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  1. Quick, size of an arty round. (M777)
  2. Yes, her name is Mido, short for Midori. It means green in Japanese, she'll live up to her name someday
  3. My car Mido won herself $50 from being the staff pick of a photo contest! It was held on XenonSupply's facebook page as a contest showing off customer's cars that installed their lights. Mido won with this picture: Sorry, I was so happy I had to share the great news.
  4. Wow, medical field's pretty challenging, but very rewarding too. I'd recommend going with it.
  5. Tried out the developer preview for Windows 8 and I must say, for an OS that originated as a regular desktop computer OS, the ease-of-use for tablets is pretty nice. And it still has the ability to switch back to the normal looking desktop we all know and love about Windows. I'm still awaiting the API changes that may have resulted of the new OS and it's new features.
  6. If you guys like electronic music, you can give a mix I made a few months back a listen! SoundCloud: DJ Vipe - Bass Ignition
  7. This may always be the case. I just noticed the similarity, and found that no one has brought it up in the forums.
  8. Haha, it's just a hobby. I enjoy programming a whole lot more.
  9. And they are few and far between, mostly in globular clusters, but these clusters are mostly devoid of gas and dust as they are used up by the stars.
  10. ViperSRT3g


    Pictures of my car! I've named her Mido, which is short for Midori. In Japanese, Midori means green. And if you haven't noticed by now, my favorite color is green.
  11. Meh, haven't seen them in a couple of years now. Yours?
  12. I'm just dandy today, how about you?
  13. The front half of the ship made it through the portal back to Earth. The back half, the side Chief and Cortana were stranded on, was cut off, but still made it through the portal. They simply didn't travel all the way back to Earth. Because of the Ark's location, it has no background stars to be near. If the ship were even remotely close to the Ark, these stars we are looking at wouldn't be there. And they most certainly are stars as they are surrounded by nebulous gas. Because of the presence of stars, this shows that the ship did travel back within the galactic disc. However, it did not make it all the way back to Earth. This makes me wonder if a straight line distance from Earth through the Pleiades cluster and out a few hundred thousand light years would send us back to the Ark's location outside of our Galaxy. For additional information about the Pleiades Cluster, click here. EDIT: I just found another interesting source of information located here. It talks about the distances of Human-controlled space.
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