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  1. Happy Birthday to the best Admin around! :DD 

  2. Hi Melody, I've also been gone for a while for life Things™ and Stuffs™. Just finally updated the forums too, finally mobile friendly and secure
  3. Name: CLASSIFIED Gender: Male Company: Bravo 077 Nickname: T Base class: Ranger, Assault Armour: Haven't played reach in a while and don't remember my armor so ill go with full Mark VI Colour: Primary Pink, Secondary White, Visor Black (don't remember the actual colour names) Weapon Name: "TheBoomBoom" (DMR), "Chopper" (Machete) Colour: Both Black Backstory: ████ █ █████████ █████ ███████ █ ██ ██████
  4. Thanks for the kind words Our staff are all volunteers and are great at what they do, glad you are having a positive experience
  5. Definitely going to be playing Halo Wars 2, also HaloWars 1 when it's reverse compatible.
  6. Updated June 2015 - Added rep based promotions.
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