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  1. Wha Wha WHAT Okay what is going on here, why does this place look so... Different?! Wheres the Shoutbox?!

  2. Snooping around in old posts.... But not so much musician, but band! Primus! Or maybe Def Leppard. Who knows!
  3. in 23 days ive been here for six years, wow

    1. Delpen9
    2. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Jeez. Time flies, 'ey?

    3. I_Make_Big_Boom


      nice, i've been six years for 23 days

  4. Dont know if youre trolling or not, but if you arent.... I dont wanna be the one to tell you this but PC hasnt seen a major Halo release since like 2007, and that was Halo 2. Currently the only way to play Halo is on Xbox (Halo 5: Forge I dont count because its just custom games).
  5. Oh man okay, well if I were to just pick one race from the covenant that I would have to say were my all time favorites.... Im going to have to go with the grunts. What?! The grunts?!? Why?!? Well, lemme tell ya. I like them solely because I feel like their the least appreciated out of the six or so races that were in the Covenant. The general design and behavior has stayed pretty linear throughout the series and at this point their phrases and noises have become a given in any firefight involving the (Or what used to be) the Covenant. I dont know really why I like them, but imo the best design was the Halo 1 grunt. They were more cute and goofy but started to take on a more vicious appearance when Halo 3 came around. A close second I would have to say would be Hunters, their cool as hell and I like the whole mini hivemind aspect with the worms and all. Good post though!
  6. Hmm... If I had to pick just one playlist I never get tired of, it would probably be Super Fiesta. Having random primary and secondary rolls always makes me look forward to dying more often than not, just so I can have a chance at the ultimate combo... Fuel Rod & Binary Rifle. (For me anyways) The Fuel Rod destroys in close quarters/mid range and the binary rifle melts at anything past that. The Halo 4 Binary was way more lethal but even after its nerf in Halo 5 its still a beast. Plus, paired with any close quarters map.... Talk about stressful. The good kind I mean. A close second would have to be BTB, I havent played much of it in Halo 5 but in Halo 3, Reach, and 4 it was my definite go to game mode if Fiesta wasnt in the playlists that week. (Also..... Infection)
  7. Afternoon lads

    1. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      How's life going, Mothy? :DD

    2. Akali
    3. Mothy


      Sorry for the late reply, but its been getting better! Still ****ty! But not as bad as earlier this year woot

  8. Oh boy, picking my one favorite mission from the entire Halo series... Lemme quick think about it. Honestly I would have to say High Charity from Halo 2. For me the entire idea of a gigantic mobile mechanical planet that was used for the base of operations for the Covenant was pretty interesting, and since you all know my passion for the Flood, combining the two into one pretty lengthy level created one of the most memorable first play-throughs imo. And let me tell you playing it in remastered graphics was absolutely stunning, to this day Halo 2 Anniversary is one of the best looking games in my entire 150 Xbone collection (Right up there with Destiny 2). I probably stared for a good solid five minutes when I came across this part of the level and realized really how freaking huge this place is.
  9. Alright well as much as I dont want to do it, I dont think well be able to do this today. Only two people signed up sadly and I dont really think it would be that fun with just two people. @@Sikslik7 & @@JoeStone42 Thanks for showing interest though! Ill post another one identical to this in a week or so. I think I just picked a bad day and time sadly!
  10. @@Sikslik7 Backwards compatible because I dont have any saved gametypes on the MCC. So far you're the only one signed up though and as much as I do love me a good competitive 1v1 if more people dont start showing up I might have to call it off :-(
  11. Hello everyone! So, its been a while since ive even seen a mention of something like this and I thought maybe it would be fun to take another crack at forcing everyone together and making people have a good time. Anyways, lets get started. WHEN!?: This Monday (5/14/18) at lets make it 1pm CDT BUT since I dont know my time zones all that well, let me know if we should change it because I want to make sure it works out for everyone. So the aforementioned time is subject to change. WHAT!?: Ive been in the mood for some Halo 3 lately. Now, I do have a few good gametypes & maps (Jenga, Duck Hunt, and I think Fat Kid) but I really cant say if they're the originals/the fun/the better variants. I dont need to stay party leader the entire time and I would be more than happy to hand it off to whoever wants it next. Im sure if we started digging we would find some classics. OKAAY!?: Alright so depending on how many people sign up for it, I hope it happens. Cant say too many people are active anymore and the few that still are may not even own Halo 3 or and Xbox anymore. Either way im shooting for maybe five people, but more than that would be greatly appreciated! Even if you cant participate maybe float this around the forums, the more people see this the better! But, like I said before, just leave a reply if you want to sign up. Also let me know if we need to change the time to maybe something a little earlier or later in the day. No special medals for this one lads, but still I hope everyone has a good time!
  12. Hi! Hope you enjoy your stay! (Please do, were lonely)
  13. Anyone got any good suggestions for Netflix? My life in 2018 has taken a steep nosedive lately so distractions would be appreciated

    1. I_Make_Big_Boom


      2018 hasn't been good to me either, so I can relate. Idk if Supernatural's on Netflix, but if it is check it out. It's almost finished with its 13th season.


      Dave Chappelles comedy specials are also a good way to get into a good mood. Afaik, there's 3 of them.

    2. Maestro


      Departures. It'll make you rethink travelling abroad... in a good way of course.

  14. Secrets out I guess. It was fun while it m'Boom. Next up though, can I have a big round of applause for the actually-going-to-appear RED STAR ROCKEETTTT
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