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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, today, I am bringing you guys a Covenant gun show. It only features Tyrants (Because I love Tyrants) that range in cost from 800-1250 in forge cash. There are 4 Tyrants that are similar in design and either have sniper towers or no sniper towers. One of the turrets is set up to be a dominion base just to show that they can function as a B base in dominion gametypes. Gamertag:MattyFatty51 Map:Covenant Tyrant AA GunShow (fileshare) Description:A Gun Show map that features different types of tyrants and how they can be used in different maps. Pictures: First Tyrant (1450$) Second Tyrant(1060$) Third Tyrant(1425$) Fourth Tyrant(2165$) Hope you all enjoy this!
  2. While arguing in another thread it occurred to me what went wrong with the introduction of Armor Abilities. AA's were envisioned as the follow up to previous Halo's equipment and Power Ups. But those things had been "power ups". They conferred an advantage on purpose. Where Reach went wrong was trying to apply things which were meant to make you more powerful in such a way as to make everyone equally powerfull. In Halo 3 the Bubble Shield is not meant to match Active Camo. It is not supposed to be a level playing field. In Reach, Bungie tried to modify all these preexisting things than throw in some new ones without making an effort to make the different AA's balance each other Rock,Paper,Scissors style. So the core problem is trying to adapt things which are inherently asymmetrical in gameplay terms to be symmetrical, and the result of this contradictory approach is you get AA's which are either lame knockoffs of previous versions (Active Camo) or Overpowered (Armor Lock). And this says another thing about the future of Halo...if 343 makes an armor customization system which changes peoples abilities but is not necessarily the Armor abilities of Reach, it doesnt have to have the same problems because rather than trying to adapt things which are inherently unbalanced to be balanced, 343 will likely be starting off from a point of "what little changes can we give people to customize themselves while remaining balanced?".
  3. Personally, i think they should. If you think about it, armor abilities are just improved equipment. Active camo=Active camo. kinda obvious. Jet pack=portable grav lift Drop shield=bubble shield armor lock=deployable cover (Now it sucks. Thanks 343!) Active camo=radar jammer Armor lock=invincibility Regenerator=drop shield The only things left out are Auto turret, flare, and trip mine. Personally, I could not live without at the very least: Sprint, Active camo, jet pack, evade, drop shield and hologram. Maybe armor lock for vehicles. Derp face
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