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Hello Everyone!

I'm writing about this topic because after doing some research I seem to be the only one having this issue.


Today I tried playing 3 player local matchmaking. The problem I had is that I could not play on any map except for Halo 1 maps.
The maps would get the load screen and after a few seconds, it would state a message saying "loading incomplete".
I had 2 xbox one wireless controllers and 1 xbox one wired controller.
At first I thought it was the wired controller since it's a third party one but it wasn't because it worked with Halo 1 maps.
As long as I had only 2 controllers set up, I could play on any map from any game. As soon as a third was connected, only Halo 1 would work.

Am I the only one who experienced this? Will they be fixing this along with the Matchmaking updates?
I understood the problems had to do with servers so it may just be my game.

Please and thank you for your time!

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HMCC;   Ive probably played  10  games (multi.) since  i got  game   Why would it get released

when the multiplayer  wont even work hardly at all  why would this be acceptable  Ive got  it its               not Can you really plan on releaseing  5 beta when  MCC multiplayer wont  work  thats a train               wreck in the making  anyhow  to whom it may concern please fix  the problems and stop acting              like youve already done thqt  because if you had  i could play the  multi. p.   now     I STILL CANT

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