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    I love all sports unless it includes a racket or golf club. Especially boxing. That was my passion for 8 years. My professional record was 22-2-1 and I was on ESPN twice. Now I still train others but no longer enter cages.

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  1. Much respect for you Fishy to take the time and thought for all the good people who are still investing the time and hearts into keeping this forum going. Not going to lie. I miss daily log ins on here but my life has changed drastically and finding time is much different for me now.
  2. I have never figured out why you spit your eggs up instead of laying them like regular dinosaurs. Congrats lil green talking sauras.
  3. Tell me i am a ninja!!!! Say it man,.... say it!!
  4. I have never really LOVED the flood plus there is so much more that Halo could bring to light that has not been revealed. My vote is definitly for something new but part of the old storyline.
  5. Hush little baby don't you cry MOM is going to sing you a lullaby. The Elites will run and Spartans fly and when they catch them they will DIIIEEE DIE DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'll try to make it.....wait...I hate Valentines day and so does she?!?! I'll be there for sure and maybe you guys can meet Spades fiance if she plays too. If you need any content with the best REACH customs just ask. If not I'll just hide in the corner and let you do the hosting. Thanks for doing this so we don't have to support Hallmark Holidays.
  7. I'll come if Beckoningzebra1 wil remind me the day before LMAO. I forget stuff like this.
  8. Congrats are your promotion! With all responsibilities comes hard work but you will continue to make this forom the great forom it is. Good luck and enjoy.
  9. Congratulations Mom!! Now will you read me a bedtime story and tuck me in?
  10. okay okay let me make sure that I have this right. D-38 wants to serve us a hearty warm breakfast and Cooliest(Gwam) is flying the 343I news chopper overhead for live coverage. Did I hear that right? Oh yeah and SOLIDSNAKE regrets nothing.
  11. Vitamin PWN looks like we will have to keep it going for the afternoon crowd together. HELLLLL YAAAA I am in. Oh and guess what? I have a bunch of customs to play LMAO!!!!!!!! D-38 it looks like your the one running the show so just let me know if and when you guys want to do some customs on GTA V. Really look forward to hanging with you guys, it's been awhile.
  12. Dang I really needed that recipe. Should I resend the request?
  13. I guess this is why I need to get on here more often. Even though I have been lurking in the shadows and keeping up on some of the post it was obviously not enough. I should have been one of the first to salute my good friend on his day of retirement. The Spades CGN is in order to show our appreciation to a man who has spent countless unpaid hours, unwarranted stress, and sleepless nights. I will talk to Doggy Dog and figure out a time so that everyone can come and shoot him in the face, beat him in racing, or score higher in a minigame. What better way to say thank you to a LEGEND....right? This event will be announced when he chooses his date. Now let me publicly thank you personally Dog and hopefully make you smile, maybe cry, but hopefully get embarrassed. Dog and I started talking a few years ago and we both had one thing in common. We wanted to unite the Halo community and improve the game however we could (actually that's 2). Halo is hands down the greatest game in video-game history (halo 4 excluded) with undeniable statistics which swallow its competition. With millions of gamers it is hard to stand out. I had already been doing CGN for a couple years when I met Dog but he stood out from the thousands of gamers which joined in. Let me point out a few reasons why. Dog has a passion for Halo which few can even try to compare themselves to. He was a life-timer Halo fan like me who had started with the first and seen it develop through the years. His favorite being Halo 3, but I met him on Halo REACH which was a nightly event for both of us. We were bouncing ideas, thoughts, and dreams off of each other. His goals and ambitions were selfless and ultimately were to promote "a better Halo" and not himself. This was a very rare thing which I sought out in those on my friends list. Too many forgers, forum leaders, and cartographers were into self-promotion. All though we have had tons of personal conversations on the phone or Xbox, most of them turned into who needed help, support, or motivation in the community. He loves the members of this forum. He worried about the personal lives of those members who shared their times of sorrow. Although some know him as the authority figure with the banhammer from hell, all should know that he is a giant teddy-bear who truly cares about others. He is a great example of a true Christian. I have always seen Doggy as an old-fashioned mans man. His chivalrous and unconditional actions toward his sweet wife IMAKEQUILTS were admired and revealed his softer side. There was also the knock out yelling arguments, although entertaining, which exposed his stronger side. There was countless conversations of "keep this between us" which stayed confident. There were times when we leaned on each other and showed our emotions which let me know he was human. Decisions were made which we stood shoulder to shoulder on. Yet there were other decisions where our friendship required us to support each other. Either way I always knew that I could count on him. As some of you may know Dog is a former soldier who provided the freedom that our American members enjoy. Whereas, I was a boxer who got on ESPN twice. It would have been pretty entertaining to record some conversations when you take 2 men over 6 foot with alpha personalities, strong confidence, stubborn determination, and will to survive a zombie Apocalypse and then tell them to agree on everything. But despite any moments of strong words or questionable actions from either of us our brotherhood became stronger. I don't think I would have developed my admiration any other way. He has earned the two words which I don't give out easily, trust and respect. I know that I speak for many of the 343 I members when I say we hope that the foundation you laid, example you have shown, and memories you have created will be carried on for years in your honor. Your name is engraved on the cornerstone of this forum and as one of the greatest members. Thank you Dog for your service.
  14. Thanks for the kind words. I miss you guys too. Pray for Halo 5 or Destiny to reunite us again.
  15. woof woof bark........groooowwwwwlll. Don't worry guys it was a conversation between lil dog and I. He understood just fine :-)
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