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Found 12 results

  1. Halo 5 Event I know it's been a while, but the staff have been working on a project for a while now, and we are happy to be rolling out updates very soon! With that, we would like to celebrate with those who still pop in for a visit once in a while, and any new members that have yet to participate in an event. This will also give you a chance to snag another award to add to your collections! This event hosted by Drizzy_Dan, will be a mix of non "sweaty" game modes all ran on Halo 3 settings, maps, and gametypes. Some maps that we will be enjoying are listed below: Guardian Pit High Ground Citadel Snowbound Isolation We will be playing a number of classic gametypes as well... When: October 13th 2017 3 PM EST (12 PST) Where: Halo 5 Drop your gamertag below so we can add you to the lobby, see you there! *We are well aware that some may have school, work and other commitments, so the lobby will be held throughout the day, depending on lobby size.
  2. Hello everybody, I would like to introduce you to a map of me. Gamertag(s) of the map creator(s): Medizinmann92 The map's player count: 8 Map: the Woods The name of the map's gametype: Cabin in This map is inspired by the movie Cabin in the Woods. This type of game according to the rules of Lone Wolf. Best wishes Medizinmann92
  3. Can someone explain to me and other who doesent know what is that ring icon in Halo:CE(PC) server browser window please?
  4. Taken from Meet the Pennsylvania City Norristown, Pennsylvania, domestic violence victims get kicked out of their homes for calling the cops too many times. More specifically, a municipal ordinance from this backwards town encourages landlords to evict tenants who call for police assistance, even in cases of domestic assault. The ACLU is challenging that ordinance on the grounds that it violates the First Amendment, and also disproportionately affects women and people of color. The ACLU filed its lawsuit on behalf of Lakisha Briggs, who was threatened with eviction for the first time on May 23, 2012, weeks after police officers responded to a third domestic violence call at her house. In this particular incident, her abuser had “chased Ms. Briggs down the alley with a brick and followed her to her house, where he attacked her.” "You are on three strikes. We're gonna have your landlord evict you," officers told Briggs after apprehending her ex-boyfriend, according to the lawsuit. After a judge refused to force Briggs out of her home, Norristown revoked her landlord’s license and tried to evict her. According to court documents, the ACLU came to Briggs’ defense and stopped the eviction, compelling the city to repeal the ordinance in question. But just two weeks later, the city passed a nearly identical law. Now, the ACLU is challenging the latest version of Norristown’s “disorderly behavior” ordinance, which fines landlords and evicts tenants if someone requests police assistance at a property three times or more in four months. The suit claims the law violates Briggs’ First Amendment right to petition the government, which includes calling for police assistance. The ACLU also claims violations of the Violence Against Women Act, “which protects many domestic violence victims from eviction based on the crimes committed against them” and the Fair Housing Act, “which prohibits discrimination based on sex.” In Ms. Briggs’ case, a victim of domestic assault refrained from calling the police because she did not want to lose her home. After her “first strike,” it was her a family and an unknown neighbor who called the authorities, including a case in which Briggs’ abuser stabbed her in the neck with a shard of glass. Briggs’ did a brief stint in jail, but she was stuck in a bind when he returned: As the ACLU notes, Norristown is not the only city “nuisance ordinances” or “crime free ordinances” that suppress the rights of domestic violence victims. Professors from Harvard and Columbia looked at similar laws in Milwaukee, finding that “Nearly a third of all [nuisance] citations were generated by domestic violence.” The study, published in the American Sociological Review, also found that “properties in black neighborhoods disproportionately received citations, and those located in more integrated black neighborhoods had the highest likelihood of being deemed nuisances.” She let her abuser stay because she felt intimidated and worried that he would harm her or her three year old daughter if she tried to do anything to force him out, and she knew that she could not call the police for help without risking eviction. Lakisha Briggs seeks temporary immunity from Norristown’s “disorderly behavior” ordinance, damages, legal fees and a declaratory judgment deeming the ordinance unconstitutional.
  5. Well friends, here it is. I've been here a while. I've seen members come and go, made friends here and enemies there, but I have enjoyed it here. I am a longstanding member, and I'm proud of it. And before I go any further, no I'm not leaving the site, this is something that I want to leave you with after my MoM month. And speaking of people leaving, that seems to have been happening a lot lately, and it saddens me. Members who have been longstanding members such as me, or ones who were new, but quickly found a place here, only to be turned aside by petty differences, or ones who caused trouble and have paid the price. But we have too. This forum used to be a place for fun, for friendship, and above all, for Halo. Posting was something that we put meaning into, not just put a brief message so we could have a petty hop-up by achieving the status of a Trusted or Dedicated member, to become Purple or Light Gray to lord it over their fellow members. We would put our all into it, nothing held back. I myself barely reached Purple immediately before I became MoM. There was none of the ranting, none of the complaining, people were here because they wanted to be here, not because they had something against us. And we have suffered greatly from these evils coming into the forum, obliterating its purity and bringing it to face cold harsh reality. But we cannot blame the people who brought it to us. We cannot blame the Mods, the Staff, Twam, we cannot even blame ourselves. In this world there is much that is wrong, but we can't change that. We can only make ourselves the best we can be. And the Mods, the Staff, and Twam put their every ounce into this site. We have heard them cry out to us that there is only so much they can take. They beg us day by day to respect the site like they do, to make of it what they have, to uphold the virtues and standards that they have worked so hard to put in place. We can have nothing but respect for them. I know that no matter what, they will do what is right for the forum. Should we aspire to be any less great of character? We complain of degradation, harkening back to the "good old days". But those days are over. We are the ones who create the future of the site. New, up and coming, untried and unbroken members. We were once like them. And now they are our future.
  6. Let's go straight to the point: Elites in Halo 4 - True or False? Well this is a general discussion (not quite too sure is spelled this correctly) topic about the mighty Sangheili species. For what my researches had led me to, there is a quite big chance of 343 adding our favorite species, the Sangheili. Going back to that picture in which a guy in a forum said that Thel 'Vadamee (the Arbiter) will have appeareances in Spartan Ops and Elite Ops are in the game. All of you who bought Halo 4 noticed that there wasn't such a thing as Elite Ops in the "raw" game, but it may be added to the game through DLC. Think with me: the 2nd season of Spartan Ops, a DLC that includes not only Elite Ops, but some gametypes that includes playable Sangheili. Now for the GD (General Discussion): Many, and I mean MANY people have been saying that they either do not care about Sangheili or that they do not like them. They say lots of stuff, but almost every single of them end up in "get over it". People say it's insane to research the Sangheili culture, and following it is madness. They say those "old space dinosaurs are wothless, just a secondary skin for your character, unnecessary". They say we are wierd because we role-play as our favorite species, and say worshipping them is insanity. Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting something to change. And that is what you, the ones who are against the Sangheili, are doing. You say the same thing over and over again, "get over it", "face it", expecting to change our mind about our beliefs and whatever else we do. That, my brothers, is insanity. You say we are close minded, that we do not accept others' opinions. All I have to say about this is that we DO accept others' opinions, but just because we accept your opinion, it does not mean we HAVE to follow it! You, ALL of you who are against the Sangheili might, shall perish when we are heard! We will NOT accept such cricticism against ourselves! RISE, my brothers! Rise, so we may defeat those who oppose us! Alright, that is it for now. Thanks for taking your time to read this and responding, and have a good day.
  7. I have been following Halo since I started playing HALO:CE so I decided to post 2 stuff me and 2 other friends want in Halo 5. 1.Choices in campaign We would like 343i to add choices in the campaign. Exampel: Chief is being possesed by some forerunner power and has to choose if he is to go easy and do as the forerunner say's or if he is going to fight for what's right. I know people will say it won't work because that would change the storyline but keep reading and you will hopefully understand how it would work. If you choose what's right you complete the "actuall" campaign, but if you choose the easy/bad stuff you will get an alternate/legendary ending. It would also help marketing because people want to know what happens next, so they will buy the next game being Halo 6 (if they do not add games that don't follow the reclaimer trilogy). 2.Forerunners We know the prometheans,we have heard about the forerunners, but have we ever got to fight alongside/against them? no! We would like to see some sort of twist in the campaign where chief and arby come to earth and see it's totally destroyed, so obviously they will think it is either the covenant or the promethean's but it turns out to be the last 30 - 40 forerunner's using they're extreme tech to attack earth because they could see progress in they're technology that threatened the forerunners.
  8. People who are mature, play good, and know how to have a good time
  9. Hey I just joined today so I guess I should talk about myself so 1st thing I want to make a machining series do I'm stretching out to this community for help really 2nd I would like to meet some fun casual players to play reach or H4 3rd ask any questions you want to about me Thanks...
  10. Personally, i think they should. If you think about it, armor abilities are just improved equipment. Active camo=Active camo. kinda obvious. Jet pack=portable grav lift Drop shield=bubble shield armor lock=deployable cover (Now it sucks. Thanks 343!) Active camo=radar jammer Armor lock=invincibility Regenerator=drop shield The only things left out are Auto turret, flare, and trip mine. Personally, I could not live without at the very least: Sprint, Active camo, jet pack, evade, drop shield and hologram. Maybe armor lock for vehicles. Derp face
  11. Should halo 4 have a type of map, much like Star Wars Battle Front 2, where players can fly ships and have space dogfights? (I know this is not a halo "thing" I just thought of this because of the space mission in Reach.)
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