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Found 483 results

  1. Sangheili Armed Forces Set aside your past.Embrace your future. The SAF: Do you desire a chance to relax and still enjoy the taste of unending victory? Do seek companionship while still appreciating the thrill of Halo's gaming entertainment? Yet despite these desires you find yourself without satisfaction? You needn't look further, for you now may be moments away from requesting acceptance to the definition of original Halo Clan gaming, to the runners of Clan scoreboards, the nigh-absolute SAF Brotherhood. An All-Sangheili Halo Clan instituted in 2005 on the original Halo 2 title, the SAF is a collective Clan whose morals and guidelines are founded on Strength, unity and above all, Brotherhood. Inspiring discipline among our ranks and assuring victory with every match we engage in. This dexterity of gaming comes with an adherence for warfare and competition, a calling that few who play can truly answer. What we do: The SAF builds its title on the foundation of defeated Clans we enumerate on our CBR (clan battle record). We tally the names of those we crush and display them as a sign of collective victory. Our righteous goal supported by our highest-pride, our undefeated CBR of 96 Consecutive Victories with absolutely no Defeats. We emphasize what it is to maintain that record by demanding one hundred percent from our team. SAF Recruitment Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIKyNaOYe-A SAF Site Links: https://sites.google.com/site/idlclan/home http://sangheiliarmedforces.weebly.com/ Are you worthy of the title?: If you believe you are capable of being an SAF Warrior and joining a true brotherhood then you need only contact the SAF Clan Kaidon, the respected leader of the SAF since its creation in 2005. Contact Info: Email- jacklafont@gmail.com Xbox One Gamertag- Ison Voklom Thank you for reading this post and gaining knowledge of our existence. Whether you plan to join us or foolishly oppose us we continue our march and we hope to see you at our side. Good luck and good-gaming. 'Hail the SAF'
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a clan/team for that plays Halo 4. Can play for fun and competivibly, my GT is JaY Magic 24
  3. [sF] Special Forces is a military structured clan operating on Halo MCC. We do training more than often with our recruits due to school being over, also doing practice raids. We have 50+ members in [sF]. Even though we're military structured we do have fun custom game often. If your interested joining [sF] contact the gamer tag below. GT: iCrunchE Requirements Microphone 13+ Age Positive K/D
  4. Hi I'm looking to join a mcc clan I would rather be in one that's structured and organized with mature people. I've been playing halo since it was on PC when halo ce first came out. I'm good with objectives map control and stealth. My gt is xH0nkyxK0ngx
  5. Recruiting for the FHM it is a sangheili clan looking for mature and active players on halo reach if you are interested please contact BeamierStatue61
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a clan to join, create one or anyone that wants to party up. I'm interested in some casual gaming, I am mostly available everyday after 8pm. Also, I have a microphone, and I speak English. Gamertag: Cacho665
  7. Me and my friend are starting a Halo 4 clan called "Spartans of Dawn," We are trying to go public and find other clans to be friend or foe with and we are looking for recruits. If you want to join or if you are in a clan than message me or my co-leader. Requirments- MUST be over 14 years of age, must have a working Mic, Xbox live gold, on at least 3 or 4 times a week, and have a positive kd. I will make a 1v1 to see your play style and your strengths and weaknesses before you join clan. We do not require gamertage change but you must use our emblem and service tag that we give you message me to join My Gamertag: FRobert616 Co-Leader: FRobert717
  8. I am the leader of the Halo Clan UNSC Angel of Death. So, Why Choose Us? We take what's best about the gaming community groups and clans and mix them together to make the best gaming environment possible. Gaming communities are fun but don't help develop you into a better player. Clans often are so regulated and strict that they take the fun out of gaming. Here we play with the same desire to win without having to deal with military ranks. You don't have to be a certain rank to help improve things. Every idea is talked about between clan leaders. If this is something you think you'd like message me gt TheDarkFissure on xbox. Visit our facebook page, youtube channel, and twitch channel. www.unscangelofdeath.weebly.com
  9. After days of hard work, deliberation, and most of all, sweat: Your friends AhhOldWoman, Fishy, and BATMAN present: - RoUR - The Rise of Ultimate Remnants This is a brand new, two-division clan that can both have fun and compete for glory. The 2 Play-Style Divisions consist of: CASUAL - For the players that like to have fun and can enjoy being with their teammates, even through loss. This division will be headed and represented by BATMAN. RANKED - For the people who prefer the mature pressure of competition and combat, focused on victory and skill. This division will be headed and represented by Fishy. Q&A: How are we going to spend time? It is either up to the representatives or you can host your own session. Do not hesitate to ask your representative. Where can I join? There are forms posted at the bottom of this thread. These forms are to be filled out and posted in this thread. Why was this clan created? This two-division clan was made to encourage a safe, mature and enjoyable environment where you can both have fun and compete, while keeping the spirit of the game - in the game. Who do you recommend join the RoUR Casual Division? Personally, I recommend the players who have a relaxed skill set, the ones that are more lenient on victory and loss. Who is recommended to join the RoUR Ranked Division? Players recommended are the ones that are capable of a decent K/D, are focused on practice, and skill. Will strive for victory. - Application Forms - CASUAL DIVISION APPL. FORM: RANKED DIVISION APPL. FORM: Questions you may have can be answered in this thread or by PMing one of the team. XBOX ONE is required for Ranked - Highly Recommended for Casual
  10. Posted 08 March 2015 - 03:37 AM I am member of reaper squad of the Halo Clan Angel of Death. So, Why Choose Us? We take what's best about the gaming community groups and clans and mix them together to make the best gaming environment possible. Gaming communities are fun but don't help develop you into a better player. Clans often are so regulated and strict that they take the fun out of gaming. Here we play with the same desire to win without having to deal with military ranks. You don't have to be a certain rank to help improve things. Every idea is talked about between clan leaders. If this is something you think you'd like message gt krypticz417 on xbox. Visit our youtube channel, and twitch channel. www.unscangelofdeath.weebly.com
  11. We are Known as The Wolf Pack. If you new to gaming or a seasoned vet we are looking for those who want to be apart of a family of gamers who run together and play together. Only requirements are that you are 18+ (16 is the youngest if you are mature enough) Have a mic and know how to have fun with others. If you are interested the contack me on XBL @ Mr Omega Wolf.
  12. Are you looking for a Halo 4 Clan on Xbox 360 console?? Blood Before Regret is currently actively recruiting for halo 4 on Xbox 360 ONLY Our expectations are NOT high. iNFO- We are a tightly grouped family who personally know all of our members which is what makes us different from other clans out there.Our clan is all about casual and competitive players who play as a team in order to win and just have fun. We allow you to improve your skills,compete with skilled players or battles,matches. We also have meetings,practices,Game-Nights,clan battles,and tournaments ladder matches. BUT also just play casual play as a team and have fun. Right now we have just started out but can allow you to meet new people,get better,and compete with similar like minded gamers. We are actively recruiting! Feel free to contact me on Xbox live BBR Rusty Knutz anytime!
  13. I'm recruiting for a gaming community called xiled gaming looking for gamers that are 18 years or older my clan name is xgc supremacy I'm the captain if u are interested please contact me on my Xbox one my gamer tag is DCC idoit
  14. Hey, I am currently trying to find other people on halo4 for the xbox360 to play with. I preferably want to play with other females, although if you are a bunch of guys thats fine as well. Message me on 360- 'Cheruby'or kik me- 'RayRayRages'
  15. Hello, I am the clan battle coordinator for SC or Silent Chaos. We are a community/competitive based clan that is willing to do battles in MCC on the Xbox one for halo 2 anniversary, halo 3, and halo 4. We will be up for battles in Halo 5 when it comes out as well. If you are interested in setting up a battle; message me on xbox live. SC Lt oddy Note: We do not play HCS, MLG, etc
  16. iTaz Gaming has a new leader and would like to recruit more members for Halo and even Call of Duty. iTaz Gaming is an eSports gaming clan where we do Clan Battles with other clans, 1v1 with current clan members to see who's best and Tournaments which feature at least 4 other clans. Do I have what it takes? Almost anyone can join iTaz Gaming, as long as you are at least 13 years old (no squeaks) and have an Xbox One with Halo: MCC or Halo 5. What do I do? Just simply go to http://itazgaming.weebly.comand apply. If you get in, you will be offered to do a 1v1 with iTaz Hybrid. This will test out your skill and see which division of the clan you will be put in. More information at http://itazgaming.weebly.com YouTube: http://YouTube.com/itazpredator
  17. I am sick and tired of "children" making tiny clans that die in a month and clog these threads. Im looking for people to start a real Halo Community for Halo MCC. We all want a clan with a nice site, good forums, active members, cool youtube videos, and Streams people watch. I have come to the conclusion the best way to do that is finding mature players who you enjoy playing with. Skill in my opinion is not a factor, create something that people enjoy being a part of, and good players will want to join. I believe in playing together frequently to become better as group. Am I a super talented Halo player? no. I believe in a social media driven clan, one that isnt too big (100+ members is wayyyyy to much) and isnt to small (less than 15). I would love to start something real with some of you, I only require that you want to take it seriously, and we use our vision to create something we all love and enjoy. I am sorry i dont have some clan claiming to do MLG in the summer with some cool name that has something to do with warfare. What i do have though, is a specific set of skills. These skills will help me create something special for us to enjoy. So if you have interest in starting something from the beginning, sharing and expanding it to become something people want to be a part of. Send me a message on XBOne, and we can talk about this and work together. My gamertag is SUPMACBROMAN. Please no one under 18. And if you do not intend on really working to make something great, dont waste mine or your time. Happy Gaming to all! (And Happy St Pattys to all you irish ********!)
  18. Hi, I'm Commander Raptor Just a fan of the greatest Halo game of all so far... Halo: Reach. Although I have made some analysis to this game and discovered a great many things. I've been in clans and led a few along the way. Let me explain to you where it all began. In a clan called United Legion PMCs (Private Military Contractors) I tried to add some real life tactical formations and tactics to the game and to my training operations. Some did actually work to excellent results and others got the entire team obliterated. But during those analysis I discovered the few problems that almost every Halo players have. Here they are; - Smart Field Movement (SFM) - Patience - Bloom control Those are only three of the many more. SFM is extremely important. Imagine yourself in Hemorrhage and you want to make your way to the enemy territory so you head out in a straight line IN THE OPEN and once you cross a hill or a rock Boom! you're dead by a sniper, a DMR shooter or anything. Plan your moves. Think. Smart = Be smart. Don't rush into things without thoughts. Take your time. Field = Look around you. Know where the enemy is at. Scout and recon around locations just to see and locate targets and choke points that you don't want to be caught into. Movement = When all your preparations are made then move on to your plan. Bring a few teammates from the game chat if you want. Make this everyone's victory. Patience is very important as well. Knowing when to attack an enemy and when not to. Also to always wait for your shields to recharge when depleted. Going in the firefight without a recharged armor won't do you good, a single lucky shot to the head and you're gone. Bloom control is about not spraying and preying your weaponry. Use control over these and guaranty every shot hits your target. All these traits can be taught in our ODST Clan. Join now! Message Cmdr Raptor for more intel and how to join. Thank you!
  19. I'm building a team on halo MCC that will do the most challenging thing in halo history, but before you join my question is are you ready? Put your gamertag down OR?? Message me on xboxlive.
  20. Hello! Rebellion Gaming is looking for any interested recruits! We are a non-skill based gaming community, and our main goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for people to get together and have fun playing video games! There is a place for everyone, from the casual gamer, to the extreme try-hard. We currently have Branches on Halo: MCC ; CoD AW ; and a small Branch on Halo: Reach. There are very few requirements to join (No, you never HAVE to change your gamertag), other than our age requirement of 15. Many of our members find close friends within the community, and play together every day outside of our activities. So if you're looking to help manage a community, or are just looking for people to play with consistently, RBG can be a good fit for you! If you're interested, just go ahead and send me a message on Xbox. Hope to hear from you soon, and happy gaming! Also, you can check out our website at rbgcommunity.com for more information! *Totally forgot that in OP*
  21. I know, I know, we might sound like one of those small tiny clans filled with little kids screaming and yelling. We aren't. Don't judge a book by it's cover, silly, Chaos Gaming is one of the biggest and most respected gaming communities on Xbox. We span across CoD and Halo Reach and will expand into H4 when it comes out. We contain over 1700 members registered on out website, with well over hundreds more unregistered on the website. Our Halo Reach division contains 7 Branches; Backlash, Dynasty, Impact, Intensity, Shockwave, Revolver and Supremacy, and our CoD side has well over 15 branches. But I'm here to recruit for Halo, not CoD, so let's go ahead and talk about us. Chaos Gaming has been around for about 3 years and is built around one rule: Treat others the way you wanna be treated. We value respect and integrity above all else and just want to make others have fun, make friends and enjoy themselves. We hold tourneys that yield prizes that range from Microsoft Points to Xboxs, but our main attraction is our Game Nights: One hour, give or take, dedicated to just playing games and having fun. Each Game night is different and is hosted by a different person. You can expect anywhere from 10-40 people attending a single game night. Here in Chaos, we treat other like family, because we kind of are like one. Into competitive and MLG play? No worries, we also have Elite Squads, for not just MLG but I'll get into those later, where the best of the best in a branch get together to practice, play and improve on their skills in Halo and MLG. One of my good friends, Dalton (Gamertag lBoba F e t tI), went to MLG Colombus and made it to losers bracket round 3 and placed top 100. And he was a Chaos Gaming Major. We even have Elite Squads for Snipers, Grifball and other types of games as well. Seem interested? Well like all other gaming communities, we have rules. You should be willing to change your colors, motto and emblem, and keep it like how we ask, at all times to represent us. You also should be at least 16 years of age to join, but if you are as young as 13 you can be accepted under the grounds that you are mature and willing to contribute. (You will have to wait a couple more days to earn your first promotion if you are not of age, sorry) If you are interested and are willing to comply with the rules stated above, please contact me on XBL, my gamertag is "Im Frosty Chaos" (No you do NOT have to change your gamertag to join.) Wanna see out site? Check it out at "360chaos.net!!" Thanks for reading and/or replying!! ~~ Frosty
  22. Greeting everyone, I, «Ð§»Þülsê, am the leader of a newly formed clan called Ðeathly §hadows. We created Ч so that players who still play Halo: Combat Evolved could feel the sense of belonging to a community. A community where they can express themselves, make some friends and most importantly, have a good time! As we are a newly formed clan, as expected, we do not have a lot of members. However, in a matter of days since we have created our forum, we have had many inquiries to join our clan. We hope that this will continue and Ч can become a great haven for Halo: Combat Evolved players to socialise and compete with each other! We will hold Clan Scrims every month so that clan members In the very near future, we will have many servers with many different game types. This will help bring in even more members,thus, enhancing the reputation of the clan. To join Ч, we do not have any major requirements from the players. All we wish is that you enjoy yourself while you are part of the clan! Our forum can be found here http://deathlyshadowsclan.enjin.com/ To apply, first create an account at the site and then click the Apply Now button located in the menu bar. Fill out the application form and the founders will get back to you as soon as they can. We need at least one more person to help us manage our servers. Someone who can manage scripts and has some experience in that field would be great! That doesn't mean that we are only look for members who has help us in that aspect. Like I mentioned before, we want anyone who is up for a laugh and knows how to have a good time! We hope to see you soon. Yours sincerely, «Ð§»Þülsê Ðeathly §hadows Clan Founder
  23. Playing Halo alone can get pretty boring after awhile. I'm searching for a crew to roll with. I'm sixteen, pretty good across all four games, and just want some friends to kick *** with (plus objective game types are really annoying with no communication) in Halo: MCC. Just a few things I'm looking for in a clan: Overall, casual. Just want some friends to pwn with. I'm not going to change my GamerTag for any clan. Non-negotiable. I will, however, change my characters' armors and color, as well as clan tags and whatnot if it's necessary. I don't want a clan overrun with people under the age of twelve. Seriously my least favorite demographic. In line with the one above, I want a clan whose members have some semblance of maturity. And a sense of humor. But yeah if your clan fits these criteria, sign me right up
  24. The Halo Alliance (THA) is a newly formed Group/Team/Clan/Alliance that recruits ANY body who has both The Xbox One and The Masterchief Collection, right now there are three members, and we need more. We are experienced Halo players so if you want to join a clan with experienced halo players, join us, but even if your not really good, or just started playing halo, we would be more than happy to help you improve in Halo. What you need: Xbox One Master chief If you don't have a microphone that is fine.
  25. Hello im eightflames and I would like you to join my clan: "The Builders!" Were a halo reach clan who specialize in forging and helpling the reach community! If intrested you must have a working mic, be active and must be 13+. Message eightflames on 360 or on kik at Pike ODST!
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