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  1. Welcome to the forum, Im loving your name, but do not want to know why you are called Crusty!! Enjoy your stay.
  2. HALO 2!!! It has to be, i am surprised that not more people have said the same, but each to their own. I pick H2 because of everything about it, the campaign, the online multiplayer, the rank emblems how they got from different colour box colours to the shooting star and the moons to the level 50 halo! and super bouncing, the maps, the weapons, how you could move around and control the master chief in the movement, the double shots, BXR, BRB, firing 20 sniper bullets without reloading, or a 108 rounds of BR without reload and the overall gameplay and skill it took to play this game and reach high levels. Alot has changed throughout the years, I only prey that Halo 4 will bring back some of these things for me, as I personally hate ODST and Reach as they take no skill, and anyone can open up a can of whoop ass with ease, which may be good for some, but takes away all skill of the game i know and love. Long live Halo 2!
  3. I love this thread, it is very amusing. I have known Twam for nearly 9 years now, and i could tell you all so much about him................... But I'm not going too as it would take all of the mystery out of things
  4. I wish i could share how awesome my dream/dreams usually are, but there are too many children on here that will read it :/ but you older lads/ladies, you know what im talking about haha
  5. Scotty

    When it's all over

    When it's all over and the chief can finally have a rest and relax he will be doing this.
  6. I don't know if i would fall under the member or staff anymore but at the end of the day it doesn't matter, as you will all die the same by my hand...
  7. Mine is my signature, but i do love Sargeant Avery Johnsons comments
  8. It's either shoot or be shot, so i would shoot under the right circumstances. WYR Feed someone strawberrys or be fed strawberrys?
  9. If i was an AI or Cortana was human, or if there was a way for humans to be with AI's then Cortana all the way
  10. Hey everyone, i am creating this thread as i think it would be nice to see the faces behind the names. When i am talking to people in the shoutbox/posts or xbox live, i like to be able to put a face to who i am talking too, and that is why i made my profile picture of me and starting this topic. So if you are comfortable with it, post a picture of yourself so we all know who we are talking to I have started it off by posting a picture of me rocking the "thinking, hmmmm over there in the corner" pose.
  11. asked Johnson if he wanted
  12. elite semen and jackal blood
  13. I want the halo 2 ranking system back so badly, different colour numbers leading up to shooting star and moon and a halo for a 50, i dont care much for the halo reach ranks it takes no skill, you should only rank up if you win like halo 2/3 not rank up for how much you play
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