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  1. 4 shots 40 shots IDC anymore just come out with Halo 5 already and quit wasting time on this fail.
  2. I noticed a huge buff to the suppressor. I was outgunned by one with my saw. :/ Not cool.
  3. I agree with some of the previous posts. Once I got the castle map pack dlc, and snapped up those achievements, and maxed out SR-130... Beat the game by myself on legendary and co op, and defended its constant scrutiny for months but... I can no longer defend it. My biggest problem is that it has no replay value. The SR system is stupid and too easily attainable. Armor customizations look ****ty and there isn't enough difference in any of them to make you look any different. Specializations and additional unlock of general weapons is stupid and shouldn't be something you have to earn. That was the biggest thing I hated about CoD. I'm new. I shouldn't be at a disadvantage because of that. Maps aren't nearly as classic as previous Halo's. it seems like they just get worse progressively throughout the games. Campaign was freakin awesome. Hands down the best yet. I even liked it better than Halo : CE. (Except for assault on the control room... That will always and forever be my favorite level...) Valhalla wasnt the best remake they could've made. I would've gone with Zanzibar or something like that. Valhalla was okay at best. Blood gulch would've been more iconic albeit a little done to death. Didn't like the absence of certain weapons. Brute shot, plasma rifle (all time fave with smg combo), smg and many others. Pulse grenades are doo doo and boltshot is annoying. I use it with surgical lethality but why? Because I know it's a killer. Doesn't mean it should outweigh shotguns. Sword also seems less practical on the battlefield along with the hammer. Warthog sound effects are stupid and REALLY annoying. Mantis is a cool addition that is well balanced to other power vehicles like wraith etc... IMO. (Bring back the elephant and falcons) People argue a true skill 1-50 would add replay value. That was awesome for its time. I remember investing whole weekends for double XP. I reached 50 in lone wolves and never picked it back up for fear of losing my 50. (In lone wolves) To increase replay value have more systematic charts to make mile markers and goals with better rewards than basic load out weapons, the same armor with a different skin, and unattainable stances. Better armor customization options with more diversity in look. (Halo reach had the best but with modern graphics could do better. I wanna feel like a spartan. Not a guy in spandex with some random armor plates placed willy nilly). New ranking system, not true skill, not SR, something new fresh and addicting that comes equipped with replay value. I guess that's what the moral of my post is. Replay value. I don't expect the same thing I've already played... If I wanted it to be more like Halo 3 I would just play Halo 3. I know it's supposed to be different but it could be better.
  4. You're confused and you don't know why you don't like the game anymore OP? Derpa derpa derp. Really? Because its fun. You get to kill things. And every now and again do something spectacular. I have 8 days of gameplay invested. Just got my first perfection the other day. It was incredible. I saved the video and... Imagine this... Had FUN!!!
  5. 92. Smashed by flying warthog after piling grenades next to it to try and launch it over the arch on "the silent cartographer".
  6. Haven't been in the forums in awhile to write anything noteworthy. But it is fair to say I've been reading new posts. Good to see all the flamers and fan boys have left and all that essentially remains are the hardened members of the forums. Sure new people come and go... I've met some awesome friends here and have had my run ins with the moderators. Lol. It has been an awesome journey though. My only problem as of late has been when I reply to a post it will take me to a white screen and say its finished loading the page. Even though it hasn't published my comment. Not on initial posts but replies and quotes. I use my phones web browser. Hasn't been a problem for my iPhone 4S in the past... But that's off topic. My point is I have definitely taken a back seat to writing replies but not to reading up on the interesting news! So keep it up y'all. Also very good topics in the matchmaking section. Very interesting reads. Oh have I missed y'all!
  7. Someone please lock this thread. You're clearly in direct violation of terms of use and membership to this site. You give a bad name to gamers everywhere. This thread doesn't even deserve a response. LOCK And by the way I've seen you on other threads. What's your point for being here? To bash other members? You're an extremely abrasive person for no reason. Not sure if trolling or just giant jerk. I for one would love to see you kicked from this site permanently and hope moderators would take a gander at your other posts and make that call. Clearly you have nothing better to do than get on everyone's nerves and not contribute to the forums. And blow me? Seriously? There are children who are members here. If I ever caught my son reading stuff like that and met the author I'd smack the taste out of his mouth. LOCK. PLEASE. NOW.
  8. Okay maybe this belongs in off topic but I like the idea of this in matchmaking so that's my rationale for posting here. Okay. Follow me. How cool would it be to play Capture the Flag with Will Ferrell? Or how about some Oddball with The Rock? How about some Slayer with Bruce Willis? Granted I doubt anyone of those celebrities would bother playing video games with us common folk, lol. But if maybe there was an incentive? Like once a month celebrities hop on for some kind of Halo 4 Infinity Slayer promotion or something? That sounds like a blast to me. I vaguely recall them doing that awhile back with the original Xbox. But with Halo 4 matchmaking a crazy antics and how wild it could get, this is an idea that deserves attention! Lol. If only. Can you imagine? King of the Hill with Kat Williams?
  9. I went 41 and 3 in a big team slayer on ragnarok. We lost. I still don't know what happened. The replay was broken and only played the first 2 minutes. It will remain a mystery. Lol.
  10. 19XP and 38XP huh? See how important a couple of zeros are? Haha. And 5000 kills in one week? That's WAY too much SWAT. What do you think of 343's attempts to change the challenges for something new? Epic win or epic fail? Please explain your answer. Also this is the number of daily kills you would need to accomplish the challenge. 714.2857142857143 Meaning that I you averaged 14 kills a game you would have to play 51.02040816326531 games a day an if each game took an estimated 8 minutes per game you'd be looking at 408.1632653061225 minutes or 6.802721088435374 hours a day at a sustained rate. Who has this kind of time? Ain't nobody got no time for dat! And I digress. That is a monthly challenge meaning those numbers would be quartered. But that's still a substantial amount... Staggering even.
  11. Believe it or not, I use big team battle. I wait until the enemy clusters and spray from a doorway or crevice nearby while they engage my teammates. Not only do I score big for double triple and overkills most of the time the enemy has no idea I was even there. I use that with the perk firepower so I can use my DMR to battle my way to my camping spot so I can engage at those long distances. Once I'm in place, the body count is relentless and I find myself running out of ammo before I am killed. That's always worked for me. Only drawback is most of the maps are made for long range combat rendering this method ineffective of you were to try and run and gun. Try and control pivotal choke points with more than one way to escape should you get cornered. That's worked for me but to each his own. Hope this helped.
  12. First off I'm being paired with people completely out of my skill range. Either they are worlds better than me, or I'm leading a team of absolute retards who have never played halo before. Serious serious matchmaking issues. Secondly where did the crimson maps go? I've been trying to get a kill with the warthog while in mid air for months now. And now the maps are completely gone. I played big team battle for the better part of 5 hours and not one crimson map. Did they completely remove them? Wtf? Third what exactly did they change? I can't put my finger on it but its just different enough that the game feels different. I dunno what it is but it's driving me bananas. Fourth. Is the suppressor more powerful than the saw? I definitely got torn up by one at full shields while I had the saw and it didn't do anything. Seems like whenever I get the saw it takes a full clip when I'm aiming center mass but the enemy can tear me a new one in a little less than two seconds. Maybe someone can answer this nonsense. But as I am SR-130 and have 66/67 achievements, there's no need to continue playing this game if its gonna go down hill like this. And maybe it's just me... Maybe I'm having an off WEEK. But personally I'm noticing a big difference since the update. A crappy update.
  13. I don't see where y'all are coming from. My basic big team load out consists of Primary : DMR Secondary : Plasma Pistol Grenade : Plasma Grenade Armor Ability : Active Camo Perk : Wheel Man ... I don't even remember the rest. Point is, that wheel man dominates and I've never had the problems y'all have. If you KNOW you're gonna be doing vehicle based maps, why would you go in unprepared? My suggestion would be to tweak your load outs to better suit vehicle based combat or large scale sniper attacks with vehicle based combat on foot. The whole point for me is to be just as lethal in a vehicle as I am on foot. There is virtually no recovery time at all with the wheel man perk and is TOTALLY worth it. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing some noob spam me with PP shots and then I hit the thrusters on his dumbass and turn him into road kill. I would say the drawback is tailoring an entire load out toward one kind of combat but the reality is it makes your vehicles much more durable and resistant to PP. This is essential for vehicles like the Banshee or Gauss Hog. You can really tear things up. Couple that load out with the explosives perk and what you've made is essentially a grenade proof unstoppable killing machine. It takes more than two grenades to destroy the vehicle unless they tag you with one to destroy you. Most people don't have that. Point is you just have to get creative with it. Best wishes to y'all and I hope this helps. Like I said, I did some fine tuning and never had a problem after that.
  14. Quit reading after your first 10 points didn't make any sense. The light rifle makes the dmr obsolete? The BR? Pfft. That explains why so many people use it huh. The suppressor? That's a power weapon? The binary rifle is not a campers weapon. Or did you forget about the giant red laser from the sniper to the target? The IC is supposed to be a power weapon. In campaign I was glad to have it. People have always been able to spawn with plasmas. You don't remember elite slayer? Those are just a few things I read but I had more important things to do than stomach that read. If you hate it so much quit crying about it and move on. Seriously. It's always the negatives that are the loudest and most annoying. And the worst part is none of your arguments have any validity to stand on. That's why I quit reading. This isn't a thread, it's an "abomination". Pfft. Noob.
  15. What makes Halo 4 better is this. First off the campaign is stunning. Visually, audibly and story are just amazing. Halo 3 had the momentum of previous titles to back up its hype, but essentially what you have is a brand new company taking a story in a new direction. With nothing but the imagination of a crack team, I'd say they more than succeeded. Spartan Ops let me down. Well... Let me rephrase that. Episodes 1-5 did. Episodes 6-10 were amazing. The ending left me wanting more and the body count was through the roof. The existence of free DLC taking the campaign even further to bridge the gap between Halo 4 and Halo 5 is already worth more than Halo 3 because it offered none of these options. War Games. While some would still make the CoD argument for some dumb reason I will say this. None of it is actually bad. It's just preference. It's so different it's like comparing goldeneye to gears of war. Sure the objectives of both games are to kill people but its a brand new engine and for what it's worth isn't bad. Certain Affinity worked on Halo maps since the days of Halo 2. Suggesting that Halo 4's maps are sub par is a moot point because you're still referring to the same developer. And many of Halo 3's maps were rehashed from previous Halo titles anyway. 343i listens to fans. They resurrected lockout and it was entirely free. They are listening to their fan base. A BS nerf is also proof of this. So people complaining about something that I basically preference anyway just illustrates how ignorant they really are. It's not a winning or losing argument it's simply preference. Theatre let me down. Mostly because I couldn't capture the campaign or Spartan Ops. I understand that it wouldn't be realistic to capture the campaign and be able to review something happening "real time" but that's an option I would've sacrificed as a game developer for functionality over realism. Armor. Okay, maybe Halo Reach spoiled me but I think the Helmets particularly look like Grade A horse crap. They just look so goofy. Like the Recon helmet. It looked so cool in Halo 3 but in Halo 4 they put in these weird cheek guard things that just make it look like a joke. More than a handful of armor permutations look like garbage. So in that regard I will give Halo 3 the tip of the hat. All in all, I would say Halo 4 is better. But once again that's just my preference. There is no ultimate way of telling which one is the better game. Just which one you would prefer to play more. People who are bashing and whining like school girls with bad report cards will say the same thing when Halo 5 comes out. "Oh well I remember Halo 4 was WAY better" puh lease.
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