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  1. I live in Berlin, Germany and I have lagged out of many warzone games as well as simple slayer games. I have been threatened with a permanent ban by Halo 5 if this continues. What region are you located in?Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany. How often are you experiencing this? (every game, every other game?)About one in three games on average, sometimes it happens three or four games in a row. Does this happen multiple times per game?No, I simply lag out if it happens and the game ends. Sometimes there is a little skipping in the video feed a few moments before it ends. Description of your experience (Warping, delayed registration, walking into walls, etc.)One moment I am playing the game with no issues and the next the screen goes blank and I get returned to war zone matchmaking selection lobby. Xbox DVR / YouTube / Twitch VoD / etc is extremely helpfulI haven't made any videos of this, basically you are playing the game with no problem and the next the screen goes blank. Then you have the loading screen for the lobby. Make / model of your routerFritz Box 7390 Firmware version of your routerFRITZ!OS 06.20 ISP & Bandwidth speeds (Up / Down) ISP is Telefonica Germany, (AKA O2), Down speed = 6.07 Mbps, Up speed = 0.75 Mbps. Latency = between 180 milliseconds and 206 milliseconds. I have been banned for 10 minutes from halo 5 multiplayer because of all of this lagging out of games, and I have been threatened with getting permanently banned if this continues. So I need to fix this problem ASAP or I won't be able to play at all. Somebody please fix this immediately. That's exactly what I got for continuously lagging out of too many warzone games. It happens without any warning. I have lost quite a lot of reqs and boosts because of this as well.
  2. I'm an american living in germany and although I can speak german I would prefer to play Halo 5 in english. I can pre order it from amazon.co.uk but that only uses standard shipping, so it will take 3 days to deliver. I can buy the german version, but I'm not sure if there will be language options availible, and if so if I will have to set the location of the whole xbox to ireland in order for halo to work in english. If I have to do THAT then my credit card won't work because the xbox only allows one to enter credit cards from the area where the xbox is registered. Does anyone know what kind of language options I will have and how they will work if I buy the german version of the game?
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