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    I keep myself in strong physical shape (gym every weekday) and I value logic, reason, comedy, and honesty. I don't play many video games, but I love all things sci fi, which includes many game lores. I know these 2 statements will alienate me a bit from the geekier crowds here and hopefully this creates some emotional tension to create some excitement

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  1. You probably meant to visit the official website of 343 industries. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums
  2. Ya I liked having Elites in mulitiplayer. Considering they are on the same side nowadays it would make sense they learn to work together in "trials" or "simulations." I wonder, will the alliance of the Arbiter Elites and the UNSC have an official name at some point?
  3. E-Runner

    Monty Oum

    What did he die of, cancer or the sort?
  4. WOLF PACK! That's something everyone wants to be a part of!
  5. No voice acting? Scrubs I'm a navy seal graduated on the top of my oscar.
  6. Pretty cool mate. I'd be interested in more of your edits.
  7. I enjoy playing the Beta, and I am a BIG big team battle player. That's what I focus on in all games. Playing the Beta reminds me most of Halo 2...I guess because of the Battle Rifle. The game is very smooth and tight like Halo 3 and Reach were, which is a positive. My least favorite Halo is definitely Halo 4 and I'm crazy glad the Beta is different than it. I am quite excited for Halo 5 BTB information
  8. I can safely say I never want to be a mom. I'm a guy, that would just be weird.
  9. Yay you like BTB too! I'll add "ennye" then asap I play with Spartan 343 a lot too
  10. MAGGIE: I thought one could only have FREE access to the Beta if they played MCC before a certain date? I believe you started MCC fairly late so maybe too late?
  11. Back in high school I always ran Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track! And I also loved (still love) running in the rain, snow, etc...elements! So ElementalRunner was born
  12. Kewl, I like playing BTB the most... ElementalRunner
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