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  1. ok i've been reading some of these and I can agree and disagree in different ways but lets say this if it went by kdr the people that go negative should be demoted/losing exp those that go even wont lose exp and those that go positive will get exp. I can see this as pushing people to do better playing each and every game or it would be a waste of time for people that started playing again or just started. Let's start with this and see where it goes. If you disagree with penalizing then it really wont matter if i lose 100 or 1000 times i would just stay at the same exp for weeks and i still would get the highest rank possible in a matter of hours then a skill ranking system wouldn't be needed in halo 5
  2. the game will freeze but i can still go to the home page also bought a new game and it still does this
  3. I know that this isn't the 343 official form and i dont know why people always say the same thing over when im asking the community the problem that i have and see if someone has/had the same problem as me (its like everyone cant read or think if they know that this isn't the real form). Plus 343 members would not have the picture that twin has, on any of their accounts. P.S. I'm not hating on you for stating abput the fourms
  4. Lately when me and a few of my friends play matchmaking in the second match that we get about halfway through are game will freeze on us. I bought a new game and test it out and it was the same result but we can play other games without them freezing on us. Are any of you experiencing the same thing as we are? If you fixed it how did you fix it?
  5. Anyone know when more ranks will be put into the game?
  6. Yeah I know about that but first we need our opinions first. 343i wouldn't of made a beta and leave us in the dark. The fans are trying to make halo reborn itself, 343i only makes the game as of right now until the release date. P.S. to me the br speed is an issue it just doesn't feel like halo to me. (if h5 ends up as a 60fps then the beta is a bad example of 60fps in my opinion)
  7. Well all I can say as of right now is that I can rapidly spam the trigger (its like another double shot br) and get a 4 shot so in my opinion the speed on when the BR fires should be reduced and this makes gameplay really fast.
  8. Spartan Rank does need to be on the screen but this is just the beta so when the game is released it might/will have the SR by their gt. And the BR is fine with damage otherwise its just like h4 b4 the fixed the damage and just have less brs on the map that is all I can say for now
  9. I like the way on how you play 10 games and then you get your rating but I think when you get your rating you should only play with people that are within your rating so onyx vs onyx, gold vs gold, and simi-pro vs simi-pro players, but I think they should go up to pro rating since simi-pro is a rating I just don't like playing with people that have bad connection or just kids that end up getting 2 kills at the end of the game. Also if your partied up with someone that is a simi-pro you get to play against gold, onyx, and simi-pro rating players.
  10. h5 beta came out yesterday so about 9/10 of all the players that were on mcc are now on h5 beta
  11. Well I just read a few posts that had hate in them I sort of agree if this was 3 weeks ago but now that h5 beta is out 343i will be paying more attention to mcc and its problems. While we are giving are opinions on what should change and what shouldn't until Jan. 18th 343i will be fixing mcc until that date with more developers helping out so we can have a better fixed game over a broken game as we can see. So right now all we have to do is make sure we don't brake h5. p.s. fans are making h5 not 343i. p.p.s. I know 343i is the developer but still we are making the game with our ideas. (I know that I restated the same thing in the first 2 sentences)
  12. Reach multiplayer was good I won't lie but shot registration and melee was horrible (in my opinion). And as of right now I'm aware of odst being added to mcc but that wont be until 2015, 2 weeks after mcc released date at this point.
  13. My Halo MCC wont work it says "For some reason Halo: The Master Chief Collection took too long to start. (0x8027025a)" not broken, scratched, or even has dirt/dust on it. So I tried a different games destiny, GTA5, Sunset overdrive, and Farcry works. So I borrowed my friends game and that doesn't work. My thought is that my game just crashed and I would have to download it or the Halo 5 Guardians crashed MCC (for some ppl) so I hope 343 can fix this so ppl that want to play halo mcc and halo 5 can get to play halo mcc and halo 5.
  14. I don't agree with your fixes if you get rid of h3 then get rid of h4. H3 br doesn't need to be nerfed I can get 4 shots when its the other teams host. Grifball gets its own playlist anyways snipers will be in sometime this month if not then next month. If you would play h3 playlist then you would see 1-bomb, king, flag, slayer, and odd ball is in their. You could just mod halo 4 so you can play other playlist.
  15. I wasn't expecting this you just talking about the halo budget and fps and the main detail, so what other changes were a big deal that did not involve budgeting. Forge doesn't need a budget and what's the point in the g1-g2 jump almost everyone that played h3 on 360 would know about g1-g2 jump. And what were the fixes that didn't involve budgeting.
  16. I cant join any of my friends as of right now what do I do I tried all of the thing that I was told like have all people quit the game and reboot it, we restart the router and modem, took the game out and put it back in, turned off the xbox and then back on, and still nothing I think that the latest update could of did something to it that is making me and my friends unable to join each other we also tried destiny and I could join them and they can join me.
  17. I know about that but I don't want another halo 4 ranking system with all playlist that end up with ranks.
  18. Doubles (ranked) Snipers (ranked) Halo 2 Classic (ranked or social) FFA (ranked) Team Objective (social) Living dead or flood (social) Swat (social) Team Slayer (ranked) [remove halo ce maps] Big Team (social) These are all of the ranked and social playlist that should be in the game or just stay the way they are after MCC is all fixed.
  19. I agree with you and you forgot about halo 5 beta in all most a month from now 343i is more worried about the beta then this as of right now. Swat is garbage and I don't want swat and yes destiny is a better game as of right now but you could just host a swat game in custom with your friends or even just with random kids or just quit playing halo altogether and go to cod or just continue playing destiny.
  20. I'm still having trouble with joining even with them quitting I always restart my xbox and router but that never fixes the joining. And if their is no br I'm always at a disadvantage with close quarters even if I shoot first and I thought the shot registration was always 100% on the target at 60 fps even if they have bad internet (stupid of me to think that at the time).
  21. 1. Unable to get a game in MM with a teammate otherwise we are on different teams 2. Shots don't register in any h2 and h2a maps (unless in custom) 3. Unable to join friends by saying cant connect to host 4. Not enough weapons on the map 5. Uneven teams I play against 7 people when I have 2 other teammates
  22. Duel wielding (We all want to see its return) More competitive maps (like guardian and onslaught) Halo 4 shot registry De-scoping (When shot at) Ranks shown of screen and not on halo waypoint Standard, classic, infinity and competitive playlist like in halo reach (classic would contain no sprint and no loadouts halo 3 settings no leading) (new playlists Classic and infinity) Don't take out playlists that are in matchmaking (example: team regicide was taken out in February) Playlists from other games (bomb, 1-flag, 3 ball, snipers in team doubles) Remove join in session unless if its at the start of a game Have mercy rules (game ends faster in flag and other gametypes so no one can have a high kdr unless if they earn it in a slayer playlist) All players vote to end the game when its only one person left on the other team Map packs (remake maps from other games and allow us to buy them like the pit remake) Make the weapons sound more dangerous like the sniper rifle and br Being able to drop the flag (pistol still in right hand) If your going to have weapon skins allow us to buy them in the market If you think I missed anything that would be important for halo 5 please tell me and if you disagree with some of my wishes please explain why you disagree
  23. kowloon

    team objective

    I have koth, oddball, regicide and dominion are so close and I can only find regicide, oddball and koth in the rumble pit playlist and I suck at ffa. I consider that team objective should return it should be a 5v5 with team regicide, koth, oddball, and dominion game types on the maps that we barely see used from the map packs. One week is to short if you want to master all of the victories it should stay in for 2 weeks or a month and I know that we also have things to do and you might miss a certain number of days of that week to play or you just don't have a team or you get paired up with those that suck at the game and you keep losing because of them. 1/13/2014 should be the day of its release.
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