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  1. Nice to meet you! I am one of those few who actually don't watch or pay close attention to football. (Wait, American football, or Europe football?) Its not that its bad, or that I don't like it, its just I don't care enough about sports to take interest in it. Except fitness training/bodybuilding, or driving. But that's just me. Anyways, glad your on board, and a most warm welcome to you! Cheers
  2. No... Star Wars Battlefront I and II, PLUS the ultimate computer benchmark tests, Crisis 1 and 2. This is a sad day....
  3. I found a colorized version. Now I think that this suit looks less realistic and gritty (Like the Christopher Nolan version of Batman "Dark Knight" and more like the a mashup of the comic books and old-school tv show Batmans with trace amounts of Nolans version.) It still looks alright, but I hope Ben actually put some effort into this role and worked out.
  4. Titanfall for PlayStation? Not good news for Microsoft. And as for the Halo 5 accidental leak. That was no accident. Haven was already in Halo 4 so why would they name another new map the same name? Especially this soon. It must have been deliberate to build speculation. And thank you Edward!
  5. I was told as a child that if you squinted for too long (because of the glare of the sun when your outside) your face would freeze. Or a better way to put it, your face would become stuck like that forever. Scared the crap out of me! I never squinted in the sun again, which sucked because I never had sunglasses.
  6. Ah! This is a difficult question! I'm torn between too many! I don't which to choose!
  7. Welcome, welcome my friend! If you ever need help with anything feel free to ask me for anything!
  8. Welcome back, The Director and Total Mayh3m!! It is so great to finally have you two back again! What have you guys been up to?
  9. Halo 2 Anniversary is the most logical thing to be announced. It is easy money if they pull it off right, and if it is successful then its a win-win-win. They get cash money, they get profit, and they restore faith in the Halo name, and bring back its community. All of which boosts up hype and sales of Halo 5. Which they might also mention at E3. Either way, we are gonna get something big announced...
  10. Greetings comrade! It is so great to meet you my friend! I love Russia! Seriously, I have always been fascinated by its vast, deep history and rich, intriguing culture! I have to travel there someday (among other places!) Anyways it really is an honor to meet you! See ya around sometime!
  11. You bring up some interesting points.... ...6.
  12. If the Call Of Duty Kevin Spacey is anything like the House of Cards Kevin Spacey, then I think we will have one of the best Cods yet...(Well I never tried Ghosts or Black Ops 2 so I can't really say that. But I will be getting Ghosts within the coming week or so!)
  13. Well I'm Dumbfounded.... You went from a normal marine, to a Pink weasel in just a single day! I have to say, that's quite a feat! Congratulations on MoM my friend! Seriously dude, well done!
  14. Outstanding! There is not a single person on that list that does not deserve to be on there! I could talk for days about how each one, earned this! To those of you who are in the top percentage (like joyes rattata), I would like to say, great work, and congratulations!
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