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  1. I apologize if anyone has message me and I haven't gotten back to them. I've been extremely busy and sometimes messages fall thru the cracks, please just message me again and ill do my best to get back to you.
  2. what good is a password if you put in on the internet?
  3. Right now there are about 30 members in my clan. We lost allot of members when we switched to MCC so we've been slowly rebuilding.
  4. The Halo Clan Council. Now there are allot of groups similar to this but there is a core difference in our group from other coalitions, and will make us the next driving force in the halo community. Our difference is that the high councilor of the coalition is not a member or leader of any clan in the coalition. Whenever a issue is brought to the table by one of the clans leaders such as war, all the other clans and the clan discuss the issue then vote on it. After the vote then it is taken to the high councilor and he will look into the issue and if he finds it valid then the council will go to war. If he finds it not valid then that clan can still go to war but the rest of the council isn't obligated to help them. Other benefits are training sessions, friendly clan matches between the clans, tournaments etc... Any clan is free to leave the council at anytime. We believe because the high councilor isn't a clan member/leader of any clan his judgement in matters are completlely unbiased and that no clan will be favored over another in any way. This also allows every clan to continue to run themselves yet have the backing of an entire community. If this seems like something your clan wants to join sign up at our website: www.thehaloclancouncil.weebly.com Thank you, -TheHaloClanCouncil
  5. I am the leader of the UNSC Angel of Death Clan. Check out our website to learn more about us. You can also message me over xbox live gt TheDarkFissure with any questions. Thanks
  6. 99% of posts on this forum are for halo, not destiny you should look elsewhere
  7. The UNSC Angel of Death Clan is always looking for new members, checkout our website and youtube channel and message TheDarkFissure if it looks like something you are looking for.
  8. Our website is constantly being updated and I try to get a new video on out youtube channel at least once every other day make sure to check both of them out. I recently created a video of me answering common questions asked by recruits if you are looking for more information.
  9. Six new members added this week alone. Message me on xbox gt TheDarkFissure if you would like to join
  10. For people interested in our clan watch our "Why Us" video on our youtube channel. The channel is linked in my signature. Thank you
  11. The Website is being worked on, I have been short on time as of late to give it the attention it needs. I get many messages and haven't been able to respond to all of them, if you posted on here and haven't heard back from me message me on xbox again and ill make sure to get back to you. Thank you.
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