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  1. 27. Killing too many marines and/or civilians.
  2. That's an amazing image, I couldn't even close to that with a Desktop. You definitely have an art talent. Do you draw with paper and/or paint?
  3. Congrats! I haven't known you too long, but you make really good and informative posts.
  4. Brony, do you think you can change this Signature to a PNG and still have the rotational thing, because the pictures look like they aren't as good?
  5. We know it has a Blu-Ray player, and is awesome already.
  6. Not me, I'm a guy. But ask a Mod, before giving it away.
  7. Cool, I might ask you to do an avatar for me.
  8. No, it's fine, maybe nerf the Boltshot, but that's it. Not the DMR, I easily kill DMR users with Carbine, now that I switched.
  9. No, a teammate could pick you up, you not having jet pack, and drop you into the water, and they jetpack away. You call that teamwork?
  10. No, it kills very fast when scoped in.
  11. I like Forge, I see nothing wrong with it, but I would like more vehicles including a Transport Warthog.
  12. Because you can SPAWN with the Boltshot.
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