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  1. I mostly just want replay value ppl. Some of my favorite games such as fallout 3/nv and half life 2 because of how replayable they are and how we can use so many different strategies in them.
  2. I think it is too late in development in halo 5 to suggest anything like this...
  3. Forge was great in Halo 4 and Reach. I do not really think that mission editor will be fun on many maps because of limited space or at least as not as fun as you think. Adding more forge maps would be awesome though. What I want to say is that they really should add enemy AI in forge. They could add scripts for them so they act as they do as a randomly generated character and just let us place spawners that we can fight in human forge mode. Great Idea for the AI.
  4. When I teabag I do it in style. With a hologram.
  5. Hello, lets talk about a hilarious glitch in combat evolved. It is called the Headless Master Chief Glitch. How To See It: First go onto halo combat evolved mission "The Pillar Of Autumn". Recommended on legendary or heroic to be able to skip training simulation and cryo tube intro. Once the cutscene where master chief steps out of the cryo tube finishes quickly turn around and crouch jump into the cryo tube. You will see a headless master chief which is a product from the "revile" cutscene where you can see his whole body but you are his head. You may need to try this multiple times because the cryo tube only stays open for about 3 seconds. Another glitch that may happen is if you stop crouching before you fully get into the cryo tube you will either be pushed out of the world or on top of the cryo tube. I hope you enjoy!
  6. Thank you, I was going for a similarity to ODST actually, hence the title, but this game would probably be a mini game give more info to why the covenant came to earth, even though it was pretty much explained through a halo MCC terminal. Thank you, I was going for a similarity to ODST actually, hence the title, but this game would probably be a mini game give more info to why the covenant came to earth, even though it was pretty much explained through a halo MCC terminal. Somehow my response posted twice
  7. I was thinking about halo 6 and I got an idea for the reclaimer saga to go out with a bang! Imagine that the flood is taking over entire planets and there is a strong urge to fire the halo rings. The librarian has a plan to be able to destroy the flood somehow. But there would be space dogfights with covenant remnant and flood. There would be friendly Prometheans that you defeat flood with in sandbox environments. Classic shootouts with hidden weapon caches. Throwbacks by fighting on other halo rings to capture an index. Control of covenant cruisers and the ability to glass flood infected planets. The dear struggle for all species to survive with help from unexpected allies. Less script and unpredictable events during classic shootouts to give a new feel each time you play the game. Classic characters from throughout the series coming back. And to wrap it all up, every faction in the game fighting in one place while you run for the control center and remove the flood for good. That is what I want. I think the art has been amazing lately such as in the underrated game Halo Spartan Assault. Yet there are some things that do not feel al Halo as the other games do. One thing I think you really need to keep is blur studios, they were outstanding! But you need to stay true to what halo is and that means hiring some dedicated video game coders who care mostly about creating the game. But we all just want a classic halo feel. So I am saying in this in advance for halo 6 instead of halo 5 for some perspective and some insight by 343. Now lets keep halo how it is supposed to be. And lastly please don't let Microsoft set an unreasonable due date, release the game when you feel that there are no more large bugs. This would mean a lot to everyone in the community. Thank you if you are a 343 employee and are reading this request. (By the way, I am only able to play PC games and only get to play the xbox halo games at my friend's houses, please release halo 3 for PC because I am stuck with Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Spartan Assault) Cheers!
  8. I was thinking about how could 343 could expand on the halo franchise and what I came up with may inspire some 343 workers. I have not came up with a name for it but Here is the story. Earth, The last stand for the humans. As humans we always think differently. Sometimes to our benefits and sometimes not. We find a small group of humans in the city of Mombasa a cultist group of humans. They believe the covenant is right. They form a group called the Marauders. In that group they go on covert ops missions to steal whatever information they can from ONI, N.M.P.D, and UNSC files. Then send faint signals and encoded inscriptions of stolen information to covenant receiver ships. After a N.M.P.D patrolling officer is found shot with an SMG on the side of the street, N.M.P.D troopers are stationed to keep watch. Meanwhile the Marauders send a slipspace beacon location at New Mombasa. Progress through by flying wombat recon drones and eliminating members of the cultists with snipers as Police Units while going on Covert missions to recover info for the covenant as the marauders we get both sides of the story. In the end the covenant send a phantom to earth with an active camo system undetectable by radar, they manage to park on a skyscraper. a small covenant file of grunts and elites steps out. They are greeted by the marauders and are shown all gathered information on earth and the UNSC. The Humans plead for allowance to follow along with the aliens on the Great Journey. The covenant troops raise their plasma weapons and murder the cultist troops. Lastly you play as the N.M.P.D troops battling against the random file of covenant troops. The covenant gathers the info and sends a waypoint to earth where the battle of new mombasa begins. The prophet of truth hears about this from the only remaining elite from the covert phantom and lies to the prophet of regret that there are helpful forerunner attributes to allow brutes to take over elites. All new game play could be added with this and it would only be a campaign similar to that of Halo 3: ODST. You would fly wombat drones controlled by ODST units in a UNSC cruiser on recon missions. Sneak into ONI buildings gaining more access to knowledge and terminals. Sniper missions from aircraft on assassination missions, betrayals, and at the end, a classic halo battle that we all love against the covenant. Tell me what you think.
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