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  1. Adapt or die If halo just doesn't suit your tastes anymore, you are under no obligation to continue playing it. You're entitled to your opinions though, and I don't disagree with everything you say. But I've learned as time goes on, and sometimes if you can't beat them, you gotta join them
  2. AR is the easiest to use, after I've spent a decent amount of time experimenting with each automatic. I once used it as my secondary full time until I got weapon mastery for it But more recently, my preference has been the storm rifle. I decided to use it mainly because it's pretty rare to come across, and it lasts surprisingly long when used with the ammo perk. This weapon definitely takes time to realize its full potential, but when used right it will leave your enemy with devastating consequences. As most experienced halo players know, plasma weapons break shields like crazy. By knowing how to navigate the map right, you can draw opponents into more confined spaces and unleash a devastating volley of blue death on them. It's works best when fired in controlled bursts to maintain accuracy and prevent the overheat effect. The downside of it is the expected lack of range, but it also gets you a lot of assists. Teammates easily pick off the targets that you've already weakened, but this shouldn't matter if you're a team player
  3. I really like this idea for a thread. It showcases a lot of the diversity on the site and allows us to share some of our non-gaming interests with others. @Zoobkillerninja I liked the new stuff you showed me. Love the lyricism for a change. Heres some more stuff (I'm going I consolidate it to save space on the thread)
  4. I find my tastes in rap with positive messages. (yes, it does exist ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpke_zl0vVA
  5. I can't agree more. And the armor attachments had much more personality than the skins in halo 4
  6. Like p34nut said earlier, try to use a grenade to pop his shields. That will likely take away most or all of his shields, leaving 1 or 2 head shots for a quick kill. And if you will be using the resupply perk, go scavenge your opponent's nades before they respawn. Know the map, or try to adapt quickly. You want to have a good vantage point while not exposing yourself too much. And don't stick to a single spot for too long, because your opponent will always know where you are and they will eventually flank you. Try to nab any possible power weapons and do not let your enemy get to them as well
  7. I liked reach's graphic elements that seemed more "rag tag" and scrappy because it really emphasizes humanity's technological gap from the covenant. It made the game seem realistic in my opinion. But considering that humans have evolved a great deal since chief was in cryo sleep, I think we will continue to see more futuristic, majestic themes. For landscapes, I think we've experienced enough forerunner architecture so far in the series. And most fans probably won't want to relive the "Cortana" mission from halo 3 in bowels of flood territory. I despise that mission..... But anyways, I think more urban environments are the way to go. The places in ODST were unique, as well as the mission "Exodus" from reach. I also really liked the first mission of halo 4 out in space trying to gain control of the UNSC ship. The tight corridors and enclosed environment adds a lot of suspense. But just to keep things spaced out, I think a cool sandbox type battlefield would be Egypt (no pun intended ). Using vehicles to fight off enemies in a large, open space full of ancient Egyptian ruins sounds like a classic halo experience Varying weather conditions and time of day would also add a unique twist to the franchise
  8. I think I should play with you guys sometime, but I mean cooperatively . I've never been fond of challenging other players and I never have before, so I'd like to keep things that way. I have about a 1.69 KD so I can probably keep up with you guys if we ever play together. But if you really need a challenge, I have some powerful friends who may be up for it
  9. As others have said, they clearly got amped up. They're strong enough now that they are an option for personal ordinance. Most people I play against rarely use it, but the weapon can seem almost unfair when it's in the right hands. Don't get caught in the open if you know your opponents are using it. Stay close to corners or any cover that you use to get out its spray. Then draw them in to close range where it's harder to use, or pop in and out of cover so can't concentrate the fire in an explosive burst
  10. Yoshi, you may need to put some spoiler tags around your answers
  11. I had extremely similar questions Let's hope we can find ourselves some fellow vectors Yoshi
  12. Welcome to Arctic Biosystems For those of you who aren't familiar with Helix, it is a new TV series presented to us by the Syfy channel. Helix just finished its first season and season 2 is expected in 2015. I've created this thread to hopefully introduce new viewers to show, as well as provide a place for current fans to discuss the show. I'll begin with a brief overview of the plot (with no spoilers) and conclude with my amateur critic review. Summary The main events of Helix takes place in a remote laboratory known as Arctic Biosystems. When the laboratory reports a possible disease outbreak in its facility, a distress call is sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Alan Farragut leads a team of CDC researchers and a US Army Major into the center of the arctic circle to investigate the mysterious outbreak. Upon arrival the CDC team discovers this isolated facility to be teeming with scientific research and staffed by over 100 personnel. Head scientist of the base Dr. Hiroshi Hatake explains what he knows of the outbreak, and the team expects to develop a quick cure as they are trained to do. This disease turns out to be much more deadly than anyone could possibly imagine. Once a person is infected, the disease reprograms the brain of its victims and uses them to infect new hosts. Not to mention, the virus consists of an unknown DNA structure. The infected hosts are referred to as Vectors and prove to be a terrifying threat to lives of everyone in the facility. At first, it appears like a typical zombie apocalypse set up, but the plot proves to have far much more depth than vector conflict. Along with the vectors, numerous other issues show up along the way. Dr. Hatake constantly seems to be hiding crucial information regarding the origins of the virus. The CDC team is left to discover the secrets of Arctic Biosystems for themselves. *that is all I can reveal about the plot without spoilers* My Amateur Review I personally got hooked on the show after seeing the first 2 episodes. I'm normally not one to follow any TV shows on a regular basis, but this is one of the few exceptions. I'm going to split up my review into the following paragraphs: setting and production quality, acting, and plot value Possibly the most impressive feature of Helix is its captivating setting. The idea of having this mysterious, remote laboratory in the middle of the arctic allows for a lot of creativity. The outside world remains nearly oblivious to the events taking place in Arctic Biosystems and the characters are left to make the most of what they are given. The outside of the facility is shown using CGI, but the interior of it is marvelous. Labs are filled with complex equipment and a very clean, organized environment is presented. The technology of the facility seems that it would fit into the near future, unless it already exists. But there is a much darker side to the base as well. Without going into further detail, I will just say that some parts of the base are pleasantly terrifying As far as acting goes, I'd say it was generally above average. I don't know the real names of the actors, but some in particular did a very good job. The actor who plays Dr. Hatake steals almost every scene he is in. He plays the perfect part of the shady scientist that knows more than he's willing to share. His head of security, Daniel Aerov, also does a good job of his no nonsense, obedient role. Those are just a few to name, but I won't spend too much time in detail. I will admit though, that some of less important characters could have fulfilled their roles with better acting. Some minor characters even become annoying to see, but I believe that they were designed have the audience dislike them. I am not much of an acting critic, so I will leave you all to decide for yourselves Now this plot, I could talk all day about it but I must refrain from spoiling any parts of the story. As I mentioned in my summary, the beginning of the show may like another zombie apocalypse clichè, but it goes much further. There are so many different elements and separate conflicts to consider when watching the show. The characters need to find a cure for this virus with no help from the outside world, trapped in a remote lab with dangerous vectors, and so much more. Viewers will get glimpses of an odd love triangle and connections between characters that are completely unexpected. After every episode, I was left with so many questions to ponder over. There are countless "wtf???!!!" moments throughout the series that will leave your head spinning in confusion. The plot is complex yet is presented so all of its audience should be able to comprehend it. Character development is strong and it is easy to become attached to some of these characters Now that is the end of my long rant. I just had to put some of my thoughts about the show into words and hopefully others can do the same. But I do have some quick cautions before I recommend seeing the show: 1) there are a few brief, messy scenes with blood, but they are generally short 2) one instance of characters involved in a sexual relationship, partial nudity shown but all parts are covered 3) the love triangle involves an affair, but it not necessarily essential to the plot. Keep in mind, these are minor warnings and the rest of the show outweighs those bits of bad stuff for me And please no spoilers!!!
  13. I think the playlists are being rotated too often. We need some solid ground to set our feet on instead playlists flying in and out every week
  14. Suppose this has something to do with the flood? Throughout the whole human/covenant war, the flood always appeared as the third party while the main conflict is focused on the humans and the covenant. Even after the events of halo 3, we all know that they are still out there. Since there doesn't seem to be a direct infection of either of the traitors, maybe the flood is using hostages to motivate them? Since Scruggs killed his entire team, we can assume that the hostages aren't related to the UNSC, but it seems unlikely that any other people would be anywhere near the flood. Well, my first idea doesn't have much to support it, but it is always a possibility. Which leads me to my second theory. There could be an organization which has negotiated with the flood, or found itself under persuasion from a gravemind. Graveminds are highly intelligent and it is possible that these humans agree with the motives of "unification" that the flood has. But still, it seems extremely odd that an active Spartan is involved with these activities. These were just some of my first thoughts though. I can probably come up with some more concrete theories once I have some more time
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