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  1. None. I don't condone the action of keeping a furry as a pet.
  2. Jerome and the AI from Halo Wars 2. Maybe since he was 'introduced' better than Locke was with Halo 5 but the parallels between Chief and Jerome are visibly there *cough* Jumping out of a covenant ship without hesitation *cough*
  3. Eh, no worries. Alaska doesn't get much attention so it comes as no surprise.
  4. Comparing myself to the last one I posted here, which was about 3 years? (EDIT: Nevermind, it was in 2012 unless I missed another one)
  5. I think people should take this positively. The recent Master Chief game was definitely could've been better if they followed what they were advertising. If Halo 6 is the end of Master Chiefs adventure, I'd like them to take their time. Find out what works and what doesn't. The story in Halo 4 was brilliant but the presentation could've been improved. Halo 5, I could've enjoyed but master chiefs absence through most of it kinda killed it. (I don't want to mention advertisement again) I believe 343i has the writing chops to bring us an interesting story but they should start working on how they bring it about. In my opinion, I think we need something gritty. Reminiscent of games of old. Something that shows signs of war, not a technicolor palette.
  6. Man, errybody be hitting that 3 year mark or 2 year mark or 1 year mark or 1 month mark or month mark or how long people've been here. Enough with my theatrics and happy three years on the forum birthday! I hope our service has been kind to you, and you'd enjoyed your stay at our 5 star forum. I was actually pretty surprised I saw my name on that list, haven't really "communicated' *Dr. Evil Quotation Gesture* Now lets hit that four year mark. GIDDY UP COWBOY!!
  7. I was exploring some other forums and found a neat topic idea... Here goes nothing! Post your rides! What you drive, or maybe even bike or scoot, or whatever kids use these days (I'm joking) If your license plate shows in your picture, I'd blur it out I'll start I have a 1971 Beetle! Picked her up for 3300, nice grab for a one in pretty good condition for a 40 year old car.
  8. FYI, Baja Blasts are not as good as they look XD
  9. Favorite Artists/Bands Kansas, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Awolnation, Modest Mouse, Survivor --- Pretty much a lot of Classic rock and indie Favorite Album Eeeeh, I seriously don't know Listening to right now? You shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
  10. Here's a picture of the old place back in my day! *Waves cane in the air* You youngsters.
  11. Haven't participated in a playdate for a while so sure, I'll give it a shot GT: Harmony Redux
  12. I put this off but after many people told my my similarity between David Tennant and I, I've decided to do et! And yes, I might be a younger doppelganger of David Tennant Years Later...... (Spongebob style)
  13. Xbox One which I actually bought myself but I decided to call it a present to myself. Annnd a Impulse A4 keyboard
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