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  1. How has everyone been? :D

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    2. Akali


      Good how about you since you haven't been on in a while

    3. TDM


      Well, I've been pretty good, How've you been Dawn?

    4. Mothy


      Pretty swell, you?

  2. It reminds me of what happened to Runescapes economy after they made the Grand Exchange.
  3. Yeah. Welcome to the community! It's very nice to meet you!
  4. I Agree with you! But I would have no problems with being able to tweak the game to have these settings in Custom Games on Halo 5! We should be able to recreate a entirely different game with the amount of options given to us in Halo 5. Similar to Halo Custom Edition. <3
  5. It would be an all out war. But in the end, the UNSC would win... I mean we had over 500+ years to work on, and improve our combat, and weaponry. Modern day Military vs UNSC would be like the Native American tribes battling 21st century army. With the use of Nukes, we could put up a great fight, but at what cost?
  6. I still use Windows XP. lol
  7. Whats up everyone?

    1. Is not JL

      Is not JL

      The sky is up. <3

    2. Delpen9


      JL is being 'stuck-up'. The roof is high enough.

    3. TDM


      What's up? Oh, It is a Disney movie that came out a few years ago about some old man and a kid putting a bunch of balloons on a house and flying in the sky. It really wasn't that cool though.

  8. Someone who doesn't like Fanboys or fan girls... A fanphobic? Lol.
  9. Hey /uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png" />

    1. The Stig

      The Stig

      Yeah. I did it. Took me long enough, right? lol


      And my legs doing better, thanks for asking. Doc said I can take the cast off soon, so I can start walking normal again... Until I slip again and re-break it. haha... How have you been? Haven't seen you or heard from you in quite some time?

    2. Dawn


      I've been well! Glad to hear about your leg! And yeah sowwy about not calling you more. I have never been busier! See ya Stiggy ;P

    3. The Stig
  10. I Couldn't Agree More! Lets hope he makes a difference, and pray that our hopes come true!
  11. Let the games... BEGIN! *Cue Law and Order Theme Song*
  12. I just pray they don't turn it into call of duty... God only knows how many games there are like it out there and halo failed miserably at trying to imitate it. Besides that's all we need is another COD or cheap COD knockoff... Fella's working on Titanfall, keep it original, keep it simple, and please, please, for the love of god don't make it a annual yearly cycle game...
  13. I want to see each one of these return. But if they cant, then they should at least feature the characters or make references to the games in other games similar. Especially Blue Dragon, Battletoads, and Crackdown. Banjo and Kazooie, and Black and White was very fun as well. But like I said each-one needs or deserves a remake at least.
  14. How is everyone doing today? :)

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    2. Trae Houston
    3. Ranger Intel
    4. Dawn


      That stinks :( I hope you guys have a better day tomorrow! And my day went pretty well, thanks for asking! :)

  15. Dawn

    hi guyz

    Mine went quite well, thanks for asking! How about you? Did yours go well?
  16. I still find Halo fun. Sure Halo 4 was not the best example of a halo game, but it suffices... Here's hoping that Halo 5 will bring back true Halo!
  17. Get the one that sounds best to you. Are you more into playing as an Assassin in a third person action adventure, or a First person shooter? Get the one your in the mood for and go with that! <3
  18. Looks promising... And they still have more time, plus the beta test, to still polish it, and expand it further. It will be interesting to see where, and how far they will take this.
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