitive Edition -Halo: Spartan Assault -Star Wars Battlefront -Rainbow Six Siege (I own, like 192 Games. Lol.) Xbox 360 (With Gold): +Aegis Wing +Halo: Reach +Left 4 Dead 2 -Call of Duty: Black Ops -Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 -Halo Wars Availability: Tuesday and Wednesday, mornings. Favorite Genre: First-Person Shooter Internet Connection: Good enough to play with others, NAT is open.
  21. Except one problem Twin, you're missing one game on the SNES Classic, that's not available for Emulation, and that's Star Fox 2. Because they're releasing the unreleased game with it. But I do agree, physical carts would make it more worthy. But, that would be the same thing for the Atari Flashbacks. As for the OP, I like the idea of the release. For $80, it's pricey. But still cheaper than buying the original system, as well as the 21 games it comes with. It's not a lot, but for what the games are... It's a pretty sweet deal. All I hope is Nintendo actually keeps making them for at least a year. I'd buy it, just for Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island.
  22. Glad you liked the idea! BoomCo would be the best place to get the Assault Rifle imo. They're officially partnered with 343 Industries, and they have their very own Lawn Dart Assault Rifle!! (It's also in Halo 5 as a weapon skin)
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