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  1. So...I'm alive. Good to see the place still running after all this time.

  2. Spyro


    Okay...so I thought I'd go ahead and make this into a proper thread, this is obviously an announcement about the United States of the Forum (USF) which is something I've been doing since about a month after I joined the site nearly 4 years ago. Well, sad to say it, but it has to be postponed indefinitely. I wish I could have the time needed to devote to doing the USF as I used to and that I could guarantee it going smoothly, but I currently don't have the time to do so. Maybe the June circuit can happen, yay! Just an announcement though, here's hoping June's happens though!
  3. Alright, to start, I'd like to apologize for the delay on getting this out, and on my lack of doing really anything for this election. My personal life has been getting in the way of being active on the forum. Okay, with that out of the way, time for the voting of your candidates. You may be asking "where's the pre-poll at?" and to answer that...there isn't one this time. We're kicking it OG this time. Only the final votes with the candidates. So for those who don't know yet...here are the rules for THIS thread. ​No advertising, telling people to vote for a certain member, or harassing other members. Period. The punishment for doing any of it is the same as if you broke any other rule involved in the election process.* VOTE!!! *See USF nomination thread for punishment details. Voting ends on October 8th at 12 AM CST
  4. NOTE: THIS IS PURELY FOR FUN AND IS IN NO WAY OFFICIAL, YOU GAIN NO "REAL" POWER BY WINNING. NOT OFFICIAL, ONLY FUN. Okay everyone, it's about that time again. What time? Well I'm glad that at least one person asked. It's time for me to start up the United States of the Forum Presidential Elections (USFPE) again! *cue cheering* So a quick rundown for the newbies out there: Every four months I pit members who you select against each other to see who is worthy to be your "leader" and the representative of the non-staff mass on the forum. There are rules and other such things that must be followed and such as all other things on the forum, and I like to operate this as independent of the Moderators and staff as possible as it is unofficial, though some do help out from time to time. The main idea of this is to get nominated and then voted into office, or nominate someone else and try to get them into the position instead, if being a president just isn't your style. Either way, it's meant for fun, not to be taken seriously. :3 Now, before the rules, I'd like EVERYONE to remember to take a good long look at this thread for me. THIS ONE: http://343i.org/2xz Now that you've remembered, or learned, let's try to avoid that this time, shall we? Okay, the rules. RULES: 0. You cannot nominate yourself. 1. You may only nominate ONE member. 2. Once you nominate a member, you can't change your nomination unless that person decides to drop out of the running, so think before you nominate. *So don't just go and edit your post after I see that you nominated* 3. No nominating anyone who already has enough nominations to qualify to run. *2 is all it takes to qualify* 4. You are NOT allowed to advertise in this thread in any way. If you advertise it will be reported as breaking the basic rules of this thread. 5. You cannot nominate a Moderator for president, unless they were previously a president. (Drizzy_Dan, The Director, Azaxx) 6. All presidents who have served a term are entitled to a second term if they are voted into it. 6. A president can only serve two terms. 7. READ ALL OF THE POSTS BEFORE YOU MAKE A NOMINATION. 8. Each nominee is allowed a campaign manager if someone so volunteers for the position. 9. Don't spam this thread with unnecessary arguing over nominees. 10. Do NOT attack other nominees or supporters of other nominees. 11. Try to have some fun. :3 The rules are to be interpreted, and can be changed at any time, by me. Any "punishment" for breaking these said rules, are solely up to me unless a moderator must step in. If you break rule 10, it is an instant ban from any participation in any future elections should I choose to continue them. For any questions, PM me. Nominees: Halo 5 Follower Sub-Zero Melody Wam
  5. Spyro


    Alright, see you the same time next week as usual.
  6. What are the key improvements made upon Windows between the current version and Windows 10? How do those changes impact the OS as a whole? In your own opinion (Yeah, we're stepping on a land mine with opinions and stuff) is it better or worse than what is already available?
  7. But Pong is legitimately better than Destiny. ;-;
  8. I have already joined, but in a little over a week or so, I'll be able to begin giving out Lycanthrope to those who are interested in becoming werewolves. I can also build armor and weapons for any new characters that join DC. If you join DC and need anything such as resources, hit me up and I'll try to get you what you need. (I have 10 Kuta for anyone who wants to trade or something...)
  9. As a long time fan of the FF series, I can honestly tell you that you chose one of the worst titles to review. XIII (and all of it's "part"s) are dubbed the worst FF games ever created by Square Enix. Yes, the combat is essentially the same, but as to whether or not it's a "yellow squirrel" or a person, it's still a video game and all that matters is how much fun it is. The combat system is more about strategy than running around dodging shots and trying to counter attack, you have to out-think the AI in order to win, which is where many fans, myself included, find the most fun in the game. A fairly nice review though, though I would say it seems a tad bit biased. Keep 'em up and I'll be sure to read the next one as well.
  10. How you spell that color varies depending on where you're from actually, so there's no one correct way to spell it. Also, it seems a bit "spammy" to make a post literally meant to correct a single word and nothing else. Even for offbeats.
  11. I personally care more about the fact that this is better than just moping around because we lost our colors. I think it's more of an attempt to have some say in the way the forum works outside of suggestions in the thread months ago. A more active say, such as "Majority of the members want this" like a democracy of sorts. A really, really unstructured democracy. Whether or not this poll changes anything at all, I'm still going to vote and let my opinion be known. I'm voting yes, for the simple reason that I like the color purple.
  12. Count me in. I will happily partake in this endeavor.
  13. I'm going to at least be getting the LE, I'd love to get the CE if at all possible depending on my funds at the time. I really like the list of things, and I would personally love to have the statues and physical copies of the orders and dossiers. Thanks for the read Peanut.
  14. Well, the election's finally over, and with that, the installment of a new, well this time old, president. That's right folks, who better to take up the mantle of responsibility after Yoshi, than the man who served beside him on his first term, Maestro. After all the hard work Yoshi has put into making the forum such a fun place, I'm quite certain Maestro is the right man to fill the role of successor, and any who disagree...well the voting's over. Anywho, congrats to your new forum Over Dict President, may he lead with a kind heart and a fist of Orichalcum! CONGRATS MAESTRO!
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