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  1. Hi Melody, I've also been gone for a while for life Things™ and Stuffs™. Just finally updated the forums too, finally mobile friendly and secure
  2. Name: CLASSIFIED Gender: Male Company: Bravo 077 Nickname: T Base class: Ranger, Assault Armour: Haven't played reach in a while and don't remember my armor so ill go with full Mark VI Colour: Primary Pink, Secondary White, Visor Black (don't remember the actual colour names) Weapon Name: "TheBoomBoom" (DMR), "Chopper" (Machete) Colour: Both Black Backstory: ████ █ █████████ █████ ███████ █ ██ ██████
  3. Thanks for the kind words Our staff are all volunteers and are great at what they do, glad you are having a positive experience
  4. Definitely going to be playing Halo Wars 2, also HaloWars 1 when it's reverse compatible.
  5. Updated June 2015 - Added rep based promotions.
  6. Just a quick update. We've moved web servers and everything appears to be working properly. If you are being redirected to our /maintenance page that means that you are still trying to access our old server and that you need to flush your DNS... or just wait. Otherwise if everything appears normal on your end then you are successfully connecting to our new server. If anyone notices any odd bugs that were not there before just PM me.
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